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Wrist Supports

  • Proflex 670 Wrist Supports come with an adjustable hook and loop, and they are made of neoprene and are                   ambidextrous and machine washable. 
  • Proflex 4000 Wrist Supports are non-ambidextrous and come with an anti-microbial lining, open center stay and           have a limiteddownward movement feature. 
  • Wristlets support weakened muscles, tendons and ligaments and they are elastic and come with a Velcro closure.  
  • Wrist Wraps have a thumb loop design and they are made from woven elastic and feature a hook and loop closure.

Our Thumb Lock Wristlet style Wrist Supports are our most economical brand and they come with a Velcro closure and elastic fabric. Wrist Supports are good for alleviating wrist strain and reduces swelling. They also are great for stabilizing those with wrist injuries and arthritis and supports weakened muscles, tendons and ligaments. What is also beneficial about this product is that it allows the user to remain activewhile they may be nursing a minor wrist injury. It supports those who may have developed weakness in the wrist, allowing them to function normally without any more damage to the wrist area. These supports generally come in black color and can fit the smallest to the largest wrists. This is a very productive product for injury prevention and it helps safeguard the wrist from any muscle strains or tears as well.

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