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Gauze Pads

  • Highly sterile
  • Multiple sizes
  • Variety of applications
  • Complete protection
Gauze Pads

Our 12-ply thickness Non-Sterile Gauze Pads are designed with cut edges folded inwards that make them easy to use with adhesive bandages, bandage wraps, and adhesive tapes. They are extremely elastic pads and possess the ability to adhere to themselves to avoid slippage from the applied area. These are uniformly knitted using a combination polymer and knit yarn to encourage high stretch quality which enables to use these gauze pads on uneven body curvatures so that the most difficult places are also covered.


Types of Gauze Pads we supply:


Our Gauze Pads provide the necessary compression required for healing of wounds such as minor cuts, burns and scrapes. This product is strongly built to hold dressings tightly in place, and you can rely on our Sterile as well as Non-Sterile Gauze Pads as they are self-adherent and made from latex free substance and extremely hygienic.


We also have Non-Adherent Gauze Pads that need to be secured with medical tapes to stay in place. These pads efficiently stop bleeding and cleansing the wound completely. These gauze pads work soft on the skin and do not cause irritation while providing a soft and comfortable cushioning and therefore facilitating a rapid healing process.

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