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  • A Guide to Using Strapping Tape for Athletes

    Strapping tapes are packing tapes that have heavily reinforced filaments. These are known to possess high tensile strength and therefore are conveniently used for bundling yard equipment, fishing rods, curtains and other tools. The filament strapping tapes are great options to repair damaged book spines.

    Most often, the strapping tapes are found with athletes who are involved in sporting activities. Athletes undergo constant training and physical exercise which makes them more prone to accidents and injuries. It is important for them to take precautionary measures to avoid injuries and stay fit. The filament strapping tapes are their best companion when it comes to protecting their weak joints and muscles.

    Strapping Tape

    Let’s understand how to apply strapping tape correctly.

    Locate the area of pain. Athletes need to have a complete understanding of injuries and must be able to accurately locate the pain area of the joint in order to tape accordingly for quick and better recovery.

    Understand the aim.Strapping tape is used to avoid injury, not cure it. So, it must be applied correctly before playing a sport to protect weakened muscles in the ankle or wrist.

    Apply in one direction. The strapping tape must always be wrapped in a single direction and start from far above the actual area of the joint to secure it properly.

    Avoid over-tightening. Remember not to apply the tape too tight as it may then restrict blood flow. Sports trainers are usually knowledgeable about the working of muscles and joints and provide for controlled movements of the joint even when the tape is applied.

    Use the basket-weave technique.The basket weave technique involves wrapping the tape about the same thickness above and over just like we write the number“8”.

    The strapping tapes are also an excellent solution to make packages stable during the rough handling during shipping as they go through twisting, throwing and tossing. The PackagingSuppliesByMail.com store is the perfect place to order reliable and durable quality packaging material at the most reasonable prices. If you are looking for stable taping solutions or need to wrap your injured muscle before heading out for a sports activity, our filament strapping tapes are the best choice.

  • Reduce Aisle Related Accidents with Colored Aisle Marking Tape

    Aisle marking tapes are tapes with one adhesive laden side and one adhesive free side, that means these tapes are like normal packaging tapes but are stronger with respect to both the material of the tape and the nature of the adhesive used.

    Polyvinylchloride (PVC) base film, and the adhesive used as a base, is responsible for following features:

    • Durability
    • Puncture resistance
    • Tear and scratch resistance
    • Quick adherence to surfaces


    Aisle Marking Tape

    When it comes to floor marking, the floor marking tapes are extremely useful and preferred worldwide over painting floors based on following characteristics of both:

    Colored Aisle Marking Tape Floor paint

    ● The floor marking tape set rapidly, that is these tapes do not take time to get permanently fixed at the site of application.

    ● The application of the colored marking tapes does not require any expertise.

    ● The tapes are cheaper to use as compared to other alternatives available.

    ● The floor paint takes a while before it dries completely, holding the area of application unusable for a longer time.

    ● Use of floor paint requires an expert for proper, attractive and long-lasting application.

    ● Floor paints are expensive as compared to colored aisle marking tapes.


    Places that often use colored aisle marking tapes:

      • Supermarket aisles - Large areas, customers who are not well accustomed to the aisles, constant movement of pallets, forklifts, etc.


      • Hospital hallways - Hospitals have extremely long hallways, and getting into the right place in time is of utmost importance. In most cases, paramedics who do not work in the same hospital rely on markings.


      • Manufacturing facilities: At manufacturing facilities, time means money. Speed is a necessity at such places, and machines can be dangerous, so the floor marking tapes add direction amidst the chaos.


    These tapes are made with vinyl material that is designed to ensure high visibility and immediate impact. The bright colors or striped pattern make these tapes perfect for lane marking and for marking out hazards.

    The varying colors of these tapes make the usage of these tapes much higher, including applications where color coding or identification is required.

  • Guaranteed Shipping of Fragile Items with Strong Adhesive Packing Tape

    Cardboard boxes are an active and important tool in the shipping industry. The strength and versatility of the cardboard boxes have made them extremely popular across the world in households, small hobbyist businesses, and even with huge corporate giants.

    Interestingly, a large chunk of the credit for the popularity of the cardboard boxes goes to a necessary product called packaging tape.

