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Produce Bags

High Density Half Clear Produce Grocery Supermarket Bags Constructed of high density polyethylene. Meets FDA standards. Helps to retain moisture and retard water loss for maximum freshness. Perforated between bags for easy "one at a time" tear-off dispensing. Convenient roll for use at counter or produce areas. Reusable. High quality, excellent value. Some Common use, popular with retail operations that must have inexpensive, functional packaging. Most economical choice to hold groceries and other stuff.

Produce Bags


Food items demand a specific level of peculiarity while handling or storing them. The packing material used for this purpose must be free from any sort of contamination as it may otherwise affect the quality standards of the product. However, packing food items and other grocery items must also be secure and sustain a considerable weight.


So, at we stock High Density Half Clear Produce Grocery Supermarket Bags Constructed of high density polyethylene to comply with the FDA standards for quality assurance. These bags ensure to retain moisture levels of the packed product while maintaining maximum freshness. They feature enough perforation between bags for one at a time and easy tear off dispensing. They are available in convenient rolls for easy and hassle-free transportation to and from produce farms or areas. These high quality produce bags are reusable and provide excellent value for money. Being safe and economically advantageous while handling and storing food items is important and with our produce bags, it is easily possible.

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