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Reclosable Bags

  • The Application Wonders of Reclosable Poly Bags

    Reclosable poly bags are wanted and present everywhere, from businesses & offices to households. This versatile tool of packaging is manufactured in a lot of varieties, with different shapes & sizes, and even different sealing mechanisms. Whenever there is a need to pack something that needs to be kept fresh, or for products that need to be repackaged, reclosable poly bags are to the way to go.

    Some of the variants of the reclosable plastic bags, like the regular reclosable bag with the zip top, and the bags with the double track zips are accepted by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and U.S. Department of Agriculture for use in close contact with food. The amber colored reclosable zipper bags are useful in the pharmaceutical drug industry for transferring chemotherapy drugs as the light sensitive drugs are protected from the sunlight.

    Reclosable Poly Bags

    Made from extremely durable 100% high clarity film, polyethylene reclosable zipper bags are available in various designs:

    • Clear reclosable bags - provides visibility of the stored content and facilitates the organization of the goods being packed
    • Reclosable bags with hang holes - the hole allows the bags to be hung on hooks or nails, making the good contained in the bag more accessible
    • Reclosable bags with white block - the white block in the middle of the bag is a good writing surface and allows labeling without additional hassle of using labeling tools
    • Slider bags - the zip like slider makes the closed opening of the bags stronger thus making the bags more capable of holding goods safely.

    Reclosable poly bags are available in multiple sizes and thicknesses ( from 2 mil to 8 mil ) for multiple uses. Bags of higher thicknesses are used for storing heavy material and thinner ones for lighter materials.

    PackagingSuppliesByMail.com is a leading distributor and seller of all designs, sizes and thicknesses of reclosable zipper bags at the market's most affordable rates. Visit PackagingSuppliesByMail for all the reclosable poly bags you need for all of your applications.

  • The Rise in Popularity of Re-Sealable Bags

    Plastic bags have created an indispensable place in our daily lives. They are available in various sizes, thickness, and are used for a variety of purposes. Re-sealable plastic bags have evolved as the most versatile packaging material. Whether we use it for packaging products, handmade creations, safe keeping of documents, or to organize stuff like office supplies, toiletries, eye pencils, lip pencils, hair clips and to store leftover food, reclosable bags are extremely convenient and useful.

    Re-Sealable Bags

    Unusual Use of Resealable Plastic Bags:

    • Cell phone holder on airplane: put the phone in the resealable bag and stick it between the seat and tray table. Enjoy your movie or play games on it.
    • As a piping bag: for icing your cupcakes.
    • Marinating bag: perfect to marinade food and keep the mess away.
    • Crumb maker: crush crackers or bread to make crumbs.
    • Non- crystal ice cream: prevent crystal formation when storing ice cream in freezer.
    • Shower de-scaler: put vinegar in the bag and tie it to shower head to descale.

    Resealable plastic bags have only been around for about 50 years. In 1968, Ziploc developed and patented the resealable bag, which has become synonymous with reclosable bags. The company is worth over 1 billion USD.

    Salient Features of Re-Sealable Bags

    Clear: resealable plastic bags are made from acid free OPP. They are transparent, which makes them ideal to store documents. These bags are widely used to package products displayed in stores, which offer visibility to buyers.

    Safe closure: the crystal clear reclosable bags are widely used for packaging products that are sold in stores. It is easy to see the product, they can be easily opened and put back into the resealable plastic bag without causing damage to the bag.

    Expandable bottom: resealable poly bag with expandable bottom is generally used to store liquids because the bottom of the bag expands. Widely used for medicines, oils and perfumes.

    Microwave friendly: the resealable plastic bags can be used to warm food in the microwave, although the one disadvantage is that you can never clean and reuse this resealable plastic bag.

    The flexibility, reusability, re-closure feature and affordable pricing has made the resealable plastic bags one of the most successful invention of the twentieth century.

  • Plastic Recycling Timeline

    500 B.C!!! Yes!!! The concept of recycling was born then in Athens, Greece. The local law was to dispose all the waste about 1 mile away from the walls of the city. The use of plastic has gone up tremendously in the last couple of decades, and the disposal of plastic is creating a huge hazard for the environment.

    Clear Reclosable BagsPlastic is a lightweight, inexpensive and durable material that can be easily molded into a wide range of products. Production of plastic utilizes a huge amount of energy, fuel and when disposed incorrectly, it harms the environment. In late 1980s, began the journey of plastic recycling, today it has become a norm. The year 2014 witnessed an uptrend in recycling of plastic bottles, plastic film and plastic ‘rigids’ (food containers, caps, lids, tubs, buckets, drums, casing) in the USA.

    History of Plastic Recycling

    1972 - the year when the first recycling mill began operations in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania that accepted residential plastics.

    1980’s - U.S. cities began a program to collect plastics and other recyclables.

