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First Aid Kits

• Available in an assortment of specific applications such as Office, Weathertite, Warehouse, Travel.
• Available in various capacity measures (depending on selected version).
• Applicable to serve 10-100 persons (depending on selected version).
• Available in both metal and plastic cabinets.
• Ideal for supplying various minor relief aid during emergency and urgent care moments.
• Offers a wide range of first aid relief products.


All are constructed of heavy gauge steel and are weather, rust and dust resistant. The first aid kits wholesale can be attached to a wall by hinge-type hangers and easily removed to accident sites. Each kit contains a balanced assortment of essential First Aid Supplies adequate for the number of people indicated. Sterility of sterile products is guaranteed unless individual wrapper is damaged or opened.

First Aid Kits

Available in an assortment of specific applications such as Office, Weather tite, Warehouse, Plant, Travel, and Waterjel® Burn Kit, our First Aid Kits are applicable for any minor emergency you or someone else may face.An injury can happen at any place and at any time. Although painful, the good thing is that most minor injuries are not serious or life threatening.


The aid given before the doctor arrives is known as first aid, and this can be tended to by the individual or any other responder, that is why it is necessary to have a nearby set of First Aid Kits of kit available at all times. In regards to First Aid Kits, it is mandatory for every industrial unit, office or traveler to keep first aid kits handy. This not only relieves the confusion that one may face, but ensures prompt treatment to prevent any infections or further injuries. First Aid Kits from PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com offers complete preparedness for any medical urgency. While every auto, home and boat must be equipped with an emergency kit that includes first aid essentials, it’s imperative that constituents become familiar with the First Aid Kits and their manual so that users are careful not to jeopardize someone’s health do to ignorance regarding the first aid contents.


First Aid Kits are useful when residents of some geographic areas get stuck during natural disasters like tornados, earthquakes, hurricanes, landslides, floods and tsunamis. Available in various capacity measures (depending on selected version)such kits are useful for travelers, equipping them and preparing them for any sudden accident. Medicines for motion sickness, fever, cough & cold, acidity and wound care sums up the contents for what consist in a basic medical kit. When traveling, it’s good to have a kit that also contains various medicines that aren’t common such as insect repellents and skin relief products.

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