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Colored Stretch Wrap

  • Multiple colors
  • Blown stretch wrap
  • Superior load holding stability
  • One-sided cling feature
  • Security and dependability

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Colored Stretch Wrap

Many users love the advantage of disclosure and uniqueness that this stretch wrap brings to their packages. Since the market is quite competitive across the board in any product specification, Colored Stretch Wrap gives sellers an advantage regarding exclusivity when distributing their product. That exclusivity consists in setting their shipments apart from other vendors who may tend to send simple, plain or even dull packaged products to their customers. Another great benefit that Colored Stretch Wrap offers is how it positively contributes to inventory stock coding.

Color coding is a simple and effective way for warehousing managers to keep track of their products and Colored Stretch Wrap not only makes this process easier for product identification but also budget wise too. We distribute this wrap in many colors such as red, blue, black, white, green, orange and yellow. To give a uniform look which always communicates a high level of order, some users have matched their packaging with the product in a way that looks very nice. The great thing about this stretch wrap is that it’s available in most of our stretch wrap applications such as our bundling wrap, hand wrap, machine wrap, and pre-stretch wrap too.

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