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Stretch Wrap

  1. How to Select a Portable Shrink Wrap Machine

    Shrink wraps are undoubtedly the most commonly used packaging materials conforming to their packaging-friendly, cost-effective features. Unlike those heavily sized shrink wrap machines used at industrial settings, portable shrink wrap machines have been trending as these are handy and can be readily used to apply the wraps professionally.

    Shrink Wrap

    Let's have a look at the details of portable shrink wrap machines:


    Impulse sealers resemble a stapler and are the most commonly used portable machines. Its top sealing bar is raised and lowered so that the sealing bar engages the wire and a perfect seal is created by applying heat

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  2. Coreless Stretch Film - An Innovation for the Eco-Conscious Consumer

    Palletizing huge loads with stretch wrap is a routine followed in industries to hold items securely together. Stretch films have been evolving to be more efficient and cost-effective which led to the invention of coreless pallet wraps that proved to be light-weight and environment friendly.

    Coreless Stretch Film

    Coreless wraps proved to hold an edge over the conventional wraps as they delivered optimum performance when palletizing loads while reducing wastage.

    They are light-weight:  Coreless means no hard material and so the wraps weigh less. These become easier to use.

    They are 100% recyclable:  

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  3. Core-less: Environment Friendly Way to Stretch Wrap

    Coreless stretch film technology is considered an innovation in the packaging and shipping industry, and has done a great deal of work in making the wrapping business friendlier to the environment. This has appealed to a lot of organizations that want to be eco-friendly, desire to cut down their own hassles, or to the clients that want to take a sustainability approach while running their businesses.

    Coreless pallet Wrap

    Coreless Pallets Wraps:

    • No internal core
    • High performance stretch wraps
    • Capable of
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  4. Ultimate Protection from Everything with Stretch Wrap

    For a manufacturer of goods that require long or short distant shipping, using pallets and stretch films are a Godsend. Stretch films act as an indicator of tampering; often reducing the loss of products by securing products to each other and to the pallets. Stretch film often cuts down on possibility of injuries to the workers.

    stretch wrap

    There are two different types of stretch wrap films

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  5. The Stretch Wraps Advantage - Stretch, Wrap, & Secure

    Packaging supplies are designed to promote less laborious and more cost-efficient packaging methods. One of the products that contribute majorly to the industry is Stretch Wrap, which is sometimes also referred to as Stretch Films. These are easy to use wrapping materials that are mostly demanded due to their utility and efficiency. These stretch wraps are used excessively for palletizing huge loads as they require a packaging material that adheres to them strongly and also holds the different items together firmly.

    Stretch Wrap

    They are made from stretchable plastic film that consists of linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) and the elasticity it provides enables a firm bond against the other items packed together. With so much advantage

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  6. Why you need Colored Stretch Wrap?

    Some things are just way too complicated. However, one thing that is not is stretch wrap. Stretch Wrap doesn't require much time, effort or thought to be effective for you packaging needs. Colored Stretch Wrap adheres to itself and will sort of remind you of packing tape, except without glue. You'll certainly notice that it's easy to apply and in most applications, lightweight. We at PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com are a premier leader for manufacturing and distributing premium quality Ext. Core Color Pallet Wrap, Color Machine Film and Color Hand Wrap.

    Colored Stretch Wrap

    When it comes to stocking all sizes, all colors, all styles and custom orders, our quality is substantial, our prices are above all and our shipments are swift. Does not color express life? Does not color express

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  7. Here's why Colored Stretch Wrap works for you!

    Easily identifiable, tough and durable, and great for multipurpose describes our Colored Stretch Wrap! This stretch wrap is available in multiple sizes, colors, and lengths, plus we stock various forms of applicable versions such as bundling film, extended core pallet wrap, machine grade, and hand film. So, whether it's for bundling, pallet wrap, hand wrap or machine wrap applications, Colored Stretch Wrap is designed to offer premium performance for your shipments.

    Colored Stretch Wrap

    Here's why:

    1. It is suitable to wrap any kind of surface
    2. Colored stretch wrap can be wrapped manually, semi -automatically or fully automatically
    3. There are different widths available in colored stretch wrap to suit what
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  8. Don't be color blind! Get your Colored Stretch Wrap today and be satisfied!

    The benefits of using Colored Stretch Wrap are limitless. If you desire to upgrade your packaging, stock and shipment objectives, this is the ideal choice for you. Able to be purchased easily, we at PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com is your online leader for the finest in quality of Colored Stretch Wrap and it is at your hand with the click of a mouse! This LLDPE Film or Stretch Wrap is widely used to wrap products that are placed on pallets during shipping. 

    Colored Stretch Wrap These products are secured tightly to each other and also to the pallets. When the products are wrapped with this film it reduces product loss, prevents tampering and reduces injury

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  9. Specialty Stretch Wrap - special wrap for special measures!

    Specialty Stretch Wrap is an ideal solution for safe product delivery as it's designed to withstand most extreme weather conditions, faulty transportation means, stacking methods and warehousing treatment. With superior load holding stability and self-adhering cling qualities, this shipping/packaging device is applicable for all sorts of goods.

    Vented pallet Wrap

    Our Stretch Netting Pallet Wrap is your primary source for alternative load securing in which specified items must use a particular method to stabilize products for successful delivery. In similarity to Vented

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  10. Let's Wrap! The stability of Coreless Stretch Wrap

    Coreless Stretch Wrap is a proven commodity designed for industrial shipping tasks. What makes it effective is the high level of load holding stability and strength it provides. A common stretch wrap material used in making Coreless hand stretch wrap is LLDPE (linear low-density polyethylene). It gives rise to stretch film characteristics in regards to elongation due to puncture resistance and break qualities.

    Coreless Stretch Wrap

    Most Coreless Stretch Wrap films offer a 500% stretch feature up to the breakage point while standard versions only supply on average 300% maximum when in use. After it is stretched, the elastic recovery ability will keep the load tightly secured.

    The technology that makes this separate from standard cast and blown wraps is its folded edge characteristic. Moreover, this characteristic that is provided through Coreless Stretch Wrap functions in a reinforced manner regarding manual application, so that users are able to receive a high load stability to secure there pallets and bundles. There is no other wrap product on the market that will offer machine like palletizing sustainability like this wrap.

    One of the most beneficial aspects of Coreless Stretch Wrap is also the elimination of core disposal. Core disposal is always an added expense to companies, especially large shipping and manufacturing companies who use a lot of stretch wrap. Although many companies attempt to recycle old cores through resale and bale options, it still remains a labor cost expense to do so. We at PackagingsSuppliesByMail.Com are the premier provider of top performing Coreless Stretch Wrap and you'll notice that our prices are some of the lowest on the market, if not the lowest. Our Coreless Stretch Wrap is simply the best you'll find online and beyond. Why? Well Coreless Stretch Wrap is the packaging industry's new innovative component for its upgraded technological characteristics. Not talking in terms as if it's a computer or something, but you will experience a major improvement to your manual palletizing and bundling procedures through the use

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