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Leather Driver Gloves

Leather Driver Gloves

About Leather Driver Gloves


Check out our goatskin leather driver gloves with keystone thumb feature. These gloves are highly flexible, provide excellent dexterity while decreasing hand fatigue, and protect your hands against cold temperatures. They are great for machine operators such as forklift drivers who have to operate in cold temperatures. They are also a great choice as a driver's glove, especially for truck drivers. 


The open cuff at the bottom of the glove provides easy removal and slip-on capability. The goatskin leather material means these gloves will last longer than other gloves and provide excellent moisture resistance. The sleek leather outside skin will bounce water right off it, and anything that does stick can easily wash off. 


The unlined interior of these gloves makes them very comfortable for the user. The exterior material provides high tactile sensitivity. While this is a versatile glove, and we won't tell you how to use it, it is a perfect safety equipment addition.

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