Packing tapes are ultimate packaging accessories that are essentially required to secure the open ends of cartons for spill-proof and safe shipping. Among the various types of industrial tapes available on the market, the debate between water-based acrylic and hot-melt adhesive carton sealing tapes persists.

Acrylic or Hot Melt Adhesive Tape

While both the varieties have separate features and a list of benefits, both can be used for carton sealing at room temperature. The difference occurs when the conditions feature a wide range of extreme temperatures and very rigid corrugated flaps.

Let's look at the advantages & applications of both the types of packing tapes:



  1. Functional in a wide temperature range - Acrylic tapes feature a service temperature of -10°F to 200°F vs. 30°F to 122°F of hot melt.
  2. Extended shelf life - Acrylic is known to have a longer shelf life without compromising on performance.
  3. Resistant to UV light sources - The material will not allow yellowing on exposure to direct sunlight or UV sources.
  4. Enhanced seal strength - Acrylic adhesive tends to absorb deeply into the corrugated flaps over time.
  5. Economically priced - The Acrylic sealing tapes are comparatively more affordable than the hot melt varieties.


  • General purpose carton sealing
  • Display boxes (as they do not yellow)
  • Hot as well as cold applications




  1. High sheer - A greater sheer allows better adherence to corrugated boxes and to under-filled/overstuffed boxes.
  2. Improved quick initial tack - Hot melt ensures quick tack property that adheres easily to dusty, dirty and soiled substrates or plastics.
  3. Performance consistency - Hot melt packing tapes have a release coat that allows the tape to dispense with consistence throughout the entire tape length.


  • General purpose carton sealing
  • Overfilled or under-filled cartons
  • Double-walled and thick corrugated boxes
  • Dusty, dirty and soiled substrates application


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