    Many of us have experienced the embarrassment that come when the bottom of a box opens and all the stuff we were planning to move ends up falling on the floor and even getting damaged. Imagine how much damage that could do to a business which depends on moving or shipping the goods for its profits.

    Packaging tapes, also known as shipping tapes, play a great deal in holding the base of cardboard boxes together and in making sure the lid of the boxes stay closed during transport. There are ways to make sure that the packaging tape does its job well, there are proper ways to seal a box.

    Adhesive Packing Tape

    A normal cardboard box has two openings with four flaps on each side along with four closed walls forming a box together.

    • Starting with sealing of the base with shipping tape.
    • A lot of us start with closing the small and the large flaps alternate, making a cross pattern. It is suggested that this sequence should not be followed. Close the smaller flaps of the box first and then the larger ones.
    • Instead of using the industrial tape horizontally and vertically on the bottom of the box, form an ‘H’ shape with the tape closing and sticking all flaps together proves to a lot more productive.
    • While shipping irregularly shaped objects in cardboard boxes, ensure that all the void spaces are filled with packaging materials so that the weight is distributed evenly.
    • It is not advisable to reuse a piece of industrial tape, no matter how fine it appears. The strength of a seal relies widely on the adhesive property of the tape.

    Follow these tips and avoid the losses and embarrassment that comes with abrupt opening of sealed cardboard boxes during shipping!

  • How Utility Grade Masking Tape Simplifies Home Projects

    May it be a home improvement project, art work or an intricate paint job, masking tape is a must have product. In any paint project, the quality of the tape and its adhesive are the decisive factors in getting a good quality outcome.

    Masking tapes are available for sale in two different types: 

    1. Utility Grade Masking Tapes
    2. Blue Masking Tape

    Masking Tape

    Utility grade masking tape serves multiple purposes, as the name suggest it is mainly used for masking, but its non-residue nature on any surface also adds utility of alabel device and the good quality of the adhesive makes it capable of sealing air vents like a duct tape too! The utility grade masking tape is easily peeled off without any residue on the surface, reducing the hassles of scrapping and preventing damages like denting, scratching that will result from scrapping of the surface.

    Blue Masking tape also known as painter’s masking tape is a solution of better quality home and industrial painting. This tape can protect any material that it is used on. The blue masking tape can withstand paint leakage, water and oil too. The adhesive used in this tape allows it clean removal in any case, even if it is removed weeks or months after its application. This tape is a big asset during paint jobs as it allows a professional look by helping maintain straight lines and clear edges. The premium quality of service that the blue masking tape gives makes it worth the higher price.

    Both tapes have a property that increases their utility to a very large extent – both are easy to tear. Be it a utility masking tape or painters blue tape, the easy-to-tear quality helps the user to work at a higher speed without any hang ups. These tapes are not weak, and are able to withstand paint seepages too.

    The masking tape is available with PackagingSuppliesByMail.com in multiple sizes!

  • Say “NO!” to Waste with Filament Tape Dispensers

    Filament tapes are equipped with pressure sensitive adhesives that are used for multiple packing applications, like sealing corrugated fireboxes, strengthening packages and bundling items. The specialty of this tape is the presence of fibre glass filaments present on the polypropylene or polyester films of the tape. Different grades of the filament tapes vary with the thickness of the filaments and the different types of adhesives.

    These fibre glass equipped, strong tapes can be used manually by hand but are most often used with a stationary or even a handheld tape dispenser, as they allow usage of the tape with a higher level of ease and a higher rate of speed.

    Filament tape dispensers are manufactured with metal and sometimes good quality plastics to increase the life of the dispensers.

    Filament Tape Dispensers (1)

    Tape Dispenser Features:

    • Compact design, easy to use
    • Strong metal body for a longer life makes the product extremely versatile and easy to store, carry and operate.
    • Available for all the variants of filament tapes, also adds versatility to the product.
    • Simple operation; increases the acceptance of the product in all the industries where packaging, taping and/or reinforcement of packages is carried out.
    • Dispenses tape of 2 inches width and a central core of 3 inches.
    • Features a blade at the end which efficiently cuts the filament tape with ease which otherwise would have been difficult and slow down the whole process.


