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Packing Tape

Complete Guide to Packing Tape

What is Packing Tape?

Packing tape is a tool used bind, seal, or protect items, surfaces, or packages. Tape is an essential item for any warehouse or office.

Which Tape Should I Use?

Certain tapes work better for certain applications. Choosing the wrong tape can result in loss of adhesion or critical failure. This could lead to the loss or damage of products or shipments. Finding the right tape saves you time and money.

Carton Sealing Tape

Carton Sealing Tape is great for closing packaged boxes and carton materials. This tape is also called Packing Tape. These tapes are most commonly used to seal and secure boxes for shipment, storage, or a move. Box Sealing Tape is very versatile because it generally sticks well to most surfaces and is strong enough for most applications. It is also one of the most common types of tape. Carton Sealing Tape comes in a variety of subcategories, each with their own strengths.

Acrylic Carton Sealing Tape

Acrylic Carton Sealing Tape has a smooth unwind and application to most surfaces. This tape is resistant to breakage and performs well in a wide range of temperatures. Acrylic tapes tend to be better resistant to UV light, meaning they will not yellow as fast as other types.

Hot Melt Carton Sealing Tape

Hot Melt Carton Sealing Tape uses a pressure sensitive hot melt adhesive. Hot Melt Tape has a quick initial tack upon application and have a higher holding power than acrylic tapes.

Hybrid Acrylic Tape

Hybrid Acrylic Tape is made from a mixture of acrylic and rubber solvents. The hybrid adhesive allows this tape to work well in a wide range of temperatures. This tape is a great alternative to high cost natural rubber tapes.

Natural Rubber Carton Sealing Tape

Natural Rubber Carton Sealing Tape is excellent for sealing heavy cartons. Natural Rubber adhesive is some of the strongest available in pressure sensitive tapes.

Recycled Box Tape

Recycled Box Tape is pressure sensitive hot melt tape that is specifically designed for sealing recycled, corrugated boxes.

Cold Temperature Carton Sealing Tape

Cold Temperature Carton Sealing Tape performs well in refrigerated or frozen environments. This tape is great for packaging meat and dairy products.

Colored Packing Tape

Colored Packing Tape is acrylic based tape that is available in a variety of colors. This can help with color coding or identifying specific shipments.

Kraft Tape

Kraft Paper Tape is made with a kraft paper backing. Sometimes called Gummed Tape, it is made with a water activated adhesive (except for Flat Back tapes, which is pressure sensitive). These tapes need a special dispenser to apply water to the tape before application. This tape is strong and tear resistant. The permanent nature of its adhesive means it will naturally create a tamper evident seal.

Reinforced Kraft Paper Tape

Reinforced Kraft Paper Tape has interwoven fiberglass strands between the backer and water-activated adhesive for added strength.

Non-Reinforced Kraft Paper Tape

Non-Reinforced Kraft Paper Tape is water activated tape similar to our Reinforced Kraft tape, but it is not made with fiberglass strands. This tape is ideal when the added strength from the reinforcement is not needed.

Flat Back Tape

Flat Back Tape is a rubber-based adhesive with a kraft paper backing. This tape is not water activated.

Filament/Strapping Tape

Filament/Strapping Tape is excellent for medium bundling and strapping applications. This high-quality tape adheres and secures multiple items for transit. Warehouse employees can use this tape to unitize pallets of product or add a layer of reinforcement around heavier parcels before shipping.

Reinforced Filament Tape

Reinforced Filament Tape is a pressure sensitive tape that is strengthened with fiberglass strands. This tape is extremely resistant to sheering and excels in binding boxes or product together for shipping.

Strapping Tape

Strapping Tape is great for binding and palletizing similar materials together. This tape can be used instead of a strapping machine.

Bag Tape

Colored Bag Tapes are great for sealing food, storage, or poly bags. Bag Sealing Tape comes in various colors for coding and product identification. Bag Tape Dispensers make application extremely simple.

Masking/Painter’s Tape is commonly used for protecting hardwood floors and trim while painting.

Masking Tape

Masking Tape can be easily torn and sticks to a variety of surfaces. This tape is best for do-it-yourself projects.

Painter’s Tape

Painter’s Tape is specifically designed for masking trim during painting projects. This tape can be cleanly removed from a surface up to 21 days after application.

Duct Tape

Duct Tape is used for general maintenance and repairs. This tape can be easily torn by hand and applied to most surfaces. Waterproof Duct Tape is perfect for minor repairs in industrial and residential areas.

Safety Tape

Safety Tape is great for identifying boundaries within industrial and public areas.

Barricade Tape

Barricade Tape is an excellent tool for creating boundaries for public safety and contracting jobs. This is a non-adhesive tape that must be tied around something to create a barrier.

Aisle Marking Tape

Aisle Marking Tape is high visibility, pressure sensitive tape that can be applied on the ground to create visual guides. Aisle tape is commonly used to designate areas on warehouse floors without the need to use paint.

Printed Tape

Printed Tape has pre-printed instructions & warnings for recipients. These warnings include “CAUTION”, “FRAGILE: HANDLE WITH CARE”, and a stop sign print. Printed Packing Tape is specifically designed to grab the customer’s attention—so products are handled carefully.

Security Tape

Security Tape helps ship valued items to customers safely. This tape is designed to help recipients identify tampered goods. Tamper Evident Tape has a specific pattern that does not realign after being opened. Security Tape has a visual warning for patrons: “CAUTION: IF SEAL IS BROKEN, CHECK CONTENTS”.

Double Sided Tape

Double Sided Tape has adhesive on both sides to mount objects to surfaces. This tape is perfect for bonding items together as well. Double Sided Adhesive Tape is an alternative to strapping or glue. Double Sided Tape resists oils, ultraviolet light, and significant temperature changes.

Machine Length Tape

Machine Length Tape is available in a variety of types. These rolls are high-length and suitable for automatic box taping machines. Machine Length Packaging Tape has a standard 3-inch core diameter.

Surface Protection Tape

Surface Protection Tape is ideal for protecting carpets and wood floors from construction debris. Carpet Protection Tape can be used on staircases, hallways, rooms, or countertops. Larger Rolls are perfect for contractors working in bigger spaces. Protection Tape does not leave a residue upon removal.

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