Plastic packaging has taken a back seat with the rise in the use of stretch wrap. However, laundry services have been consistently using plastic until recently for wrapping clothes. Laundry Wrap Films have defined a new era of packaging for clothing that is more efficient and professional. Laundry Wrap is an economical solution in comparison to the plastic varieties and can save thousands of dollars for companies.

Stretch Wrap

Mostly used in the hospitality industry, Laundry Wrap provides the users the opportunity to use down-gauge wrap, thereby contributing to substantial cost savings. This wrap is widely used to bundle sheets and towels in the laundry outlets as well as hospitals and clinics. It looks professional and provides a see-through application which makes products easily identifiable. This wrap is easy to use and clings perfectly to the bundles while requiring no tapes or heat. They save hugely on packaging costs than that of Kraft papers and are definitely more hygienic.

The Non-PVC Laundry Wrap is made from non-PVC material that is environmentally safe and helps keep laundry soft, fresh, crisp, and clean. It features a self-clinging adhesive that skips the use of external adhesives or packing tapes. This wrap is resistant to punctures and a wide range of temperature hazards. Such features make it a feasible alternative to the traditional plastic packing. Using Laundry Wrap Film is a better and modernized way of keeping laundry fresh until unpacked for use. This wrap leaves no residue on removal and is easy to remove.

Usually, Laundry Wrap is available in 40 or 50 gauge thickness. However, you may also find 30 gauge thickness wrap that is ideal for thinner varieties of linen. This wrap is a thin stretchable film with self-adhesive properties. The stretch ability of this wrap helps it to conform to the product perfectly while also protecting products from dust, moisture, dirt and other external particles that would contaminate the linen fibers.

Adapting to technical advantages is the key to progress. It is time to go ahead with using Laundry Wrap for storing linens above the traditional plastics. For browsing options and placing your order for Laundry Wrap online, visit