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Masking Tape

  • Ultra-premium masking tape
  • Utility and painter’s grade
  • Various size and quantity options
  • Top online competitor in pricing
  • Long term experience in the tape industry


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Masking Tape

Masking Tape is one of those necessary products accompanied with home improvement, painting projects and art work. We offer two of the most common brands of masking tape - Blue and Utility Grade Masking Tape. The quality that is unique about both tape is their non-residue ability when attached to any surface. This quality is what protects surfaces from added damage during projects such as paint jobs.

Utility Grade Masking Tape is also advantageous because it can be used as a label device too. This form of usage has become more popular as aneconomical way of organizing andbringing forth awareness throughout industrial companies, paint shops, contractors and moving companies. One of the most helpful characteristics regarding both Tape is their easy-to-tear nature. This feature allows workers to continue in a fast pace manner without any unnecessaryhang-ups. Blue Masking Tape also stands out, which is great because it allows users to track their work after various paint jobs so when they remove edge protection provided by this tape, it makes for a smooth flush finish.

Another plus that we offer is a full catalog of various sizes for our Masking Tape. This allows users to get the exact fit without trying to makeshift their own sizes which could possibly compromise the outcome of their project. Even better, we stand strong as a competitive vendor in this field of product by providing low cost savings and ongoing specials. There’s no need to look any further, we have the most premium quality Masking Tape in bulk that you can find online, choose us today and be satisfied!

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