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Shipping Envelopes

  • A Complete Guide of Using Poly Mailers

    Poly mailers have been around for quite a while and are widely used by shipping companies. However, users have certain ambiguities regarding the use, recyclability and size determination that need to be clarified.

    Poly Mailers guide

    Let’s understand a few things about poly mailers:

    Are poly mailers recyclable?

    Yes, poly mailers are recyclable. Unfortunately, most of us do not know that polyethylene material is recyclable and tons of it ends up in landfills. Many communities do not accept poly bags through curbside programs as they can damage machines and are difficult to sort.

    Are poly mailers reusable?

    Yes, the reclosable poly bags can be used again as they have a tear strip that can be easily opened without tearing. These are very useful when a shipment needs to be returned as they reduce shipping costs greatly.

    Are poly mailers the best shipping mailers to ship clothes?

    Yes, poly mailers have proven to be an inexpensive and convenient way to ship clothing items.

    How much does shipping goods in poly mailers cost?

    Being lightweight, poly mailers prove to be the most convenient and cost-effective shipping item. They also save money on inbound and outbound shipping. For example, USPS first class mail prices for lightweight envelopes (under 13 oz.) start at $0.49.

    How do you ship a parcel in poly mailers?

    First, ensure that your item is secure within the mailer. For additional safety, padding the product using bubble wraps can help minimize the product movement inside the package, thereby reducing chances of damage. Next, you would need to calculate shipping cost by after noting the dimensions of the poly mailer and label it appropriately – your poly mailer is ready to be shipped.

    When to choose a lined or bubble poly mailer?

    Ideally, a product should completely fill the mailer in order to remain safe during transit. However, it is practically impossible to find the perfectly sized mailer for varied items. Therefore, businesses choose bubble mailers to do the job. You can choose either Kraft bubble mailers or poly bubble mailers with enough padding using bubble wraps. This helps keep the shipment in original shape and safeguards it from damage.

    Which is the best choice – Kraft bubble mailers or Poly bubble mailers?

    The foremost difference between the two is the color. Kraft mailers have that natural look which is the first pick for eco-friendly brands. When it comes to printing on mailers, poly mailers give a cleaner look with vibrant appearance on the white mailer. Kraft bubble mailers require separating the bubble lining from the paper to be recycled and this is where the poly bubble mailers are a convenient option. Also, the poly mailers are moisture resistant while the Kraft mailers are not.

    Which size poly mailer do you require?

    It is important to understand that different products need different size mailers, and it is always better to request a sample to determine the right size of the mailer you would require. Your poly mailer needs to be larger than the minimum calculations of the basic dimensions.

    Poly mailers are a great source for shipping items across. To find the type and size of the poly mailer your business requires, browse here. The PackagingSuppliesByMail.com store has a wide selection of poly bubble mailers that can be swiftly delivered at your doorstep.

  • 3 Packaging Disasters Your Business May Be Making

    Packaging undoubtedly serves more than traditional purposes of safeguarding the packaged items from dust, moisture, dirt and other foreign particles. It speaks to customers even before your product does. Whether shopping online or in a brick and mortar store, packaging is a crucial factor in the decision making of buyers. It is a better communicator of your brand and must be effectively designed to convey your message to the customers.

    However, some companies intending to get creative with their packaging end up making packaging disasters that can negatively impact their product sales. Here are a few things you must consider when designing your product packaging.

    Bubble Wrap

    Mismatching Your Brand

    Your brand message should be in line with the image you have worked hard to create. Any contradiction will only confuse the customers. You must ensure a consistent message that displays across your print materials, website and packaging materials. Selecting a brand message that is distinct, creative and matches your branding efforts is utmost important.

    Practically Non-Functional Design

    In an effort to design creative packaging, sometimes businesses complicate it. Customers may decline their purchase of a decorative packaging if they do not find the information they need or must invest extra effort in opening the package. If your shopping bag suddenly tears even before the customer enters his car, all the creativity and brainstorming would go in vain as you would lose his trust forever.

