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Stretch Wrap

  1. What is VCI Stretch Film and What does it do?

    VCI stands for Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor, also referred as Vapor Phase Corrosion Inhibitors. This compound discharges molecules in the air. When the compounds come in close contact with metal surfaces then they form a thin deposit of molecular layer, which effects the corrosion formed over the metal surface by preventing moisture and air from coming in contact with the surface. To counteract any metal related damages during storage and shipping, a popular product known as VCI Stretch Wrap enables users to complete such tasks.

    VCI Stretch Wrap

    Unlike other means of corrosion protection, rust prevention, and the inhibiting vapors that exist, VCI

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  2. 5 Factors To Choose The Stretch Film For Secured Packaging

    Over the years, the industrial packaging industry has come a long way. Stretch film packaging has gained great popularity due to the economical and user friendly enhancement for load unitization. This modern packaging aid has added value to the security levels of consignments during transit and continues to solidify operations between suppliers and purchasers. Thus, stretch film has been a positive resource towards solutions pertaining to safe product delivery on both a national and international scale. For instance, hand stretch film provides an effective and low cost solution for undamaged delivery of goods despite the aggressive handling procedures that regularly exists amongst 3rd party delivery companies.

    Stretch Wrap

    Your dilemma

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  3. Top 10 Reasons For Using Stretch Wrap Hand Dispenser

    Using stretch wrap hand dispensers to wrap your merchandise may ease the muscle pain for laborers who rapidly manually package boxes as part of their daily work requirements. However, to counteract such injuries and enhance your man hours, investing in a pallet wrapping machine can prove to be more effective for numerous profitable reasons.

    Stretch Wrap Hand Dispenser


    Below is a list of the top 10 reasons for buying a stretch wrap dispensers opposed to continuing the traditional manual wrapping methods.

    1. Better Package

    One advantage of Pre-stretched wrap is its memory ability because it consistently returns to its original form after each usage. Extreme load holding

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  4. Point Blank - We do Stretch Wrap!

    We at PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com are a premier leader for manufacturing and distributing premium quality Stretch Wrap. When it comes to stocking all sizes, all colors, all styles and custom orders, our quality is substantial, our prices are above all and our shipments are swift. I know just about every online vendor will basically say the same jargon, yet our track record proves our boast.

    Stretch Wrap

    Arguably, experience is the greatest teacher and with that being said, we invite you to try us out. Why? Well here are a few significant reasons.


    Does not color express life? Does not color express excitement? Does not

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  5. Coreless Stretch Wrap - The Eco-Friendly advantage!

    So tell me, who really enjoys having a sore lower back? Aren't hand blisters quite annoying, especially when like 90% of your job duties require the complete usage of your hands? Are you one that is accustomed to daily irritable headaches because of assembly line jam ups; knowing that it limits your production efficiency and in turn reduces your financial and work promotion goals? Being one who once worked in the packaging assembly process, I've faced these types of issues regularly and so I understand how frustrating these situations can wear on your body, progress and pay rate.

    Coreless Stretch Wrap

    If your job consists of bundling items, wrapping pallets, securing belongings or unitizing stock products, well that's an indicator to me that your job equipment is most likely centered on the usage of some

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  6. Stretch Wrap - It's so easy to get all wrapped up in it!

    Wouldn't it be lovely if you could make moving simple? Don't you cringe when you notice the edge of your furniture gets nicked? Isn't it difficult to arrange your new place when screws, parts and pieces are packed separately? If you've experienced such headaches in the past and would like to change the way you go about such a task, we at PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com have the source for all simplicity and the solution for instant improvement. As a matter of fact, its efficient, economical, exclusive and so easy to get all wrapped up in it, (don't get emotional on me now) it's Stretch Wrap!

    Stretch Wrap

    As one of the top worldwide leaders in distributing

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  7. How Stretch Wrap Will Save Dollars and Make Shipping and Packaging More Profitable for Your Business

    Nowadays, the perception of how people view products is generally determined by how the product is packaged. In many cases, a good product may go unnoticed because an average product contained a higher grade of packaging and as a result, offered a better attention commanding effect. In today's society it's all about the look. So in order to be successful, companies are now resorting to packaging their products in a more marketable way. 

    Stretch Wrap

    There are plenty of shipment packaging aids, but what really matters is the way parcels are sealed due to the aggressive transit procedures which may result in product damage before reaching their destination. To avoid such mishaps, while at the same time promoting your products,

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  8. Gone Are Times Of Bungee Cords, Now Its Stretch Wrap Film

    Shipping and packaging becomes cost effective and efficient when assembling products by unitizing or palletizing them into a single unit. Furthermore, this form of technique will ensure both safe and efficient delivery measures to any required destination point. Therefore incorporating the utilization of Stretch Wrap Film will upgrade your shipping procedures by voiding out product damage and theft related incidents.

    Stretch Wrap Film

    So how does Stretch Wrap Film Work?

    Stretch Wrap Film is a permanent low cost solution for various kinds of transit dangers. Stretch Wrap

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  9. Stretch Wrap - You can't move without it !

    If your problem is finding an effective method/ low cost/ safety measured shipping approach, well we have your solution. If you're skeptical about those poly strapping bands loosening on the product due to the normal shifting during the shipping process, we have your solution. If those bungee cords, wire, or twine cause you to have doubt for successful product delivery, then we have your solution. At we offer an extensive brand of poly Stretch Wrap that will serve well for your shipping needs. The advantage of using Stretch Wrap versus any other means for load securing is incomparable.

     Stretch Wrap

    First of all it protects products from dust, moisture, and dirt. This is important simply because initially the majority of customers do

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