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Shipping Labels

  1. Tips for Making A Choice Between Direct Thermal or Thermal Transfer Labels

    Thermal Labels are largely used for barcode printing on the products and offer a lot to the packaging industry. When deciding on the type of labels to be used, one must consider the advantages and disadvantages of both before the right selection.

    Thermal Transfer Labels

    Thermal Labels prove to be an excellent choice for commonly used nametag labels, shipping labels and ecommerce shipments. As the new generation printers allow the printing of both Thermal Transfer and Direct Thermal, switching between the two is not difficult.

    The basic advantage of the Direct Thermal Labels is that they do not require any ribbons. In addition to the minimal resources required, the Direct Thermal Labels enhance the productivity time which plays a critical factor

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  2. Digital and Flexographic Printing for Custom Labels

    Custom labels are a practice followed by many of the businesses to personalize them to connect more easily with their customers. There are many ways in which custom labels can be printed; however flexographic printing and digital printing methods are more popular due to the flexibility and cost-effective options they introduce.


    Flexographic Printing

    This high-quality printing solution makes use of plastic plates or flexible rubber that print images on a substrate. The plates stick to a printing cylinder and have the ability to transfer images to a variety of substrates including metallic films, fluorescent labels, coated papers,

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  3. The After-Auction Essential Packaging Must-Haves

    So, the auction is over and you're all set to ship your items. But do you know that a more important thing comes now? Packing and shipping your goods appropriately, in their original condition, is an important task as no one likes to get a damaged parcel. You see a huge assortment of items that are differently sized and shaped. To save you from packaging mishaps, here are a few take-aways for optimum packaging of auctioned goods.

    Order Standard Size Boxes

    Don't stack packing boxes in hundreds of numbers as you might end up wasting extra space while packing smaller items like watches and medals. Instead, order packs of 10 or 25 in different sizes so that you have the right size for right item.

    Ensure Proper Protection

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  4. Do Your Shipping Labels Need to be Plain & Simple?

    No! Shipping labels can be informative and an effective medium of communicating certain essential details. Did you know that shipping labels are not just a necessity but if creatively thought of, these can be used as a branding tactic? Labels are important for businesses that ship their manufactured products to multiple recipients. Without tagging products with these tags accurately, the packages could be delivered to wrong customers or get lost.

    Shipping Labels

    Being creative and experimenting with the Shipping Labels, irrespective of whether you are using direct thermal labels or thermal transfer labels, would help you establish a brand image. Making the labels aesthetically

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