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Blown Stretch Wrap

  • Superior load holding strength
  • Self-adhering & residue free
  • Clear/Non-Transparent quality
  • Economical
  • One side cling quality
  • Labor/performance efficient

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Blown Stretch Wrap

Blown Stretch Wrap can be regarded as the strongest and most durable stretch wraps out of all the stretch wrap forms. One of the features of Blown Stretch Wrap that makes it different than that of cast or pre-stretch is its one-sided cling attribute. One-side cling is a feature that allows for users to maintain normal wrapping procedures when manually applying wrap to a package or pallet, yet the difference lies in the fact that the exterior part of the wrap has no self-adhering capability. This feature is prominent in pallet loads because when they are placed on the truck for delivery they don’t adhere to any other pallet, making it accident free and non-strenuous. Companies save money when using Blown Stretch Wrap because they eliminate any risk from damage occurring during the shipment process, by relieving their liability in such instances.

Another feature that is profitable regarding Blown Stretch Wrap is its low visibility attribute. This works well for companies or individuals who want to disclose their items, and even if it’s clear blown wrap that they’re using, it offers an opaque look when the package or load is applied. Many users like to conceal their packages from competitors also, and this feature is a low-cost way of completing such a task. Like cast wrap, Blown Stretch Wrap is also available in various forms such as hand wrap, pallet wrap and machine wrap.

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