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Coreless Stretch Wrap

  • Environmentally safe
  • Innovative component
  • Technological characteristics
  • Good for manual palletizing and bundling procedures
  • One-sided cling feature

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Coreless Stretch Wrap

The technology that makes this separate from standard cast and blown wraps is its folded edge characteristic. This characteristic that is provided through Coreless Stretch Wrapfunctions in a reinforced manner regarding manual application, so that users can receive a high load stability to secure their pallets and bundles. There is no other wrap product on the market that will offer machine like palletizing sustainability like this wrap. One of the most beneficial aspects of Coreless Stretch Wrap is also the elimination of core disposal. Core disposal is always an added expense to companies, especially large shipping and manufacturing companies who use a lot of stretch wrap.

Although many companies attempt to recycle old cores through resale and bale options, it remains a labor cost expense to do so. Likewise, although there is anadvantage to selling cores, the hassle, time and expense to conduct an operation can be strenuous, not to mention factoring in the warehouse space that it takes up until the cores are eventually sold. Coreless Stretch Wrap also saves large companies the expense of investing in stretch wrap machines. Again, space is saved, energy cost is saved, and any mechanical charges are nulled in the case of repair. We at PackagingsSuppliesByMail.Com are the premier provider of top performing Coreless Stretch Wrap and you’ll notice that our prices are some of the best on the market too.

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