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Printed Carton Sealing Tape

  • Color: White/Red Letters
  • Premium adhesive/tensile strength
  • Both 2”& 3” width size availability
  • Promotes safety and product handling awareness
  • Available in 2.0-millimeter thicknesses - heavy duty grade
  • Standard 3“core diameter - common size for most tape dispensers
  • Acrylic Tape - high performance longevity, ideal for cold storage applications
  • Available Descriptions: “Stop If Seal Is Broken,” Fragile Handle with Care,” CAUTION if Seal is Broken”
Printed Carton Sealing Tape

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Our Printed Carton Sealing Tape promotes safety which is highly important for product handling awareness. With clear imaging and bold printing attributes, this tape warns workers, shippers, and customers by notifying them to be aware to handle items with care. It also helps to protect customers from purchasing tampered products while simultaneously containing retail stores damage control, which happens during unfortunate accidents from the mishandling of products. During shipments, this tape prompts workers to be careful with packages also. Custom Carton Sealing Tape is an acrylic tape; therefore, you’re guaranteed the same performance measures as our standard acrylic packing tape. 

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