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Reclosable Bags w/ White Block

• Versatile regarding any usage.
• Top notch quality and performance.
• Quality inspected, tested, and measured.
• Ideal for organizational storage, packaging, stock and shipping methods.
• Great for retail Packaging-Hardware, Garden, Parts and Instrument stores.

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Reclosable Bags w/ White Block

Reclosable Bags with White Block are an absolute necessity when it comes to proactively inducing organization and awareness amongst items, is a sure answer for solving most of your clutter problems in an instant. They are designed with a blank white area located in the middle of the bag which is helpful for users to label their contents. One of the advantages of Reclosable Bags with White Block is that they are an economical way of labeling items. By simply using a permanent marker, users can hand write the inner contents on the exterior of the bag within the white block area so that the contents can be easily identified? Information such as dates, quantities, sizes and so forth can allow stockers to keep track of information such as expiration dates, specifications and supplier data.


Reclosable Bags with White Block are also equipped to enhance efficiency because laborers can select items quickly due to the informative method that these bags produce. Whether a family is moving to a new location, or a mom is packing the fridge for freezer storage, these bags offer both commercial and residential enhancement. As it is with all our Reclosable bags, these bags are available in both 2 mil and 4 mil thicknesses. Bulk volume options are available too; allowing customers to be stocked for a substantial amount of time so that they’re procedures are not hindered. PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com is your #1 source for Reclosable Bags; we are an industry leader and proven source that is equipped to aid in your packaging and storage success.

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