    1984 - in the history of the USA, it was the first time that plastic recycling topped 100 million pounds.

    1986 - Rhode Island was the pioneer state to mandate recycling of plastic bottles and containers.

    1988 - the recycle symbol was accepted to identify and sort plastics, though now high-tech sorting equipment is used.

    1988-1992 - saw an increase of curbside recycling programs and plastic collection.

    1990 - Coca Cola gave new life to use plastic by blending the recycled plastic into the beverage bottles.

    1993 - Clothing was made from plastic from recycled bottles by cleaning, melting, stretching and weaving in into soft durable fabrics for outdoor gear by Patogonia.

    Mid 1990’s - most grocery stores began to collect plastic bags and later all re-cyclable paper towels, diapers, water cases etc for recycling.

    1997 - National Recycling Coalition founded America Recycle Day to encourage daily recycling.

    1997 - saw toothbrushes, containers, kitchenware made from recycled polypropylene by Preserve. The earth friendly bags were also invented, which are biodegradable.

    2000’s - saw the increase in recycling of plastic awareness amongst the citizens. A program to collect all bottles by the curbside simplified the process of recycling bottles. Recyclers began all recyclable material include glass, metal and paper.

    2013 - drop off locations were designated for the convenience of the people to drop off the plastic bags, grocery bags and convenient for the recyclers to pick this material.

    2018 - studies show that America is recycling more plastic than ever before.

    Recycling plastic has offered great opportunities to reduce greenhouse emission and reduce oil usage thereby saving the environment and creating a great option for manufacturers for a new business avenue.

  • Clear Reclosable Bags vs. Plastic Grocery Bags

    Plastic pollution is one of the biggest environmental hazards that earth is facing today. Plastic is made from natural gas or petroleum, non- renewable resources and techniques that destroy the ecosystem. The incineration of plastic not only pollutes the environment, but also has proven to be carcinogenic for the workers exposed to it.

    Plastic grocery BagsPlastic Grocery Bags


    It is estimated that about 500 billion plastic bags are used every year. The grocery plastic bags have handles, which makes it easy to carry the groceries. These bags are cheaper and highly versatile.

    Effects on the environment:

    Grocery bags harm the environment. They end up in rivers and oceans and cause problems for marine life. Birds and animals are often found eating them, which results in their death. When the grocery bags are dumped in landfills they do not degrade properly, choking the soil. The soil does not absorb or retain water, which ultimately leads to a reduction in the ground water table, a vicious cycle of depletion of soil quality and drying up of underground water streams.

    Clear Reclosable BagsClear Reclosable Bags


    Reclosable bags are reusable bags. They are available in a wide range from lightweight to robust bags. Reclosable clear bags are the most flexible option for storage, packaging and transport of any material/product. These bags are available in a wide range of thickness, types, colors and sizes. These bags provide stylish protection, are recyclable, resealable and offer compact packaging.

    Save The Environment

    It is the duty of each person to protect the environment. We cannot do away with plastic entirely, but one easy and simple way is to use clear reclosable bags. They are long lasting, versatile and most importantly can be recycled.

    Why Choose Clear Reclosable Bags?

    These bags are more durable as compared to grocery bags, they are approved by FDA and USDA, and are available in various sizes and thickness. Ideal for packing items that require storage, they also prevent spillage and protect products from dust and moisture damage.

    Switch to clear reclosable bags and help protect the environment!

  • Transparent or Opaque Packaging: Key Factors to Consider

    To choose between transparent, clear packaging or opaque packaging material depends largely on the characteristics of the product inside, and sometimes the intention of manufacturers is also considered. The selection between clear or opaque materials can be a major factor in a customer’s purchasing decision. Let’s take a quick look at what products must have which type of packaging.

    Transparent/Clear Packaging

    The biggest advantage of clear packaging is its see-through characteristic. It becomes easier to pick objects at a glance and compare with other available varieties. Mainly, products like stationery, apparel, pharmaceutical, retail or healthcare packaging are preferred to be packed in transparent materials. It makes it easy for customers to verify whether they have received the right parcel or not without manually opening each bag. The chance of shipping the wrong items to the customer is eliminated.

    Clear packaging is mostly used to deliver brochures, magazines, apparel or some stationery samples. If you want to custom print product information or your company logo along with the parcel, you can opt for packaging materials that are transparent on one side and opaque on the other.

    Amber Reclosable Bags

    Opaque Packaging

    Shipping valuable items or items that can be affected by environmental factors such as temperature or sunlight need to be packed in opaque materials that reduce exposure. However, if you need to keep documents handy, unless there is identification on the outside of the package, this would not be a good option as you will have to open and check every time you need them.

    Sometimes you need to utilize opaque packaging materials to keep legal documents or bank letters containing sensitive information safe. Using tamper evident shipping mailing envelopes is a better option for keeping these types of important documents. Also, if the package contains products that can be affected by UV rays, amber reclosable bags can be used that protect the inner contents from harmful rays.

