Specialty Stretch Wrap is an ideal solution for safe product delivery as it's designed to withstand most extreme weather conditions, faulty transportation means, stacking methods and warehousing treatment. With superior load holding stability and self-adhering cling qualities, this shipping/packaging device is applicable for all sorts of goods.

Vented pallet Wrap

Our Stretch Netting Pallet Wrap is your primary source for alternative load securing in which specified items must use a particular method to stabilize products for successful delivery. In similarity to Vented Pallet Wrap, the primary purpose of Stretch Netting is to provide ventilation and negate condensation from damaging your products. Most notably used within the food and garden industries, items such as flowers, meat, produce, and dairy products are surely safe guarded properly. Regarding, Netting Wrap, this wrap is not made of plastic but of thick string knit material, as it is ideal for unitizing items that need to breath such as wood and produce. We at PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com are your essential source for all specialty wrap products. We are an online leader in competitive pricing and premium performance. Vented Pallet Wrap is one of those things we can define as "specialty". Certain products need a "special handle with care" type of arrangement if you will. Primarily so, within the food industry Vented Pallet Wrap is exclusively necessary for success in transporting, shelving and temporarily storing goods. One of the obvious reasons is due to the fact that if not packaged correctly, various non-perishable items will simply spoil. Therefore, vendors must seek an effective shipping mechanism that not only provides premium performance, but is cost friendly as well. Vented Pallet Wrap is the type of source that uniquely offers both of those characteristics. Vented Pallet Wrap is similar to netting wrap, yet it's made from plastic and is likewise similar in negating spoilage for fruits and vegetable shipments. 

VCI Stretch Wrap is a metal sensitive wrap; this film is common for bundling pipes and sheet metal. This wrap is designed with certain chemicals that will not damage metal goods. VCI stands for Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor, also referred as Vapor Phase Corrosion Inhibitors. This compound discharges molecules in the air. When the compounds come in close contact with metal surfaces then they form a thin deposit of molecular layer, which effects the corrosion formed over the metal surface by preventing moisture and air from coming in contact with the surface.

Anti-Static Film lives exactly up to its name by eliminating the shock as a result of the energy level enhancing during manually wrapping products. Vented Film is surely perfect for allowing items that need air to be secured tightly but not suffocated. This film reduces spoilage for perishable food products and pharmaceuticals, it's also FDA approved. Anti-Static Stretch Film is application sensitive, this item is preferred because it eliminates bodily shock when wrapping pallets manually at rapid pace. We also carry Ultra Violet Film to protect items from the sun and Anti-Rust Films for steel materials to protect against rust. Ultra Violet Stretch Wrap (UVI) is excellent for stocking products outside; this film eliminates sun ray damage to items. UVI Stretch Wrap is a product that is designed for providing substantial storage amidst the harsh outdoor weather conditions. It is manufactured with additives that allow it to safeguard packages from degradation while at the same time producing superior load stabilizing qualities that are common throughout. Sun ray damage is prevalent amongst products that are exclusively stored outside, such as mulch and brick to name a few.

Stretch Wrap is an essential tool for successful storage, stock and shipment requirements. Economically advantageous, many companies are reverting to this product.