As the name suggests, Surface Protection Tapes are designed specially to avoid scratches, radiations, abrasions, dirt or any other contamination on critical surfaces. These adhesive tapes are made from thin film layers that are bonded together in order to create a barrier between the surface and external intruders including liquid stains. It also protects it from almost anything that demands under-construction protection. These are also called Carpet Protection Tapes and are constructed to be scratch-resistant to effectively reduce penetration of harmful rays through the material.

Surface Protection Tapes


While buying the Surface Protection Tapes, it is important to consider certain conditions for its effective results.

  • Is the surface smooth or rough?

Rough surfaces demand thicker adhesives and require more film due to its uneven surface area.

  • Is the surface coated or painted?

If the surface is coated some chemical reactions may happen on application of the adhesive tape.

  • Is the area dry and clean?

Any kind of dirt present on the surface can adversely affect the tape's performance.

  • Will there be exposure to high temperatures?

Various types of adhesives have different temperature-resistance. Acrylic adhesives can stand up to 350°F, Silicone stands up to 500°F while rubber adhesives cannot handle temperatures more than 150°F.

  • What is the surface made from?

Different surfaces such as glass, wood, plastic, metal, stone, or ceramic will need different adhesives to perform effectively.

  • Will the tape be used for outdoor applications?

Sun's rays and UV radiations hamper the effectiveness of the adhesives greatly. The films can turn yellow and brittle during the course of time as they are exposed to direct sunlight.

  • For how long will the film be adhere to the surface?

In case it is a long-term project, one may need additional substances to ensure strong adherence to the surface.

The Carpet/Surface Protection Tapes work great when applied correctly only after understanding the surface requirements. However, users have faced challenges while working with the tapes and during their removal.

The most common problems are listed below.

  • Poor surface adhesion - This may happen due to contaminated floors, use of incorrect adhesive film or non-stretching of the film to its capacity. 
  • De-bonding - In case, the film has separated from the adhesive it will leave some residue on the surface. It can be removed by using a clean cloth with some amount of acetate or ethanol. 
  • Inability to remove the film - Certain over pressure-sensitive adhesives are difficult to remove and one must ensure to have bought the carpet protection tapes from a trusted manufacturer.  


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