Thermal Labels are largely used for barcode printing on the products and offer a lot to the packaging industry. When deciding on the type of labels to be used, one must consider the advantages and disadvantages of both before the right selection.

Thermal Transfer Labels

Thermal Labels prove to be an excellent choice for commonly used nametag labels, shipping labels and ecommerce shipments. As the new generation printers allow the printing of both Thermal Transfer and Direct Thermal, switching between the two is not difficult.

The basic advantage of the Direct Thermal Labels is that they do not require any ribbons. In addition to the minimal resources required, the Direct Thermal Labels enhance the productivity time which plays a critical factor in completing the jobs at the high-speed automated shipping lines. Typically changing of ribbon rolls cost at least 15 minutes of the time even by an experienced operator and although both the printers require changing of rolls, the Thermal Transfer Labels do not usually run out at the same time as the ribbons.

Why do people prefer Direct Thermal Labels?

Direct Thermal Labels uses a heated print head to develop a chemical reaction within the label which creates the printed image. The only thing that goes in, is the printable adhesive label paper. The thermal print head and chemical composition of the paper are the required composite.

Although the label surfaces appear smooth, they actually contain invisible rough patches which can hamper the life of the print head. The way to minimize the wear and tear of the print head is to use a good quality, top-coated Direct Thermal Label material which will in return ensure lesser rejections. The use of Direct Thermal Labels produces less amount of waste as there are no ribbons included in the process.

On the contrary, The Thermal Transfer Print Label heads have a significantly longer life as the ribbon offers a protective barrier against the surface, but which also increases the productivity time.

Adhesives and Sizes

Usually these labels come with a standard acrylic adhesive. However, when using on the corrugated boxes or freezer applications, a stronger adhesive may be required. The has Direct Thermal Labels in various sizes like 4 x 2" and 4 x 6" either on a 3/4", 1", 3" Core or fanfold.