    The well-designed model of the hand dispensers assures drastic improvement in the packaging and taping performance of the employees, adds a professional look too. The easy to use operation of the hand dispenser is good for the performance also and allows incorporation of beginners in the packaging and taping process.

    The hand dispenser features a hand operated brake, presence of which allows control on the tension of the filament tape. Control on the tension of the tape facilitates achievement of tight, secure wrapping in the process of bundling individual items and even pellets.

    Dispensers for double-sided tapes, start tapes and shipping tapes are also available with PackagingSuppliesByMail along with good quality, long lasting filament tape dispensers, and all the variants of filament tapes.

  • Boost Your Business with Top-Notch Industrial Packing Tape

    Why Packaging Tapes for Business…

    Industrial tape fulfil a wide range of business needs and applications. Whether it’s packing tape or one for packaging (overlapping terms and functions, actually), industrial tapes are used extensively for packaging goods and binding different materials together. The tapes are indispensable for any business that is involved in manufacturing and/or supplying of goods for dealers,customers or anyone the businessman trades with. Good quality industrial tapes of various types help businesses achieve their manufacturing purposes as they are used for a variety of functions such as packaging, wrapping, masking, adhesive bonding, thread sealing and several specialised tasks besides securing goods. Industrial tapes play several important roles for packaging that include: protective, storing and loading functions for transportation. In addition, it also plays an important part in supporting business-related functions like promotions, sales and others, as attractive packaging can also enhance aesthetic appeal when a product is showcased or presented to potential clients and customers.

    PSBM - Blog Image

    Packaging and Packing Tapes- the Key to Efficiency in Business

    The term packaging tape encompasses different types of industrial tapes such as masking tape, filament tape, duct tape and carpet/ surface protection tape.The tapes may be of different sizes, widths and diameters. It also includes double coated, foils, paper tapes, carton sealing tapes and many more that meet the needs of various applications. It is crucial that goods remain secure within and not just at the surface so their quality and durability remain intact. A good packaging tape is useful for sealing all types of cartons and boxes for delivery. Dealers receiving your shipment must find products in a good condition, otherwise the whole purpose, including maintaining and building business relations may be affected if product complaints are raised. If your package is going to undertake a long journey, it will encounter heavy duty moving and transporting right at the port. Personnel handling packages may not always be gentle, so good packaging job is what would come to your rescue.

    PackagingSuppliesByMail.com offers best quality industrial tapes at guaranteed low price and excellent standard services that match the best.

  • Which Packing Tape to Use – Acrylic or Hot Melt Adhesive?

    Packing tapes are ultimate packaging accessories that are essentially required to secure the open ends of cartons for spill-proof and safe shipping. Among the various types of industrial tapes available on the market, the debate between water-based acrylic and hot-melt adhesive carton sealing tapes persists.

    While both the varieties have separate features and a list of benefits, both can be used for carton sealing at room temperature. The difference occurs when the conditions feature a wide range of extreme temperatures and very rigid corrugated flaps.

    Let’s look at the advantages & applications of both the types of packing tapes:

    Acrylic Machine Tape



    1. Functional in a wide temperature range – Acrylic tapes feature a service temperature of -10°F to 200°F vs. 30°F to 122°F of hot melt.
    2. Extended shelf life – Acrylic is known to have a longer shelf life without compromising on performance.
    3. Resistant to UV light sources – The material will not allow yellowing on exposure to direct sunlight or UV sources.
    4. Enhanced seal strength – Acrylic adhesive tends to absorb deeply into the corrugated flaps over time.
    5. Economically priced – The Acrylic sealing tapes are comparatively more affordable than the hot melt varieties.



    • General purpose carton sealing
    • Display boxes (as they do not yellow)
    • Hot as well as cold applications

    hotmelt tape


    1. High sheer – A greater sheer allows better adherence to corrugated boxes and to under-filled/overstuffed boxes.
    2. Improved quick initial tack – Hot melt ensures quick tack property that adheres easily to dusty, dirty and soiled substrates or plastics.
    3. Performance consistency – Hot melt packing tapes have a release coat that allows the tape to dispense with consistence throughout the entire tape length.



