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stretch film

  • 4 Signs You Definitely Need a Stretch Wrap Machine

    Stretch wrap machines are one such investment that is usually overlooked as wrapping pallets by hand seems easy and cost-effective alternative. There is no right time than now to consider purchasing a stretch wrap machine. Below are certain signs which if you notice at your warehouses, there is no better option than buying a stretch wrap machine.

    Stretch Wrap

    #1 Greater than 2 loads damaged due to toppling

    Product damage during transit is an obvious risk. Toppling or collapsing of loads can happen due to multiple reasons such as mishandling, improper wrapping/stacking of pallets, selecting the wrong film, etc. However, in majority of the cases when pallets are hand-wrapped, the reason is improper wrapping.

    Stretch films should be stretched to their maximum capacity i.e. 85%-90% to hold loads in place. With hand wrapping, this definitely cannot be achieved.

    Sometimes, the damage caused due to toppling of loads can be higher than the cost of a stretch wrap machine.

    #2 Frequent employee complaints and injuries

    Wrapping several pallets by hand every day causes dizziness and back aches. Employees can become fatigued, frustrated and this can negatively impact their efficiency at work. Moreover, workplace injuries can be costly that can even exceed the cost of a new stretch wrap machine.

    If you have received several complaints about health issues and time spent in wrapping loads, it is time for the capital expenditure.

    #3 High expenditure on stretch films

    When hand wrapping, employees hardly obtain the maximum stretchability of the stretch wrap and this accounts for more film usage which can easily be reduced to half if stretched to its capacity.

    #4 Taller pallet loads

    Wrapping tall pallets is really difficult and so is the ability to roll the wrap high and obtain the required stretch rate. A stretch wrap machine is the best solution for wrapping tall shipments that also ensure worker safety and saves time.

    If you have noticed any of the above signs, then it is the right time to change your traditional means and buy a new stretch wrapping machine. Having automated the stretch wrapping tasks, you will witness increased efficiency, reduced product loss/damage, lower employment costs and increased employee satisfaction.

  • Coreless Stretch Film – An Innovation for the Eco-Conscious Consumer

    Palletizing huge loads with stretch wrap is a routine followed in industries to hold items securely together. Stretch films have been evolving to be more efficient and cost-effective which led to the invention of coreless pallet wraps that proved to be light-weight and environment friendly.

    Coreless Stretch Wrap

    Coreless wraps proved to hold an edge over the conventional wraps as they delivered optimum performance when palletizing loads while reducing wastage.

    They are light-weight: Coreless means no hard material and so the wraps weigh less. These become easier to use.

    They are 100% recyclable: With no paperboard core, the coreless stretch films do not leave any waste.

    They are user-friendly: No core, means reduced roll weight, and this saves user energy and enhances productivity.

    They are environment-friendly: These films are manufactured while keeping Mother Nature in mind and thus do no harm to the environment.

    With the coreless pallet wraps, you do not have to worry about storing or disposing of the cores that practically have no use after wrapping the loads thereby reducing storage costs. While being lightweight and considerate towards the environment, these coreless wraps do not compromise on quality. So, they are an efficient purchase as users benefit by getting the highest quality pre-stretched films at the lowest price. The coreless variety is an amazing innovation among the types of stretch wraps available on the market.

    At PackagingSuppliesByMail.com, we provide coreless hand stretch wraps as well as pallet wraps in various sizes. We ensure that product quality is not compromised while delivering the best of wrapping performance.We promote packaging products that meet the highest quality standards and are environmentally safe. Visit the coreless stretch wrap page to order the required quantity of these useful  wraps.

  • Core-less: Environment Friendly Way to Stretch Wrap

    Coreless stretch film technology is considered an innovation in the packaging and shipping industry, and has done a great deal of work in making the wrapping business friendlier to the environment. This has appealed to a lot of organizations that want to be eco-friendly, desire to cut down their own hassles, or to the clients that want to take a sustainability approach while running their businesses.

    Coreless stretch wrap

    Coreless pallets wraps:

    • No internal core
    • High performance stretch wraps
    • Capable of providing optimal coverage to pallets

    Coreless wraps are considered environment friendly:

    • Eliminates the need of having a paper board core
    • 100% recyclable nature of the wraps
    • Reduces energy consumption during transportation

    As there are no cores in the warp rolls - there is no need to have an arrangement for the core disposal, reducing work and efforts of the employees.

    Coreless pallet wraps are known to increase the productivity:

    • Suitable for use with the newly designed ergonomic wrap dispensers
    • Hand burns that are associated with replacing core-stretch wraps from the old designs of dispensers
    • Reduces the overall weight of the rolls by 15%
    • Presence of cores in the end often turn the last few meters of the wrap useless, absence of the core ensures complete usage of the wrap, increasing the productivity to a large extent

    Coreless pallet wraps find application in wide range of industries:

    • Appliance industry
    • Automotive manufacturing
    • Building supplies
    • Chemical factories
    • Food service
    • Furniture manufacturing industries
    • Artificial foam
    • Medical supplies
    • Paper industry
    • Pharmaceutical industry
    • Textile

    Color-less stretch films are known for their cost saving properties:

    • Weight and volume of all the coreless rolls is decreased, a lower price for shipping and transportation is paid for by the customers
    • Reduced waste disposal prices
    • Reduced storage space is required, reduced storage prices

    PackagingSuppliesByMail.com has always strived to provide its customers with most quality products at market’s lowest prices, and at the same time have put in a lot of effort to be environment friendly. Products like coreless pallet wraps too are included in inventory. Visit pacakgingsuppliesbymail.com today, order all the core-less warp you need and do your part to protect Mother earth.

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