Stretch Wrap

  1. Shrink-wrap Versus Stretch-wrap: What’s the Difference?

    Shrink-wrap Versus Stretch-wrap: What’s the Difference?

    There are significant differences between shrink-wrap and stretch-wrap. This article dives into those differences so you can make an informed decision.
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  2. A New Way to Buy Stretch Film

    We're excited to announce that we've started to roll out some changes to our website! Starting with our Stretch Wrap products, we've made it even easier to browse one of the largest selections of films available online.

    Stretch Wrap Features

    Product Tables: All of our stretch film products are now arranged in tables on our category pages. This allows you to see the most important information quickly so you are able to buy the right product for your needs!

    Pallet Pricing: Order half and full pallets of the product that you need the most at a significant discount!

    Tiered Pricing: Save money per case. These discounts are applied automatically as you add more quantity to your cart!

    Related Products:

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  3. Using Laundry Wrap for Industrial Linen Wrapping Purposes

    Plastic packaging has taken a back seat with the rise in the use of stretch wrap. However, laundry services have been consistently using plastic until recently for wrapping clothes. Laundry Wrap Films have defined a new era of packaging for clothing that is more efficient and professional. Laundry Wrap is an economical solution in comparison to the plastic varieties and can save thousands of dollars for companies.

    Stretch Wrap

    Mostly used in the hospitality industry, Laundry Wrap provides the users the opportunity to use down-gauge wrap, thereby contributing to substantial cost savings. This wrap is widely used to bundle sheets and towels in the laundry outlets as well as hospitals and clinics. It looks professional and provides a see-through application which

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  4. Can Stretch Wrapping Protect Outdoor Pallets from UV Radiations?

    The benefits of using stretch wraps for palletizing loads are popularly known across industries. However, you may be skeptical using these packaging wraps when considering outdoor storage of items as they may degrade their quality and compromise with that of the product packed within due to constant exposure to ultraviolet radiations.


    UVI Stretch Wrap


    Most of the normal stretch wraps begin to degrade within 30 days of outdoo

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  5. Understanding Pre-Stretch Wraps and Their Applications

    What is a Pre-Stretch Wrap?

    It is a type of stretch wrap that has been stretched nearest to its breaking point before being wound into rolls. It is pre-stretched to nearly 90% at the factory, which also results in them having thinner gauges than other traditional films. This manufacturing technique gives the material an ability to save on time and money while protecting loads.


    Pre Stretched Wrap


    Since we have be

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  6. Tips for Choosing the Right Heat Sealer

    Heat sealers are machines that are used for mending both the sides of packaging film together so that it forms an air tight seal. The heat sealers use heat to melt and mend materials together to form a seal. However, it is necessary to understand what materials can be used with the heat sealers. Also, you need to determine the thickness of the packaging film to be used with specific type of sealers.

    Shrink Wrapping

    Common Materials

    Many products are sealed using a heat sealer. Most of the flexible materials are measured in mils. Materials that are 1-3 mils thick are considered standard. Materials ranging from 4-8 mils of thickness are medium to heavy

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  7. 4 Signs You Definitely Need a Stretch Wrap Machine

    Stretch wrap machines are one such investment that is usually overlooked as wrapping pallets by hand seems easy and cost-effective alternative. There is no right time than now to consider purchasing a stretch wrap machine. Below are certain signs which if you notice at your warehouses, there is no better option than buying a stretch wrap machine.

    Stretch Wrap

    #1 Greater than 2 loads damaged due to toppling

    Product damage during transit is an obvious risk. Toppling or collapsing of loads can happen due to multiple reasons such as mishandling, improper wrapping/stacking of pallets, selecting the wrong film, etc. However, in majority of the cases when pallets are hand-wrapped, the reason is im

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  8. 6 Common Product Packaging Mistakes You Can Avoid

    'Packaging' - There is so much buzz around the word itself and there are various dimensions related to it that play an important role in the decision making of buyers. Supermarket shopping has brought convenience to the buyers and competition to the sellers. It is a challenging task to end up in a shopping cart at the supermarket, and the journey is not easy. However, the slightest slip up can cost you money and bring down the sales numbers.

    Packaging Supplies

    Avoid these mistakes to increase the selling probability of your products:

    1. Lack of Package Testing

    It is very disappoi

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  9. How to Select a Portable Shrink Wrap Machine

    Shrink wraps are undoubtedly the most commonly used packaging materials conforming to their packaging-friendly, cost-effective features. Unlike those heavily sized shrink wrap machines used at industrial settings, portable shrink wrap machines have been trending as these are handy and can be readily used to apply the wraps professionally.

    Shrink Wrap

    Let's have a look at the details of portable shrink wrap machines:


    Impulse sealers resemble a stapler and are the most commonly used portable machines. Its top sealing bar is raised and lowered so that the sealing bar engages the wire and a p

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  10. Coreless Stretch Film - An Innovation for the Eco-Conscious Consumer

    Palletizing huge loads with stretch wrap is a routine followed in industries to hold items securely together. Stretch films have been evolving to be more efficient and cost-effective which led to the invention of coreless pallet wraps that proved to be light-weight and environment friendly.

    Coreless Stretch Film

    Coreless wraps proved to hold an edge over the conventional wraps as they delivered optimum performance when palletizing loads while reducing wastage.

    They are light-weight:  Coreless means no hard material and so the wraps weigh less. These become easier to use.


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