    Unnecessary Stuffing

    You need to keep it clean and simple. Packaging a non-fragile item with lots of paper cushioning or bubble wraps is simply a waste of resources and would also increase your shipping costs. It also sends out a message that your business is not concerned about the environment.

    Packaging experts suggest being easy but diligent on your packaging styles that would leave a long-lasting image of your brand on the customers’ minds and compel them to stick to your brand for years to come. Any mishap would only lead to customers moving to other options available on the market. Packaging design is a thoughtfully developed idea that incorporates usability, credibility and marketability of a product. So, it must be carefully harnessed and improvised on based on the ever-changing trends.

  • The After-Auction Essential Packaging Must-Haves

    So, the auction is over and you’re all set to ship your items. But do you know that a more important thing comes now? Packing and shipping your goods appropriately, in their original condition, is an important task as no one likes to get a damaged parcel. You see a huge assortment of items that are differently sized and shaped. To save you from packaging mishaps, here are a few take-aways for optimum packaging of auctioned goods.

    Order Standard Size Boxes

    Don’t stack packing boxes in hundreds of numbers as you might end up wasting extra space while packing smaller items like watches and medals. Instead, order packs of 10 or 25 in different sizes so that you have the right size for right item.

    Ensure Proper Protection

    Bubbles, loose fill chips, tissue papers and what not… You must ensure to fill in so much material to protect your packaged item from shocks during transit. Bubble wraps are a popular and cost-effective source for packaging delicate or fragile items.

    Bubble Wraps

    Palletize Securely

    Stretch wraps are an ultimate solution to hold huge loads together while transporting in bundles. Whether it is furniture or any industrial item, stretch wrapping ensures no dust build-up and safe transportation with no tampering.

    Label Accurately

    Sophisticated labeling adds the required final touch to your products. Shipping labels contain information that is necessary to intimate the users about the packed goods such as expiry dates, contents packed, price, etc.

    Shipping Labels

    With the above packaging materials, you will be readily equipped with what is required to ship the auctioned goods, but some awkward flats, talls and longs you may require special packaging boxes and shipping arrangement. It is not about selling your goods but more about how you interact with the receiver at every step of the selling process, including the packaging and shipping.

    As many incidences speak of items mishandled during transit causing loss to both the parties, it is important to follow a proper packaging and shipping process.

  • 6 Ways to Reduce Packaging Waste in Industries

    With the increasing awareness for waste reduction, demand for sustainable packaging is increasing, and industries are actively adopting earth-friendly packaging methods. Sustainable packaging is becoming popular as it also benefits companies by reducing packaging design costs. Reducing waste is not only pocket-friendly but it also contributes towards corporate social responsibility.

    Kraft Bubble Envelopes

    Here are some ways to reduce packaging waste in industries:

    1. Use Recyclable Packaging Materials

    Using eco-friendly packaging materials that are reusable or recyclable is the best option. Instead of throwing packaging leftovers into the trash, they can be used to store everyday office material. Pieces of cardboard or paper can be re-used to be converted into other products. Kraft bubble envelopes are the best example of eco-friendly shipping envelopes as they promote a paper covering and also save the packages from tampering or damage during transit.

    1. Prefer Minimal Packaging Design

    Creative packers have successfully established packaging designs that use the least packaging while also conveying their messages clearly.

    Yuta Takahashi’s minimalistic packaging design

    Blending creativity with simplicity, the chocolate manufacturers came up with this innovative packaging design that uses an almost entirely white wrapper mentioning the product name in simple black and beautiful classic dots to represent the intensity of the chocolate.

    1. Use Cartonization Software

    Shippers are using the cartonization software that enables shrinking of the packages and led to custom sized boxes for products that in turn reduce shipping as well as packaging costs. The technology additionally saves packaging waste by eliminating use of excess material.

    1. Educate Customers about Disposal Methods

    Though consumers are aware about choosing products promoting recyclable packaging, they might not know proper disposal methods. Educating buyers by inserting educational material into your packaging helps proper disposal of recyclable waste. This also helps in creating brand value by letting consumers know that you are economically responsible.

