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Down Gauge Stretch Wrap

  • Wide range of style types
  • Multiple gauge thicknesses
  • Various bundling, packaging, storage tasks
  • Provides new shipping solutions

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Down Gauge Stretch Wrap

Down Gauge Stretch Wrap is featherweight, so it shaves off shipping charges, easy to handle which allows laborers to package items effective and fast, and it has a superior stretch elongation - unlike higher gauge films. Down Gauge Stretch Wrap doesn’t need to use as much material to wrap a product, and it has a rubber band effect so it’s less likely to experience breakage during application. It saves you 15% over cast or blown wrap when purchasing.

It’s understandable if you’re the type of shopper that prefers a specific type of stretch wrap, however, if you’re in need of a comparable product that can produce results, this stretch wrap is the item for you. Don’t limit yourself, get this stretch wrap today and increase your packaging and shipping techniques so that your company expands to new heights!

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