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Tips for Designing an Experience-Driven Packaging

The packaging box is a significant part of a customer’s journey. Who doesn’t like to feel special? We all like to, don’t we? Making a buyer feel special about his purchase can turn out huge benefits to you as a brand. Creating an incredible unboxing experience needs sincere efforts and a creative vision. The best way to understand this is to step yourself into the customers’ shoes and thinking from their perspective. No doubt, customer trend constantly changes, but certain factors still remain constant.

Packaging Design

Packaging is as Important as Your Product

Although product quality matters, packaging plays a key role in triggering customer’s buying decision.

Here are a few tips to help you innovate an experience-driven packaging.


Do not make the mistake of thinking that box is just a box when selling your brand. Let the packaging speak. The box has much more to do than simply protecting the product within. Be subtle yet distinct with the design and ensure the customer feels the difference with your brand.


Sense of touch is very important. No matter how visually appealing your packaging is, the feel of hand says it all about the quality and detailing you observe while serving your customers.

Packaging technology allows companies to innovate in order to create a customer-driven packaging. You can use embossing or hot stamping, change the standard shape or add a different foil to enhance the texture.

When thinking to elevate your brand above others, it is important to think deeply not only about the product quality, but also about your website, packaging, customer service, and delivery. The whole journey makes it a wonderful customer experience.

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