Plastic bags have created an indispensable place in our daily lives. They are available in various sizes, thickness, and are used for a variety of purposes. Re-sealable Plastic Bags have evolved as the most versatile packaging material. 

Re-Sealable Bags

Whether we use it for packaging products, handmade creations, safe keeping of documents, or to organize stuff like office supplies, toiletries, eye pencils, lip pencils, hair clips and to store leftover food, reclosable bags are extremely convenient and useful.

Unusual Use of Resealable Plastic Bags:

  • Cell phone holder on airplane: put the phone in the resealable bag and stick it between the seat and tray table. Enjoy your movie or play games on it.
  • As a piping bag: for icing your cupcakes.
  • Marinating bag: perfect to marinade food and keep the mess away.
  • Crumb maker: crush crackers or bread to make crumbs.
  • Non- crystal ice cream: prevent crystal formation when storing ice cream in freezer.
  • Shower de-scaler: put vinegar in the bag and tie it to shower head to descale. 


Resealable plastic bags have only been around for about 50 years. In 1968, Ziploc developed and patented the resealable bag, which has become synonymous with reclosable bags. The company is worth over 1 billion USD.

Salient Features of Re-Sealable Bags

Clear: resealable plastic bags are made from acid free OPP. They are transparent, which makes them ideal to store documents. These bags are widely used to package products displayed in stores, which offer visibility to buyers.

Safe closure: the crystal clear reclosable bags are widely used for packaging products that are sold in stores. It is easy to see the product, they can be easily opened and put back into the resealable plastic bag without causing damage to the bag.

Expandable bottom: resealable poly bag with expandable bottom is generally used to store liquids because the bottom of the bag expands. Widely used for medicines, oils and perfumes.

Microwave friendly: the resealable plastic bags can be used to warm food in the microwave, although the one disadvantage is that you can never clean and reuse this resealable plastic bag.

The flexibility, reusability, re-closure feature and affordable pricing has made the resealable plastic bags one of the most successful invention of the twentieth century.