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Hand protection is extremely essential, especially while handling critical substances. Many areas of occupation require additional and stringent requirements when it comes to using hand protection. Chemicals, glass material, rough surfaces, slippery objects – all are made from different compositions and demand different types of gloves to be worn by the handlers.


Gloves serve a dual purpose -while on one hand they safeguard the items from external contamination or damage, on the other hand they protect the wearers’ hands from getting hurt or from building germs or other potentially dangerous layers that could cause health hazards.

We stock a variety of industrial gloves that include:


While handling chemicals, you need to use gloves that do not react with substances. Also, while dealing with packaging or manufacturing of food products, contamination is a critical issue as it may disturb the composition of the overall quality. The gloves that are used for the food industry need to have specific properties. While handling fragile and sensitive products such as expensive glassware, it is important not to leave any marks while some dexterous jobs require gloves that have a strong grip.


We are a one-stop-shop for different varieties of industrial gloves and ensure providing hand protections specific for your requirements that further enhance productivity.



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