    • General purpose carton sealing
    • Overfilled or under-filled cartons
    • Double-walled and thick corrugated boxes
    • Dusty, dirty and soiled substrates application

    Now that you know when it is better to use acrylic or hot melt adhesive tape, visit www.packagingsuppliesbymail.com/tape to order your stock of industrial tapes now. The PackagingSuppliesByMail.com store is full of good quality, affordably priced tapes for use in industrial as well as domestic applications.

  • Packaging Essentials Guide 02: Why Choosing an Appropriate Packaging Tape is Important?

    We are delighted to come back again with another packaging guide that focuses on the importance of selecting the right packaging tape for the right job. Our previous post HOW USING SHIPPING MAILING ENVELOPES CAN SAVE $$$ OF LOSSES TO BUSINESSES elaborated on how businesses can save greatly on shipping costs. In this post, you will get to know about the various types of industrial tapes available and their applications.

    Your packaging methods must display a clear message of neatness and tidiness. When it comes to different packaging materials serving different purposes, it is obvious that different kinds of industrial tapes would serve for certain applications better. It is ridiculous to use a filament tape to stick large packaging boxes, isn’t it?

    Packaging Essentials Guide

    What factors need to be considered while selecting a packaging tape?

    • Application
    • Packaging Weight
    • Size of the Tape Dispenser


    Application: Ideally, packaging tapes perform two types of applications – storage boxes or shipping boxes. For storage purposes, we recommended using acrylic packaging tapes as they are capable of handling various temperatures and have proven to maintain its seal for nearly more than three years. For shipping boxes, hot melt tapes (synthetic rubber) are more suitable as they have superior holding power while offering temperature sustainability.

    Packaging Weight: Before going into the details of the types of packaging tapes, let us understand the basic measurements:



    Lightweight envelopes and mailers < 2 mil
    Packages up to 70 lbs 2-3 mil
    Packages up to 100 lbs 3 or >3 mil


    Tape Dispenser Size: If you are machine wrapping your packages, make sure that the dispensers correspond to the core sizes of the tapes as otherwise the tape would not fit the dispenser.

    Packaging Essentials Guide

    What are the different types of Industrial Tapes?

    At PackagingSuppliesByMail.com we offer various types of packaging tapes including Gummed Tape, Filament Tape, Duct Tape, Masking Tape, Aisle Marking Tape, Rubber Tape and Strapping Tape – each of them perfectly suitable for a specific purpose.

    Gummed Tape available at PackagingSuppliesByMail.com

    Gummed Tapes are awesome tapes securing edges and strengthening cartons to reduce material waste. The tape seems to become a part of the box when wetted and applied to a corrugated carton. This creates a reliable seal that looks professional too.

    Filament Tape available at PackagingSuppliesByMail.com

    Filament Tapes are tapes having fiber glass filament that runs down the whole length of the tape. These are generally used when binding electric wires.

    Strapping Tape (Black & White) available at PackagingSuppliesByMail.com

    Strapping Tapes are white/black colored tapes that are very similar to the Filament Tapes with added tensile strength        for bundling fishing tools, yard equipment, or curtains. These can also be used to repair the spines of a damaged book.

    Duct Tapes available at PackagingSuppliesByMail.com

    Duct Tapes that are also known as cloth back tapes are excellent varieties that serve multiple purposes. Their high adhesion levels, flexibility, and durability, the duct tapes are widely used in repairs, construction jobs, marking and other duct works.

    Masking Tape available at PackagingSuppliesByMail.com

    Masking Tape, also known as Painters’ Tape has low adhesion for sensitive jobs such as painting. These help creating fine clear lines protecting certain areas.

    Asile Marking Tapes available at PackagingSuppliesByMail.com

    Aisle Marking Tapes are very helpful in instilling safety of workers at site. They are available in colored as well as stripped varieties and create safe pathways for workers who work at warehouses, construction sites or any hazardous environments.

    From the above, it is obvious that industrial tapes do not only serve the purpose of protecting shipments from getting apart, but also strengthen them to perform their specific functions hassle-freely. Visit https://www.packagingsuppliesbymail.com/tape to browse through the wide range of tapes we stock for varied industrial as well as domestic usage.

