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  1. Versatile Applications Of The Aluminum Foil Tape

    Aluminum Foil tape has many applications in various industries. These tapes come in a wide variety of sizes and types, each designed for specific tasks. Considerably, amongst the H.V.A.C. industry, (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) usage of this pressure sensitive adhesive tape is regularly acquired for sealing insulated joints or mechanical ventilation systems. This tape has a shiny UV resistant foil which enhances the application appearance, yet remains flexible and able to attach to uneven or curved surfaces with ease.

    Another significant tape, Duct Tape works great for binding metal or fibrous ducts. As air ducts distribute air throughout the vents within your home, duct tape prevents air leakage and lowers energy costs. Therefore, this tape is engineered for aggressive & long lasting pressure, maintaining greater bonding than any other tape regardless if it's zero or high temperature settings.


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  2. Packing Tape - The Don'ts When Discovering Quality

    In life sometimes the greatest knowledge is consisted upon understanding what not to do. I'm sure we've all purchased things we shouldn't of, and because of the feeling you get after being burned, you come to know better ways to observe and compare before you buy.

    Packing Tape


    The mask of commonality can sometimes discard certain deficiencies amongst product. Being that the availability of certain items is everywhere you turn, many vendors tend to devalue the type of quality they offer because their supplier's rates are more profit appealing.

    Therefore, we at PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com - a top leader

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  3. Colored Carton Sealing Tape - A Versatile Packaging Indicator

    Are you transitioning to a new location anytime soon knowing you're so overwhelmed about it that you don't know where to start from? Well in short, you can resolve this dilemma by looking no further than a carton! Colored Carton Sealing Tape offers a complete host of advantages to ensure that your items are tightly packed and secure.

    Color Packing Tape

    This version of colored tape is made of synthetic rubber adhesive which enables the tape to stick on almost any surface. It comes in 2" and 3" width sizes and also a machine carton sealing tape version if preferred.

    Need of a strong

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  4. How Packing Tape Increases Safety Value of Consignment

    It is essential to use the appropriate tape to match the multiplicity of diverse applications that exist so that your packages are sealed properly, with pride and professionally. Whether your circumstances consist of sealing cartons for parcels, electronics, gifts, painting projects, miscellaneous scenarios or art assignments you'll generally need a specific version of tape that offers high performance, efficiency and of course, budget advantages.

    Packing Tape

    With the rise in product purchasing being generated within the online vending websites, a variety of tapes have been easily made available for your obligations to be met. An industry leader in industrial tape distribution, we at PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com makes readily accessible a complete

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  5. Packing Tape - Why Quality Counts

    Time is of the essence, time is money and time waits for no one! In today's competitive markets it's imperative to accomplish three things to be successful; premium product, low pricing and swift delivery. Let's face it; times aren't the same as far as financial gain is concerned. Ever since the 2008 market crash, crucial adjustments were necessary for staying afloat. Therefore, small businesses and up and rising savvy entrepreneurs had to intrinsically evaluate, micro-manage and forecast creative ways to upgrade their ethics in order to enhance profit gains. Simply stated, it's survival of the fittest and only the strong will survive because nothing comes easy anymore.

    Packing Tape

    On that note,

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  6. Packing Tape! - The It Factor!

    Her: What do I without it, Honey I can't find it, has anyone seen it, I need it, where is it?

    Him: We should have it; it's normally where I put it.

    Kid: It will help me complete my art project; I always have fun using it.

    Worker: Make sure to order a double amount of it, we'll surely need it.

    Businessman: I surely need it, I can't afford to lose inventory stock, and it will reduce product damage.

    Grandparent: I certainly enjoy using it; without it my surprise to my grandchildren would not be the same.

    It: I'm flattered by such thoughtful comments and for anyone that is reading along with me, I'd like to

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  7. Packing Tape - Wrap it, Pack it, Seal it !

    Packing tape is an indispensable shipping aid which is useful for firmly holding shipments intact. This tape specializes in properly sealing cartons so that your packages are secured from the risk of encountering damage during transit. Since there's a high volume of stacking and shifting that occurs during the delivery process, Packing Tape reinforces the protection of valued merchandise while performing at a greater level than other versions of tape. Equipped to withstand an array of harsh conditions, this tape is durable because of strong adhesive qualities that ensure strength and stability to packages.

    Packing Tape

    There are a variety of ways in which

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  8. Your safety identification messenger - Colored Aisle Marking Tape!

    Haven't you noticed? Safety awareness is crucial for the workplace environment. We all know that accidents happen and happen often. That is why preventive measures should be taken quite seriously, not only for the benefit of the company's defense against lawsuits, but more importantly for the well-being of the employees and visitors. I don't about you but it would assist me well to be fore warned of approaching hazards, danger, or even specific equipment that can possibly aid in protection. Point made? 

    Colored Aisle Marking Tape

    Ok well let me also make light of a simple but useful solution for safety awareness which is known as Colored Aisle Marking Tape! Got it? Well then get it! Not sure where to find it? Ok let me assist you, at

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  9. Electrical Tape: it's electrifying, don't be shocked!

    So tell me what would cookies be without milk or pancakes without syrup, better yet mash potatoes without gravy? Hungry? Ok well my point is this. For wiring things you need Electrical Tape! Although we understand that everyone isn't an electrician you'd be surprise how much us common folk need this valuable tape when replacing, repairing, or reproofing things in the home, vehicles, or basic equipment.

    Electrical Tape is highly effective during usage because it stretches well, easily tears, and is quite simple to apply. This tape protects wires form abrasion, water, accidental chemical splashes, and also it's flame retardant. These attributes are very important because many take for granted its ability and try to use other forms of tapes which unwarily are easily susceptible to wire shortages, electrocutions, and fires because they aren't designed for electrical tasks. We at Packaging Supplies By Mail .Com supply small and large bulk amounts of Electrical

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  10. Uncovering the Mask ! How Masking Tape accommodates

    For anyone who's ever had their car painted, whether custom or restored due to an accident, has seen the traditional purpose of Masking Tape. Commonly this tape is used frequently in body shops to mask a section of a car or truck, while the open area of it is being painted. As we uncovered the mask we discovered there are numerous ways Masking Tape is alternatively used. One way is to counteract lint, loose hair, and other particles that land on our clothes.

    Masking Tape

    By simply rubbing pieces of Masking Tape on the surface and then pulling it off, you now have created a successful homemade lint removal device. Masking Tape is great for labeling too. Just basically tear a piece of tape, name and date it, and whether its food or something

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