Cleanliness and hygiene go hand in hand when we discuss about healthcare and food industries. Neither workers nor visitors can afford to contaminate the area. Also, compromising workers' health by not providing efficient personal protection equipment is not what any of the companies would think of. To ensure a healthy work environment for workers and to safeguard their interests, the most common protective measure is using personal protection equipment (PPE) such as disposable shoe covers and disposable bouffant caps. These are convenient and inexpensive ways to guarantee workers' protection while also keeping the workplace uncontaminated.

Disposable Safety Supplies


Disposable Shoe Covers

We often miss what goes at the end, and this is the reason we have mentioned the bottom first. Being covered from head to toe is important; hence shoe covers are necessary PPE that provides a barrier between outside foreign matter and the sterile work environment. Easy to put on and off, these offer a snug fit around the shoes. Moreover, they feature low skid bottoms to prevent users from slipping on smooth surfaces. Usually, you may find disposable shoe covers made from polypropylene and polyethylene.

The polypropylene shoe covers are made with heavy-weight, spun bond polypropylene fabric that is highly breathable and promotes filtering of particulates in critical environments. The other variety, polyethylene disposable shoe covers are specifically designed for protection against liquids and are an ideal choice for adverse conditions or wet environments.

Disposable Beard Covers

Another safety accessory that is usually overlooked is the beard cover. Workers who have facial hair can accidentally contaminate the work area, especially those employed in food processing plants, restaurants, manufacturing industries, and hospitals.

The polypropylene beard covers are soft, breathable, and a cost-effective solution to reducing product contamination from stray hairs.

Disposable Hair Nets

Disposable hair nets are commonly worn by workers to avoid hair strands from getting into products and displaying an unhygienic environment. Many varieties are made from mesh, resultantly they provide less protection and hence, these should not be worn in highly sterile environments.

Disposable Bouffant Caps

Bouffant caps are excellent personal protective equipment for covering hair that is designed to be worn in highly sterile environments. These provide a complete sanitary protection against contamination caused by hair. The disposable bouffant caps made from spun bound polypropylene feature comfortable elastic fit and are a popular choice for protective apparel that requires particulate protection. These bouffant caps are extremely lightweight and economical and thus are commonly worn by workers employed in medical research, pharmaceutical industry, janitorial, dental, and food services.

"Prevention is always better than cure" - the phrase stands so true when you talk about environmental and occupational hazards. Wearing personal protective equipment is not just a necessity, it is mandatory in certain industries that are aware of hazards caused by product contamination and care about their employees' health.

Do you really care for the safety of your employees? If yes, it is time to take a small step by providing them with the necessary disposable safety supplies and ensuring that they use those while at work.