The packaging of a product is influencing in today's customer buying decisions, and manufacturers are trending towards using packaging that they think seems attractive to those same buyers. The recent trend has shifted to the use of sustainable packaging designs that are environment-friendly. 'Green' packaging is becoming more and more popular, and people are becoming inclined towards contributing in the universal motive to protect Mother Earth from future contamination of huge amounts of wasted material.

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Considering today's societal situation, complete sustainable packaging is near to improbable, but not impossible. If sustainability is considered a journey, the goal of reducing its overall environmental impact becomes more achievable. While stepping forward towards sustainable packaging, we cannot overlook the obvious utility of packaging. It must fulfill its primary functions of enticing customers, protecting products, and facilitating convenient consumption, otherwise, the energy consumed in manufacturing of the product is lost.

Here are a few tips to re-consider while opting for sustainable packaging design:

    • Understand the life-cycle approach of packaging materials through Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA) to know the environmental impacts of different packaging options.
    • Evaluate each component of your package and re-think about possible changes that can be made by using less material without compromising on product integrity and usability.
    • Consider alternatives for distribution packaging that reduces waste at the retailer level by creating bundles, pallets, multi-packs, and shelf-ready packaging. Using stretch wrap machines also helps in sustainable wrapping of products.
    • Look for opportunities where reusable packaging can be introduced especially in food packaging.
    • Employ strategies to encourage product consumption as most of the packaging materials cannot be recycled only due to left-overs sticking back to the packages.
    • Choose packaging material suppliers carefully and confirm that they are equally healthy while manufacturing those materials.
    • Evaluate your distribution system to reduce environmental impact wherever possible.

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