  • Why Our Aluminum Foil Tapes are A Popular Adhesive Industrial Tape?

    The Aluminum foil tapes are commonly used in construction industries, HVAC installation and repair, and for electrical applications. The reason why these tapes find utility in such critical environments is because the Aluminum foil tapes possess certain qualities that are not found in any other variety of industrial tapes on the market. These tapes are chemical resistant, flame resistant, offer good thermal connectivity as well as light reflectance. The foil tapes can sustain all types of weather conditions and hence is the preferred choice for critical tasks.

    Aluminum Foil Tape available at Packaging Supplies By Mail Aluminum Foil Tape

    The Aluminum foil tapes have great temperature versatility and can work under varied range of temperatures i.e. from 248°F to -22°F and can be conveniently in temperature ranging from 14°F to 104°F.  In contrast to all other types of industrial tapes, these work comfortably in extremely cold temperatures too. Moreover, the foil tapes are made of an acrylic adhesive that gives an added advantage as acrylic holds the tape strongly in high temperature ranges too. Duct tapes, for instance are made with rubber adhesive that can delaminate the adhesive due to lower mechanical strength and poor aging resistance and act poorly under UV light. The acrylic adhesives make the aluminum foil tapes durable as compared to any other variety of industrial tapes. Also, due to their polar nature, they bond to the polar surfaces easily and strongly.

    Unlike mastic, the foil tape variety is a wonderful tool as it is not messy and doesn’t require any additional equipment or fasteners such as dry wall mesh, sheet metal screws, or scrap metal to seal large areas. It can be conveniently used to seal air handlers or holes in a furnace. The foil tapes work amazingly well at construction sites where pressure sensitive tapes are generally used.

    The Aluminum foil tapes offer better thermal stability, cohesion, adhesion, and strength than the rubber adhesives. Neither high temperatures nor UV exposure – the foil tapes are taken down by none. You get a huge variety of wholesale industrial tapes at the Packaging Supplies By Mail online store. You can place your order by visiting https://www.packagingsuppliesbymail.com/tape or calling us at 1-800-456-2467.

  • Tape Dispensers - packaging just isn’t the same without them!

    Using packing tape manually to apply over corrugated boxes and packages may be slightly difficult and time consuming, as one person has to hold the tape while the other cuts it to stick over. Tape dispensers are handy domestic and industrial accessory which simplifies your work projects easier. Let’s face it certain instruments require certain tools to operate effectively. So when I had to tape products, using my teeth daily was a foolish option and often I would say “wow this is some strong tape”. Even at home I now use a Tape Dispenser. Who enjoys trying to tear tape bare handed? The end result is always quite a mess, not to mention re-pealing it because the tape clung back onto the roll and is now stuck.

    Tape Dispenser & Machines available at Packaging Supplies by mail Tape Dispenser & Machines

    Tape Dispenser & Machines are phenomenal in regards to home, industrial or office packaging. You can conveniently assemble the multiple sized goods into a single entity. This makes transportation convenient as moving the consignment from one place to another won’t consumer energy and time, mainly when many units of parcels are joined together. Another plus is that, specific tape dispensers like our Tape Wrangler, can be mounted on a flat surface like a desk or workstation in an area which is accessible to all workers.

    It is easy to use the tape dispenser compared to other packaging accessories due to the nature of its features. This featherweight device can be carried to any place without trouble. There are small and medium sized dispensers which can be rolled over the cartons to pack them properly, unlike the heavy machine dispensers which aren’t flexible enough to move around any sized package.

    To compliment your packaging tasks, we offer you durable, high quality, Tape Dispensers & Machines that will increase your packaging efficiency and allow you to secure your packages quite effectively. Available in 2” and 3” sizes, we also stock the Poly Bag table top dispensers as well as the Tape Wrangler which is a superior quality industrial Tape Dispenser. You’ll notice we provide extremely low prices for these products and we also offer swift delivery and excellent service, don’t hesitate get these valuable tools today and avoid the headaches. Thanks!


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