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Leather Palm Gloves

Leather Palm Gloves

About our Leather Working Gloves


Our leather palm working gloves are an excellent choice for many employees within the industrial, agricultural, or landscaping work environments. They provide outstanding grip features and resistance to high temperatures or abrasion. The lining of these gloves protects the hand against the outside rigidness of the glove. 

These gloves, made from cowhide leather, are split into three separate layers during the manufacturing process. The smoother outer layer is the same material used on premium-grade styles of leather glove products. Then there is the bottom layer which you will find on almost all types of leather palm styles because it provides a smooth lining. Lastly, the middle layer is generally removed during production because of its lack of tensile strength. 


Application Usage & Features


You will typically find these gloves provide excellent usage for heavy-duty jobs or any outside job such as landscaping. They are popular because they deliver good dexterity, flexibility, durability, and abrasion/puncture resistance. They also provide excellent temperature resistance from heat and cold. They are not the most breathable or moisture resistance gloves, but the rest of their features make up for the lack of these features. While these are typically looser-fitting gloves, they still provide excellent mobility and protection of your hand during rough jobs.

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