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  1. Three Instances Where Kraft Tape Is the Best Choice

    Three Instances Where Kraft Tape Is the Best Choice

    Kraft tape provides long-term strength, durability, and security to your packages, whether you’re putting them into storage or sending them through the mail.
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  2. Top Reasons to Use Gummed Paper Tape for Packaging

    Top Reasons to Use Gummed Paper Tape for Packaging

    There’s no need to fear for your packages—gummed paper tape is here! Here are the top reasons to use gummed paper tape for packaging for the strongest hold.
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  3. Creative and Fun Ways for Businesses to Use Tape

    Creative and Fun Ways for Businesses to Use Tape

    Don’t get stuck in a rut with the way you send packages; get fancy with tape! Here’s a list of creative and fun ways for businesses to use tape.
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  4. Pressure Versus Water-Activated Tape: Which to Choose?

    Pressure Versus Water-Activated Tape: Which to Choose?

    If you do a lot of business by mail, are you using the strongest, most durable, and convenient-to-use packing tape? Your two primary choices boil down to pressure versus water-activated tape. Both have their benefits, and it may well be that having both at hand in case of unexpected events as the best choice. But when it comes down to specific jobs, it’s worth reviewing which is best for what sort of jobs. So, pressure vs. water-activated tape: which to choose?

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  5. 3 Benefits of Using Printed Tape for Valued Merchandise

    Packaging Supplies

    Brianna had been working late the last two weeks. When she got hired in March, her boss mentioned, “We always want the best quality product. This includes our packaging. It might take longer, but let’s do it right.”

    Although Brianna was tired of packing boxes every night, she knew this was true. Additional time spent wrapping merchandise could create a better customer experience.

    1. Branding Purposes

    Customers tend to engage with brands that go above and beyond. Adding small touches to packages increases the likelihood of people purchasing again. According to Sharon Michaels, a successful business-woman featured within Forbes Magazine, “If you are not consistently reminding your target market that you are act

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  6. Secure Your Valuables with Tamper-Proof Packaging Materials

    Tamper Proof Tape

    The end of the year was approaching fast, and Maggie called her first customer with daily updates.

    “Hi, this is Maggie, I just wanted to let you know that your package is on its way.” Her voice cracked from anxiety. The customers’ products were over two weeks late.

    At this point, Maggie had no idea if this patron would ever buy from her again. Questions riddled her thoughts, “What if it never arrives? When do I give them a refund? Do I send them a coupon for their next purchase?”

    Many small business owners have been in Maggie’s situation. Sending packages to customers can be riddled with concerning moments. We at PackagingSuppliesByMail cannot assure that all packages will arrive on time, but we can provide tips to secure customers’ valued items in transit.

    Tamper Evident Packaging for the Win


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  7. Which is Better - Hot Melt Carton Sealing Tape or Acrylic Tape?

    To a common man, the choice of packaging tape is a matter of least importance as tape is just something that gets taping job done. However, for the packaging line, it is one of the most crucial decisions to be made. The right choice of packing tape can result in properly sealed cartons viz. a damaged product. It is an essential tool for the protection, presentation and security of the products. Below are certain details about Hot Melt Carton Sealing Tapes and Acrylic Tapes that one must know before making the correct choice. Hot Melt Carton Sealing Tapes - These tapes provide a significantly stronger adhesion than the acrylic ones. They are superior in terms of tensile strength and holding power too.

    Packing Tapes



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  8. Right Way to Use Surface Protection Tapes

    As the name suggests, Surface Protection Tapes are designed specially to avoid scratches, radiations, abrasions, dirt or any other contamination on critical surfaces. These adhesive tapes are made from thin film layers that are bonded together in order to create a barrier between the surface and external intruders including liquid stains. It also protects it from almost anything that demands under-construction protection. These are also called Carpet Protection Tapes and are constructed to be scratch-resistant to effectively reduce penetration of harmful rays through the material.

    Surface Protection Tapes

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  9. Tamper-Evident Packaging - Why Is It Necessary & How Does It Impact the Environment?

    Among the most necessary characteristics of packaging materials, tamper-resistance is at the fore-front carrying the responsibility of maintaining the integrity and effectiveness of the packaged items. The FDA defines tamper-evident packaging as "one having one or more indicators or barriers to entry which, if breached or missing, can reasonably be expected to provide visible evidence to consumers that tampering has occurred."

    Packing Tape


    What are the benefits of tamper-evident packaging?

    Tamper-evident packaging not only prevents the products from contamination but also from damaging. From over-the-counter p

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  10. How to Seal Corrugated Cartons Efficiently?

    Corrugated cartons are commonly used to ship items from business to business or business to end users and the struggle of achieving a secure seal due to the corrugated texture of the cartons can be a difficult task. Customers do not wish to receive a poorly sealed carton - it does not display professionalism on your end.

    Gummed Tapes


    Many companies opt for plastic pressure-sensitive tapes (PSTs) to seal cartons. However, these tapes fail to satisfy the desired level of packaging efficiency. Using PSTs led to an increase in the risk associated with product damage as simply pressing down on the carton allows anyone to slip their hands inside. Moreover, this tampering can easily be covered by adding a strip of tape

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