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Shipping Envelopes

  1. Glamour Bubble Mailers - are you ready to ship Glamourously?

    These glitzy mailers are enough to catch immediate attention from onlookers or recipients. Unlike the normal Poly Bubble Mailer, Glamour Bubble Mailers produce instant eye catching flair without the need for contracting a third party printing company to design a logo or image upon the exterior surface. Available in bright shiny colors like pink, yellow and many more, with an adhesive metallic strip and interior bubble cushioning, these mailers will secure, conceal and safeguard items tightly while at the same time remain attractive and professional. You can depend on them for all your light and heavy packaging needs.

    glamour bubble mailers

    The attractive elements of these mailers will surely lead to a great commercial presentation, or gift packing mechanism, thus enabling many

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  2. They put the whole into Wholesale - the productiveness of Wholesale Poly Mailers!

    Wholesale Poly Mailers is a popular standard packaging tool that is available in many sizes and style variations. Similar to other handy tools and devices at home or in the office, poly mailers also simplifies specific tasks and eliminates time burdens. This dependable resource won't let you down in any condition; rather satisfy your requirements in a successful way.

    Poly Mailers

    The Poly Mailer is a product that is specifically designed to accomplish safe shipping coverage for various non-fragile goods. Wholesale Poly

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  3. To the point of no return - how Returnable Poly Mailers reverse disgusted customers!

    Nowadays, you rarely ever get to see the person you're purchasing your items from, and because of such distance, at times communicating through email or telephone can relay certain vibes that may not be the case when buying products in person. In such commonality as human error, a product such as the Returnable Poly Mailer provides multi solutions for those everyday mistakes. Like most things, running an online business can be a wearisome task at times. Alongside that, what happens when there is a shipping mistake or defected product? How can companies resolve matters without losing customers?

    Returnable Poly Mailers

    Let's face it, distributing products simply just isn't easy because of the various shipping errors,

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  4. Let us protect you from the scary vendor - PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com the treat of Halloween!

    Boo! Well I'm pretty sure that didn't make you shiver in your seat. However, what I want to bring to your attention is the various appearances that are common among the internet that pose as quality packaging companies. See there is a lot to be afraid of when you consider the performance of their products, the price points of their products and the service that they offer. 

    Halloween Day

    One may question from the experience they've had with such stores and wondered if they were conducting a 'trick or treat' moment. Certainly I've heard many buyers who have witness the trick as they've purchased goods that appeared to be like tapes, stretch wrap, gloves, reclosable bags and first aid medical supplies but unfortunately performed

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  5. Several ways to use Poly Mailers

    Poly Mailers is one of those packaging supply products that is versatile and profitable for many reasons. Ideal for being used to ship small to large size non-fragile items, many in today's shipping and packaging industry are turning to this product as a means for their primary shipping tool.

    Poly Mailers


    We'll, standard 2mil to 3 mil thickness sizes of Poly Mailers are resourceful for those who are looking to package their books or clothing items. The reason being, this packaging solution is able to withstand many

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  6. Just in case - The advantage of Returnable Poly Mailers!

    Just in case you need to return a product, just in case a mistake was made, just in case there was a defect, just in a case you changed your mind, just in case..When you work in a fast paced and extremely intense warehouse, mistakes can occur throughout your packaging and shipping procedures. Also, sometimes customers place wrong order, sometimes defected products are not caught, and sometimes customer's change their mind and sometimes the wrong size or color is of a product is sent. When such complications arise, the industry faces a need for a resolution so that there is no continual hindrance or patterns formulated. Well, there is good news regarding light duty and small size shipments and that solution is called Returnable Poly Mailers.

    Returnable Poly Mailers


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  7. Yours Packaging Needs Supplier - PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com

    You need premium. You desire performance. You demand quality. Are you tired of unsatisfactory? Are you fed up with ineffectiveness? Are you disgusted with insufficiency? We are proven. We are reputed. We are experienced. We are Packaging!!! Will you discover? Will you act? Will you participate or will you ignore?

    Packaging Supplies

    These and many more are the questions, observations and thoughts of between both supplier and buyer. With the crowded population of Online Packaging Sites, it's easy for a purchaser to get lost in the sauce, and stuck like chuck, when it appends to sourcing top notch industrial

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  8. The Poly Team - why you need Poly Mailers!!

    Look they get the job done, flat out!!! Able to be used as an effective instrument for mailing and shipping and able to be used as a sufficient marketing tool, Poly Mailers are a safe and low cost way of getting your mailings out to their destinations. One of the advantages about Poly Mailers is its versatility. These mailing tools can save $$$, while protecting your goods.


    First Class Option Granted, the standard paper envelope has been circulating for decades as a primary option for transporting important documents. However, many online industrial companies are finding that they can attain success by shipping some of their lightweight products in Poly Mailers through the First Class Mail option. Cutting costs by nearly 50% has been the value of the experiential saving that these companies have discovered. Even more, it's allowed them greater pricing power as they've been able to mark down their price and gain more opportunity and market relevancy.

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  9. Secure, Dependable and Affordable - Not a Girlfriend But Poly Mailers......

    Secure, dependable and affordable are the qualities one looks for in a partner! It is a basic human nature to find the right person who gives you a feeling of security, one you can depend on and afford as well. These emotional needs are not just limited to a relational significant other, but to products too. When you buy any product, you as a buyer precisely look for all these qualities which fulfil the needs.

    Poly Mailers

    Shipping goods is one of the biggest businesses as the global market has shrunk in size. Goods can be ordered online from anywhere in the world and it gets delivered anywhere too. From on aspect, in order to successfully maintain safe delivery, product must be packed in shipping envelopes which can withstand the ruggedness of transport.

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  10. All Mailers Ain't Good Mailers - How To Determine Quality Shipping Mailers!

    In the world of online shopping, many have succumbed to the plots, ploys and predator schemes because they're uninformed, unaware and uneducated about the ins and outs of certain items. Product knowledge is crucial, and many shoppers limit the potential to receive the bang for their buck, per se, due to their lack of market research prior to purchasing. I guess that's just the trick of the trade, and vendors have a no hold barred type of attitude, especially if they're driven strictly by the cash appeal.

    Shipping Mailers

    If I was to play devil's advocate for vendors, my argument would be:

    1. Customers don't check the gauge thickness of poly mailers so I market 3 mil but really distribute 2 mil and benefit twice over.
    2. Customers don't
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