    PackagingSuppliesByMail.com has a wide variety of choices to select from for your specific packaging needs. You can browse through our online store here: www.packagingsuppliesbymail.com.

  • Guide to Choosing the Right Mil for Reclosable Plastic Bags

    It is important to choose the right size packaging material to protect and secure the product you are working with. The “right” packaging material does not only include length and width dimensions, it also includes appropriate thickness, which determines the protection capacity of the packaging material. If you prefer selecting a smaller thickness to save on costs, that is your choice, but you risk puncturing or breaking your product.

    Take, for instance, reclosable bags; There are many different options regarding Mils, but how do you determine which one is right for your application. You want to watch costs, but you don’t want cheap material. On the other hand, you may end up spending more for a thick gauge that is not needed for your application. And what is a “Mil”?

    Mil is a unit of measurement that is used to measure the thickness of the film in thousands of an inch: 1 Mil = 1/1000 inch. A Mil is listed in decimal as thousands of an inch. For example, a 2 Mil bag is listed as .002. Therefore, conversion of decimal to Mils can be done by shifting the decimal over by three, like .004 to 4 Mil.

    Selecting the Mil thickness depends entirely on the application. If the product is heavy or has sharp corners, we recommend selecting a heavier gauge rather than a lighter one, to withstand the demands that your product will produce. Alternatively, you would not want a 6 Mil clear zip plastic bag to carry fruits, food items, or vegetables.

    Reclosable Plastic Bags

    Suggested Mil for certain types of products:

    1 Mil: Short term storage

    1.5 Mil:Lightweight protection from dirt and moisture

    2 Mil:Normal protection for shipping and storage

    3 Mil: Extra protection for nuts, bolts, and other industrial parts

    4 Mil: Heavy duty protection for metal parts

    6 Mil: Extra heavy-duty protection against tears and punctures on bulky items or items with sharp corners

    Visit www.packagingsuppliesbymail.com to order your required size of reclosable bags from a reliable source of all kinds of packaging and shipping materials.

  • It’s all in the Zipper — the usefulness of Zipper Slider Bags!

    Zipper Slider Bags are a common resource in today’s market for various productive and resourceful means. These bags are easy to use, easy to stock and easy to obtain. There are many reasons why these bags are profitable for you so let’s observe a few aspects of how these bags may benefit your needs!

    zipperPackaging Procedures

    Zipper Slider Bags offer a positive solution in various facets and arena’s to improve your pace, potential and profits. Being that you’re a small company where everyone multi-tasks, you soon discovers that your packaging procedures have halted tremendously because your time is short and the company must fill the orders and ship them quickly to maintain a proper flow cycle. For instance, your company may be on the verge of reaching the next level in sales, your notoriety has now become high demand but you’re unable to just yet expand your employee team.


    Slider Bags are great for storing homemade sauces, soups, and broths. They save labor on cleaning the fridge or freezer more than usual while also providing more space to stock much more items. The leak proof advantage of these bags protects foods that are typically high in moisture. The zipper lock assures that the Slider Bag is secure, for example, have you ever thought you sealed a recloseable bag only to find out later the mess that was created from the food that wasted because it wasn’t totally secure? Well with the Slider Bag you obviously see that the bag is locked together on its track before you store it helping you avoid such spillage and wastage.


    Mobility is a feature of Zipper slider bags which makes it desirable during traveling. When vacationing, you certainly do not want to carry plenty of stuff, especially when you can count on plastic bags. Because these bags are equipped with a durable seal and oxygen leakage prevention quality, all objects remain fresh and protected for a long time. You can have pen drives in one plastic bag, headphones in another and camera accessories in another!

    We at PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com are your complete source for stocking high quality Zipper Slider Bags at a low cost alongside swift order delivery. We aim to make sure you’re protected with the finest of industrial goods.

  • Slider Bags — the way they work for you!!

    Now granted it doesn’t take quantum physics or the knowledge of rocket science to figure out the wonderful usage one gets out of Slider Bags. One of the branches of the reclosable bag family tree, Slider Bags is most noted for their slider mechanism when opening and closing the bag. With its 3 mil gauge thickness, it’s a bag that is reputable for heavy duty usage regarding industrial packaging tasks and basic to high level freezer storage.

    zipperFor the food service

    Slider Bags are not just primarily advantageous for the typical mom’s across the USA, they are also a common resource within the food service industry. Whether it be used as a packaging means at your local farmers market or a storage source at your local restaurant, Slider Bags gives users the ability to save substantial $$$ by not having to invest in various packaging devices such as boxes or vacuum sealing bags. Both boxes and vacuum sealing bags can be pretty hefty on the wallet especially because you need added materials like tape and vacuum sealing machines to solidify the process.

