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Poly/Plastic Bags

Complete Guide to Poly/Plastic Bags

What are Poly/Plastic Bags?

Poly/Plastic Bags are the most efficient way to organize or store small items. These Plastic Poly Bags are made of material approved by the FDA/USDA. Read the short descriptions below to figure out which Poly/Plastic Bag is right for you.


Reclosable Poly Bags are great for storing or stocking items on shelves. These bags protect items from external damages. Reclosable Plastic Bags come in multiple thicknesses: 2, 4, and 6 Mil.


Hang Hole Poly Bags have a pre-cut hole for hanging product on shelves. These Hanging Plastic Bags enhance organization and appearance of inventory. Transparent, hang hole bags are commonly used in mechanic or utility shops. Available in 2 and 4 Mil bags for your business needs!  


White Block Poly Bags are great for labeling materials in storage. These clear bags are commonly used for storing small tools or crafts. Available in 2 and 4 Mil bags for all your business needs.


Resealable Poly Bags have a reusable adhesive seal that protects product from dust, dirt, and moisture. These transparent plastic bags have written warnings in English, French, and Spanish. These clear, resealable bags are commonly used to safeguard clothing or books.


Slider Zip Poly Bags have a sliding zipper closure to ensure contents do not spill out. These transparent poly bags are made of materials approved by the FDA/USDA. Common uses include storing small items or parts for future use.


Plastic Produce Bags help maintain freshness of fruits and vegetables. These transparent produce bags are popular for retail stores or farmer’s markets. Not to mention, these bags come in a perforated roll for easy distribution.

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