Poly Mailers is one of those packaging supply products that is versatile and profitable for many reasons. Ideal for being used to ship small to large size non-fragile items, many in today's shipping and packaging industry are turning to this product as a means for their primary shipping tool.

Poly Mailers


We'll, standard 2mil to 3 mil thickness sizes of Poly Mailers are resourceful for those who are looking to package their books or clothing items. The reason being, this packaging solution is able to withstand many of the damage causing elements that are persistent with shipping. For instance, unlike other means of packaging equipment, poly mailers are able to successfully void off dirt, dust, moisture and climatic weather conditions which can be harmful to the newness of your product. Who wants to first off, wait 3-5 days for their package only to have it to arrive at their doorstep in substandard conditions? Frankly speaking, that type of scenario destroys customer relations and shows a bad rap to your company. 

Clear view poly mailers are another resourceful type of poly mailer that is advantageous for your brochures, catalogs, medicinal products and promotional flyers. With its transparent window, onlookers are able to instantly see the inner contents of this package. In some cases, people are just plain too busy to stop for a second open up a package and take time to read the promotional sales items that are listed. Therefore, an item such as Clearview Poly Mailers is essential for that purpose because it tells the story fast and effective. The receiver of the package already has a heads up and if you as a marketer are solid with your literary promo pitch, you've quickly just won yourself a new prospect because the receiver does not need to go through the discovery aspect of what's inside the package. Believe it or not, when one is tied up with a plate full of job related responsibility, the last thing they want to stop them is a surprise catalog or sales flyer in a sudden manner because it's time consuming and a little frustrating no matter how good or how low in price your products are.

Now one of the up and coming ways to ship your products can be found in what is called the Returnable Poly Mailer. The Returnable Poly Mailer is a unique packaging and shipping device that is designed for reuse for a number of reasons. The main reason that this product is substantially amazing is that when an order mistake occurs, to cut down on time loss and packaging methods on the buyers end, all they have to do is remove the second seal strip and re-ship the product back! This is a phenomenal product because it solidifies customer relations and it keeps things moving so that no one is delayed if a shipping mistake occurs.

As you can see, Poly Mailers are the way to go when it comes to protective, responsible and most of all, economical shipping. This product is readily available from a host of online vendors and if you're in need of bulk amounts companies such as PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com is the premium source vendor for you. Be sure to log on to their website and find savings, swift order delivery and guaranteed satisfaction.