    For the clothing purpose

    Another wonderful area of usage in which Slider Bags are a handy source is amongst the clothing and shipping industry. These bags are huge for independent vendors who are in need of a formidable device that looks both professional and is dependable. If you’re selling designer t-shirts, pants, socks or much more, Slider Bags are a good source as a packaging option for you.

    For the electronics

    Many times when you open your new electronic (whatever) device, inside the box are usually one or two things—the owner’s manual and the accessories. With the excitement that comes from opening your new item it probably never crosses your mind that the inner contents of those two important items are housed within Slider Bags.

    There are various fruitful ways in which one can use Slider Bags. They are easy to use, they secure your contents effectively and they are very affordable. If you’re in need of a prominent vendor who has great experience in the industrial packaging industry, well look no further than PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com a top source and low cost leader in high performance Slider Bags.

  • Yours Packaging Needs Supplier — PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com

    You need premium. You desire performance. You demand quality. Are you tired of unsatisfactory? Are you fed up with ineffectiveness? Are you disgusted with insufficiency? We are proven. We are reputed. We are experienced. We are Packaging!!! Will you discover? Will you act? Will you participate or will you ignore?

    These and many more are the questions, observations and thoughts of between both supplier and buyer. With the crowded population of online packaging sites, it’s easy for a purchaser to get “lost in the sauce,” and “stuck like chuck,” when it appends to sourcing top notch industrial packaging materials. Whether you are an end user or a rising business, all of the comparable challenges exist when investing in supplies that will house your goods. The three main are:

    • Will these materials represent professionalism and integrity?
    • Will my shopping experience be valuable and smooth?
    • Will I find savings?

    Such questions aforementioned are what we pride our company on and level our standards according to so that we separate ourselves from the general array of packaging companies. Many who’ve participated in the usage of our products find that it has enhanced growth in their success rate. The circle of influence is a key component in how will any individual or company advances. One of the secrets to our growth was to gain the respect of some of the industries finest hubs such as Amazon and EBay. Not only that, we greatly achieved Government Contracting Awards on the open procurement market.

    With all consideration, we aim to provide our customers the best materials, service and pricing. Below is what we specialize in:

    • Stretch Wrap/Dispenser Accessories
    • Shipping Mailers/Envelopes
    • Tape/Tape Dispensers
    • Disposable Gloves and Industrial Gloves
    • Reclosable Bags
    • Healthcare Packaging

    From bulk to single rolls or packages, our product availability range allows one to order for instance, a pallet of Stretch film a box of gloves and six rolls of tape all on the same order. This advantage allows the purchaser to not be forced into inventory they can’t amass. To complement those options, we combine the tactic of swift shipping to your order so that you can experience immediacy and meet your demands in a timely fashion.

  • For Storage, Preservation, Packing and Protection-Only Reclosable Bags!

    Reclosable...yes just zippers come to the mind right? Reclosable means long lasting, reusable, easy to use, comfortable to fit stuff into, easy to open and close.... and so on and so forth!!! It’s not your fault if you cannot think of these features for reclosable bags.

    A wardrobe is used to store, protect and keep packed stuff which probably one may not be using for years together. The biggest problem is that once an item is packed it is boring to open the package and look whats in there. A transparent package is the best option to preserve, protect or store stuff.

    Transparent, long lasting, easy to use and reclosable are a few characteristics of reclosable  bags. These bags are used in multiple ways as they can be easily adjusted for different applications for either home use or commercial use.

    Whether you suffer from OCD or not, ever person systematically arranges stuff. These reclosable bags are available at PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com in many sizes to store or display objects. The reclosable bags are made from virgin polyethylene films that is approved by FDA and USDA with a seal lock for easy opening and closing.

    The bags seal the content and keep it moisture free. This helps in preservation and storage of many kinds of products that may range from craft work to home made goodies. You can easily use these bags to store your stuff or even ship the product to any place around the globe.

    These high quality bags that are available on PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com can be used to pack little stuff or big items as well. These bags are ideal for storage ,keeping items protected from moisture and maintaining superior freshness.

    Reclosable bags are

    1. Resealable bags
    2. Available in wide range and sizes
    3. Heat sealable
    4. Usually made from recyclable material
    5. The thickness of 2 Mil and 4 Mil is suitable for most applications and uses
    6. Reclosable bags are ideal for display, shipping and storage
    7. Dimensions are listed in inches

    Reclosable bags have been commonly sold from off the shelves of supermarkets for years. Now you can buy these bags from the comfort of your home or office by simply clicking on the PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com link. Whether you are looking for reclosable bags for home use or for industrial purposes, finding the right size and type is at your fingertips. No need to go to a store now, simply order online and get your bags delivered at your doorstep as free shipping is offered on all reclosable bags!!! Feel free to call right away for any questions.

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