    1. Try New Packaging Materials

    Most shippers prefer using shredded paper for unbreakable items. Plastic bags filled with air or bubble wraps are found stuffed in packages to prevent the item from breakage. However, it is important to understand that it is seldom necessary and that letting the end user know that the plastic waste is recyclable. Shredders can produce a lot of shredded cardboard or paper that can be alternatively used to fill packaging boxes.

    1. Use Stretch Wraps Generously

    Stretch wrapping undoubtedly safeguards large packages from damage during transit while also helping the environment. Stretch wraps easily fit into recycling bins and keep unsellable, damaged products out of landfills.

  • Why are White Kraft Bubble Mailers a Popular Choice?

    White bubble mailers undoubtedly find space on the shelf of every business and are a popular choice among the wide range of shipping mailers available on the market. When it comes to shipping professional documents, fragile items or anything that requires proper cushioning, white Kraft bubble mailers are the first pick.

    White Kraft Bubble Mailers

    Color matters…

    White is universally accepted as a professional color and therefore these white colored shipping envelopes are usually selected for transporting professional documents across businesses. They do not disclose the contents packed within the envelope. Moreover, they provide a plain surface for printing custom labels.

    Safety matters…

    The white mailers ensure that your package stays safe from tampering. The self-adhesive closure can be trusted, and you can remain confident that the items packed within will not be affected by moisture.

    Weight matters…

    Although it has a padded packaging, the white bubble mailer keeps low on the weight to save on the overall shipping costs. These featherweight shipping envelopes are widely accepted by third-party courier companies like UPS, USPS and FedEx.

    Recyclability matters…

    Our Kraft bubble mailers can be easily recycled by separating the bubble lining from the paper material. We understand our accountability towards nature and encourage recyclable shipping materials.

    Durability matters…

    When it comes to strength of the packaging material, our white Kraft bubble mailers are no exception. They are manufactured to bear rough handling procedures of the third-party courier companies.

    Cost matters…

    They are extremely low on costs. Shipping large quantities lead to high shipping costs. With these cost-saving shipping mailers, you need not worry about the costs rising high.

    At PackagingSuppliesByMail.com, we understand your shipping requirements and offer you quality, durable and economical shipping material options that serve your needs optimally. Our range of shipping mailing envelopes offers you a wide variety to choose from. We have poly mailers, Kraft bubble mailers, bubble-out bags and packing list envelopes too.Browse our website for shipping materials that can be trusted for quality and cost-effectiveness.

  • Clear View Poly Mailers

    The world of shipping supplies is now not restricted to just cartons and rolled up balls of newspaper. There are various types of shipping supplies that are designed and manufactured to perform a specific niche of work. For example, now there are various types of packing foam available depending upon type of material that needs protection. The poly mailers are a part of these specialized shipping supplies.

    Poly mailers are a type of protective mailers that are manufactured from durable plastic with properties like lightweight, moisture resistant and weatherproof structure. These are available in several different sizes and dimensions and various colors and clear too.

    Clear View Poly Mailers

    Why are poly mailers so popular?

    • They provide a cheap option for Kraft or corrugated shipping supplies
    • The poly mailers are weatherproof
    • Because they are made of plastic, they are very thin and take up less space
    • Even thin plastic is durable and tear resistant and mailers made from plastic retain those properties
    • Plastic can be recycled and reused
    • Available in clear, transparent versions, that allow packed goods to be visible
    • Lighter than most of the other mailing options

    What stuff can I send in these poly mailers? And what I cannot? 

    The poly mailers are ideal for packing apparels and other fabric products. These can be used for other additional accessories like shoes, hats and non-precious metal jewelry.

    But to figure out what can be put in the versatile mailers, answer these two questions:

    #1 - Is the product fragile?

    If the answer is YES, do not use the poly mailers. Wementioned thinness as a feature, nothing thin can provide padding and shock resistance to the fragile product that you plan on putting inside the poly mailer.

    The clear poly mailers may attract you to use them because of the see-through nature, but with fragile material without proper padding, poly mailers cannot be recommended.

    #2 - Does it fit in the mailer?

    Every package is bound to face some level of transportation and handling, if the product does not fit properly in the mailer, it can tear it off and cause loss, or worse, loss of a loyal customer.

