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Thermacare® Heatwraps

Quick Overview

• Available for: neck/shoulder wrap, back/hip and knee wrap pouches
• Air activated
• Ulta-thin, odorless
• 8 hours of heat, 3 convenient sizes
• Relief of aches and pains for overexertion, strains, and arthritis

[Per Qty]
1 6 12+ 6 12+ 6 12+
Thermacare® Heatwraps back/hip wraps 2 pouches per boxHeatWraps back/hip wraps 2 Pouches/Box $12.12 $11.51 $10.94
Thermacare® Heatwraps Knee Wraps 2 pouches per boxHeatWraps knee/elbow wraps 2 Pouches/Box $12.11 $11.50 $10.93
Thermacare® Heatwraps neck/shoulder wrap 3 pouches per boxHeatWraps neck/shoulder wraps 3 Pouches/Box $12.55 $11.92 $11.32

To restore flexibility, remove tension, and sustain injuries you’ll certainly benefit from our Thermacare Heat wraps. Thermacare Heat wraps are a portable and disposable solution that has its advantages over hot tubs and steam rooms in that you have instant comfort throughout your day. Therma care Heat wraps will relieve your stiffness and it provides necessary healing to your muscles and joints. Providing healing attributes such as deep penetrating heat, the ability to relax tight muscle groups and long lasting pain relief, you will certainly benefit from the consistency of Therma care Heat wraps.


Another plus that this product offers is the uniqueness in wrap size. For instance you can purchase Thermacare Heat wraps that are primarily for your neck, wrist and shoulder areas or you can get the version that is ideal for your back, thighs or hip area. That flexibility and style options make Thermacare Heat wraps versatile and substantial to specifics and allows the user to manage the exact area of need. This solution allows the user to also not have to spend more money on other sources that may not even work to the same degree as this product and only will be a waste of time and money.


We at PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com are your top source for high quality heat stress products. We specialize in offering low cost products, bulk volume options, swift delivery and many weekly and monthly specials so that our customers may benefit the most. This product is very reliable and you don’t need to have a power source like that of a heating pad requires. This product is easy to use and provides fast and effective relief too. If you prefer natural healing instead of non-prescription pharmaceuticals, our Heat Packs or cold packs are you source as well!

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