Look they get the job done, flat out!!! Able to be used as an effective instrument for mailing and shipping and able to be used as a sufficient marketing tool, Poly Mailers are a safe and low cost way of getting your mailings out to their destinations. One of the advantages about Poly Mailers is its versatility. These mailing tools can save $$$, while protecting your goods.


First Class Option Granted, the standard paper envelope has been circulating for decades as a primary option for transporting important documents. However, many online industrial companies are finding that they can attain success by shipping some of their lightweight products in Poly Mailers through the First Class Mail option. Cutting costs by nearly 50% has been the value of the experiential saving that these companies have discovered. Even more, it's allowed them greater pricing power as they've been able to mark down their price and gain more opportunity and market relevancy.

Multi-Task Option The Poly Mailer family is huge! Whether you're looking for the standard 2.5 mil the heavy duty 3.0mil, the new and light 2.0 mil or clear view poly and returnable poly mailers respectively, you're ready to address various applications successfully. Although the standard Poly Mailer is just a measure of bag thickness, the clear view poly and returnable poly aids in specific applications.

Clear view Poly Mailer is very much ideal for sending important documents such as bill statements and subpoenas for instance. They're also productive for mailing out promotional items such as catalogs, sale fliers, and brochures. The idea behind their functioning is that it commands immediate attention due to their clear window. Returnable Poly Mailers are a source that also good for bill statements and any return option relayed by the sender. The receiver can fill out the necessary detail and resend it in a quick low cost easy to use manner. This mailer also provides an easy way for the supplier to buyer relation to be quick and responsive if an unfortunate error shipment has arrived to the customer. All the customer would need to do is remove the second seal strip and mail it back off. As you can see, Poly Mailers is a high value product that allows you to benefit financially and professionally. They are easy to obtain online and their available in both bulk and small volume options.