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resealable packaging

  • What Are Customers Looking for In Flexible Packaging ?

    The modern customer is very demanding, and manufacturers have a tough time keeping up with their expectations. Always catering to the society in a responsible manner, the packaging world also has innovated creative ways to stay ahead of the trend. Consumers are more concerned about health and therefore prefer packed fruits and vegetables, additive-free products and dietary supplements that have led a growth in demand for flexible packaging types.

    Modern packaging isn’t just a container to occupy a product, protecting it from external attacks and ensuring delivery of a damage-free product to the end user.

    Flexible Packaging

    It covers several other factors such as:

    • Minimum use of resources
    • Easy to empty, fill and dispose
    • Easy to hold, open and close
    • Easy to handle, store and transport
    • Easy to manufacture
    • Cost efficient
    • Protect from physical as well as chemical damage and exposure

    Flexible packaging has surpassed the rigid geometric shapes on store shelves and has made organizing, storing and using products very simple for the end user. The urban society prefers to choose products that offer portability and convenience to cope up with busy lifestyles. Single serve packages, carry-away packs, microwaveable products, resealable packaging, easy open packs and product packaging with longer shelf lives are mostly in demand. People are spending more time out of home and look for carry away packs that do not cause a mess and are lightweight as well as resealable.

    Flexible packaging aims towards sustainable and earth-friendly ways.

    Brand owners are aware of their corporate responsibility and thus are dedicated towards reducing the environmental impact of packaging. They are using recyclable polymers in majority and are also investigating the use of bio-plastic packaging. Introducing flexibility in packaging has rewarded the environment by reducing the utilization of resources as well as energy and has also benefitted manufacturers by significantly sinking the material, packaging and transport costs.

    This kind of packaging is essential for the rise in supermarket shopping trend as consumers usually favor them for purchasing goods due to their wide product ranges and diverse choices. PackagingSuppliesByMail.com has a wide range of packaging supplies that are in line with the recent trend and provides flexible packaging options without compromising on the package quality. Visit our online store and shop for the most efficient packaging supplies at competitive prices.

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