Secure, dependable and affordable are the qualities one looks for in a partner! It is a basic human nature to find the right person who gives you a feeling of security, one you can depend on and afford as well. These emotional needs are not just limited to a relational significant other, but to products too. When you buy any product, you as a buyer precisely look for all these qualities which fulfil the needs.

Poly Mailers

Shipping goods is one of the biggest businesses as the global market has shrunk in size. Goods can be ordered online from anywhere in the world and it gets delivered anywhere too. From on aspect, in order to successfully maintain safe delivery, product must be packed in shipping envelopes which can withstand the ruggedness of transport.

Poly Mailers are ideal for various delivery tasks. The key is to choose poly mailers that are made from premium polyethylene with solid interior bubble cushioning. These types of mailers are most suitable for shipments that need excellent protection.

How to Find the Right Poly Mailer

  1. It should be made of superior quality polyethylene
  2. Poly mailers should be puncture proof, tamper proof and water proof
  3. The mailer should be compatible with the purpose it is being used for
  4. Choose a size that enables you to ship uneven sizes, small or fragile products

Why are poly mailers better than corrugated boxes?

Mailers or shipping envelopes come in various thicknesses and sizes. You have the option to choose the size as per the product you are shipping. Mailers are equipped to deliver items securely, because they are capable of handling bad weather conditions.

You can advertise your business on these mailers and create awareness amongst the receivers about your company or product too. This attracts new customers and satisfies existing clients as well.

Generally, most leaders in the field of online packaging offer high quality envelopes or poly mailers on their sites for a reasonable rate when you order in bulk. By doing so, it saves you money and helps your business grow. However, only a few online packaging supplies sites offer free shipping which further saves money- remember, money saved is money earned!

The market segment has stretched across the globe for any and every product. The consumers mostly order online from the comfort of their home or office. You as a seller can order poly mailers in bulk from reputed, leading online portals to create your own brand image and ship the products to the buyers. When the product reaches the buyer in proper condition, you as a seller earn a few brownie points which can ensure repeat business for you. Sounds weird but, using the proper shipping envelope can actually improve your business and profits.