    If the product fits perfectly, then it’s a go! For example, packing a well folded t-shirt in clear view poly mailer is the way to go. The product will remain secure in the mailer, will not get damaged and will reach to the customer in good condition.

  • Kraft Bubble Mailer or Poly Bubble Mailer? How to Choose the Right One?

    Different businesses deal with various products of different sizes, that means every business needs different sizes of packaging supplies.

    Proper usage of packaging supplies can be a crucial part for your business and the profit ratios of the business too. A properly packed item is not damaged in transportation and reaches the customers in the state it is expected.

    But the question remains, how to determine appropriate packaging material for your business? For example, poly bubble mailers or Kraft bubble mailers?

    Poly or kraft bubble mailer

    The answer to the question hides in one more question - What are you planning on shipping and what features matter to you?

    Look and feel!

    If getting a natural look that the Kraft paper gives out is what you want, then the Kraft bubble mailer is a more appropriate option; but if the clean look and crisp lines that comes up with the use of poly bubble mailers attract you, then the poly ones should be your choice.

    Also, the poly bubble mailers are considered ideal when you want to print the company logos, addresses and other details too directly on the envelope. Though the print remains visible on the Kraft mailers too but the visibility is low as compared to what you would get with the poly bubble mailers.

    Want to give something back to mother Earth?

    The natural looking Kraft bubble mailers are more difficult to get recycled as compared to the poly bubble mailers, because recycling requires paper and plastic to be separated, that is difficult in case of Kraft mailers whereas there is no paper involved in case of poly bubble mailers.

    What kind of closure matters to you?

    The Kraft padded mailers boast of a self-sealing adhesive opening that is tamper-evident, the paper layer drastically increases that tamper evident nature of the Kraft bubble envelopes. The Poly bubble mailers have anti-static liners that are not reusable, once opened drop off the envelopes.


    The Kraft shipping envelopes also known as Kraft bubble mailer are more prone to let moisture pass through whereas the poly bubble mailers are very strong are resistant to moisture entry.


    The poly bubble mailers take up less space as compared to the Kraft padded mailers. When the space consumption of the utmost importance, go for the poly bubble mailers but when the space is no issue Kraft padded mailers are a good choice too.

    Next time you are confused about which bubble envelope to go for, remember this article, and get rid of all your confusions and help your business ship products more effectively.

  • Communicate More than Words with Colored Bubble Mailers

    Colors play an extremely important role in conveying messages and unsaid feelings in any kind of communication. Cultures, societies, religions and even businesses, use colors with utmost care as color depicts a lot of emotions, thoughts and objectives.

    For businesses that deal with shipping products, documents or other items to their customers, colored bubble mailers can prove to be a very strong tool in incorporating color-based communication.

    Glamour Bubble Mailers

    Colored poly mailers are an upgrade for various reasons: 

    • The colored bubble mailers provide better protection to the product being shipped, be it a fragile item that customer has paid for, or documents of high importance.
    • The inner bubble layers make the envelope strong enough to withstand a lot of rough usage that a package is expected to face during shipping and transportation.
    • The various colored poly mailers also provide a medium to communicate with the customers, with more than just words. Every established business has a color, associated with them because color memories last.


    A bright colored bubble mailer:

    • Red, fluorescent yellow or green attracts attention of the receiver, these envelopes will surely be picked up first, even from a huge pile of letters.
    • To add more to the list colors and their effects on the psychology, yellow reflects competence and happiness.
    • Blue marks competence and gives out a good quality and corporate feel, therefore majority of businesses that must communicate with their customers via mail often tend to use darker shades of blue to instill a feeling of calm.


    Brand awareness campaigns make a correlation of their brands and specific colors through advertisement campaigns, and this helps make a permanent impression in the minds of the customers.

    PackagingSuppliesByMail is a leading supplier of all the packaging material that is required to run a business smoothly. Visit packagingsuppliesbymail.com and choose from an extremely wide range of colored bubble mailers and be the brand that communicates with its customers with more than just words!

