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Complete Guide to Mailing Envelopes

What are Mailing Envelopes?

Mailing Envelopes are a cost-effective solution to ship valued items. These envelopes are an alternative to corrugated boxes. Mailers are easy to use—simply place your product within, peel the plastic strip off the adhesive tab, fold over the tab to close, and press down.

Which Mailing Envelope Should I Use?

Certain Mailing Envelopes work better for different products. Choosing the wrong mailer might result in damaged product. Below is a guide to help choose the right mailer for your shipment.

Bubble Mailers

Bubble Mailers are designed with a layer of bubble lining to safeguard shipments from damage. These mailing envelopes are a cost-effective packaging solution instead of corrugated boxes.

Poly Bubble Mailers are already approved by UPS, FedEx, and USPS shipping facilities. These mailers have a bubble lining to safely ship packages to recipients. Poly Bubble Envelopes are great for semi-fragile shipments such as CDs, DVDs, and other media.

Glamour Bubble Mailers are great for branding purposes. These envelopes add a flare to shipments and go beyond customer’s expectations. Choose from a variety of colors to fit your business needs.

Bubble Out Bags are perfect for shipping jewelry. These envelopes have a protective bubble lining that safeguards valuable product from shipping damages. Bubble Out Envelopes have a clear window for product visibility.


Poly Mailers

Poly Mailers are an economical alternative to boxed packaging materials. Poly Envelopes are an ideal solution to save on packaging costs. Not to mention, these mailers are recyclable as well.

Poly Mailing Envelopes are an opaque white color to safeguard packages from onlookers. These mailing envelopes provide excellent protection from dust, dirt, and moisture.

Expansion Poly Mailers are great for sending bulkier clothing or books to patrons. Expansion Mailers have a gusseted bottom to fit bigger items for shipment.

Clear view Poly Mailers can be used to ship magazine subscriptions to customers. Customers can see their product through a clear window on one side of the mailer. Clear View Poly Mailers keep reading materials dry through harsh weather conditions.

Returnable Poly Mailers are a great option for first time shoppers. These envelopes have two self-seal adhesive strips for return purposes. If items need returned, patrons can simply peel back the second adhesive strip and remail the purchase.


Kraft Mailers

Kraft Mailers provide a classic look to packages. Overall, these mailing envelopes are a cost-effective packaging solution.

Stay Flat Mailers are excellent for sending important documents to customers. These might include receipts, warranties, or legal documents. Stay Flat Envelopes keep documents flat and organized for patrons.

Yellow Kraft Bubble Mailers provide a classic look to shipments. These mailing envelopes have a bubble lining to safeguard packages from damage.

White Kraft Bubble Mailers are another option for shipments. These envelopes have a bubble lining to protect semi-fragile items from damage.

When do you use a Bubble Mailer?

Many businesses choose to use Bubble Mailers to safeguard items during shipping. Kraft Bubble Mailers or Poly Bubble Mailers have enough padding to absorb shock during transit—leaving product undamaged for recipients.

Which is the best choice: Kraft Bubble Mailers or Poly Bubble Mailers?

Many companies chose Kraft Bubble Mailers because of their natural, sophisticated appearance. Poly Bubble Mailers have a cleaner appearance that other companies prefer as well.

Poly Bubble Mailers can be easily recycled—where Kraft Bubble Mailers require separating the bubble lining from the paper. Poly Mailers are also moisture resistant—where Kraft Mailers are not.

The choice between these two mailers is ultimately based on a buyer’s needs.


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