The major reason for infections such as the H1N1 flu, Viruses and its further spread are the contaminated hands, which go unnoticed. This is why proper hand hygiene is of utmost importance to maintain a healthy environment. Washing of hands is always not possible with soap and water as it may not be handy every time when one needs them. That's when the Hand Sanitizers come to the rescue.

Safetec Hand Sanitizer


How is Safetec Hand Sanitizer different?

Sanitizers contain alcohol that kills the germs and bacteria that may be otherwise resting on the hands. However, some studies show that continuous use of Instant Hand Sanitizers leave the hands super-dry due to the same content of alcohol.

As important it is to wash your hands every time before you touch a baby, after using restroom and before touching food, hands are prone to getting dry and develop cracks when exposed to continuous washing and drying, which can also cause dermatitis (a skin condition which results in burning, irritating and cracked skin).

However, not with Safetec Instant Hand Sanitizer, as they work extra soft on hands leaving them soft and moisturized.

Safetec Instant Hand Sanitizer contains Aloe vera and that makes a difference. Aloe vera has a natural moisturizing element that maintains the moisture on the hands even after constant application of the sanitizer. While the alcohol evaporates off, the Aloe vera forms a protective layer leaving the hands soft and smooth.

To be effective in killing germs, sanitizers must contain at least 60% of alcohol but not all sanitizers contain Aloe vera that takes care of the softness of the hands like Safetec Instant Hand Sanitizer.

How to use Hand Sanitizers correctly?

Instant Hand Sanitizers are not a replacement but a great alternative to washing of hands in case when soap and water are not readily available. To ensure the Sanitizer is effective, one must first make sure that the hands do not have any visible dirt or grime. Then, take a palm-full of the sanitizer and apply it vigorously in between the hands, distributing it generously and evenly on the palms, also don't forget to get it between fingers, on the wrists, under your jewelry, and on the back of the hands. Rub the product nicely and let it dry before it is good to go.

Take care to not rinse the hand with water or use a towel after applying a Hand Sanitizer as it will negate the effect of the product.