  • Make The Smart Choice - Use Kraft Mailers, Envelopes & Bags

    Plastic has been identified as the biggest pollutant in our environment. We cannot do without bags, but we can surely replace plastic bags with eco-friendly Kraft paper bags. The Kraft products are available as  bubble mailers, padded mailers and shipping envelopes.

    Wondering how Kraft bags/envelopes will sustain the transit, storage and shipping process? Most retailers prefer to package and display their products in Kraft paper bags. This is not only an eco-friendly option, but also gives a stylish look.

    Kraft Bubble MailersOver the last decade, online shopping has increased leaps and bounds. The agencies supplying goods to the shopping portals are responsible for packaging the ordered product for shipping. Online shopping has become the way of life, and to impress the consumer, the sellers and shippers must come up with innovative ideas to package the product. The main purpose of packaging is to protect the product and ensure its safe delivery to the buyer.

    With the change in the buyer mindset, and for the sellers to create a niche in the market, Kraft paper bags are a great option. Packaging suppliers stock Kraft paper product to suit the needs of packaging and transporting.

    Kraft padded mailers or Kraft bubble mailers can be effectively used to package products safely and securely. Kraft paper is lined with bubble film to provide that extra protection to the packaged product, safeguarding products during the shipping process.

    Use Kraft Bubble Mailers: 

    • Hardware tools
    • Office supplies
    • Jewelry
    • Art and craft articles
    • Books
    • Electronic components
    • Pharmaceuticals

    Kraft bubble mailers, Kraft padded mailers and Kraft shipping envelopes are in huge demand as they come in various sizes and shapes. They are used by big companies as well as hobbyists or even household uses.

    Make the Smart Choice: 

    • Kraft paper bubble mailers give a natural look
    • The Kraft paper and the bubble sheet, both are recyclable
    • It is easy to customize the mailer with your company logo
    • For clarity of packaging, it is possible to print the product details as well on the Kraft padded mailer or shipping envelope
    • Kraft shipping envelopes/mailers can have a tamper proof shield
    • Kraft bubble mailers have taller bubbles to provide more protection
    • The freight is lower when you ship your product in Kraft padded mailers rather than boxes

    Kraft mailers, bubble mailers and shipping envelopes have a greater advantage as they occupy less space so less freight is charged. They are easy to pack the product in so productivity increases as it saves time and labor. The also offer better protection so products reach buyers intact.

  • How to package unusual items

    Moving? It is accompanied by its own set of excitement and anxieties. The most treasured items in your home make you think how you are going to pack it? Well, here are a few unusual  shaped items packing tips.

    Bubble WrapTrampoline

    The countless hours that kids have spent on the trampoline in the backyard is a treasure that has to be moved along with you. Well, it's not a mammoth task as it seems. Firstly, keep poly bags and cardboard boxes handy. Dismantle the trampoline,put all the nuts and bolts in the polybag. Remove the net and safety padding. Rinse and let dry. Wear safety gloves and undo the springs from the frame. Label and undo the leg pieces. Pack every odd shaped part in bubble wrap and use bubble wrap bags to store the nuts and bolts. Remember to label the poly bags too.

    Hunting Trophy

    Taxidermy is one of the most difficult item to pack. It adorns most home and has a place in the heart of the resident. Clean the body and hide with a duster, eyes, hooves, wooden part and non fur area should be cleaned with a moist cloth. Carefully wrap up the hunting trophy with bubble wrap packing, making sure that the tape does not touch any part of the trophy. Place the trophy in a box of the right size. Fill in the gaps with Styrofoam to ensure that the trophy reaches the destination in an intact state. It is after your prized possession.

    Fine China

    A chipped china is deemed for the trash can only. Wrap the fine china in tissue paper. Then carefully wrap in bubble wrap, paying extra attention the handles and spout that need an independent bubble wrap. Tape up the bubble wrap. Place the articles in a cardboard box. Fill in the gaps with either foam liners, air bubble packs or Styrofoam so there is no space for the fine china to move. Remember to label the box as fragile.

    Use bubble wrap for all your unusual packing needs and be rest assured that your items will reach in good condition… no transport and transit hurdles will break your articles.

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