Reasons Why Businesses Need the Right Shipping Packaging

The biggest reason for packaging is obvious—it provides a vehicle that allows the contents to get from here to there with minimal fuss. But in the context of business, marketing, and the like, packaging performs several other and equally important functions. Here are a few other reasons why businesses need the right shipping packaging.


Proper packaging needs to provide an elevated level of protection for the contents. Any number of factors can cause the contents to become damaged, lost, or rendered unusable, from drops and punctures to excessive shocks and weather issues. Even the machinery used to transport, sort, and store the package can become an important factor. Great packaging provides security, padding, and high-grade packing materials to shelter the contents. Think of proper packaging as a burly bodyguard who accompanies and protects your products or goods as they travel to the customer. Make sure that bodyguard is strong and tough enough for the job!

Looks Aren’t Everything but They Do Help

You’ve no doubt given some thought to branding in regard to how your company is viewed by customers and clients. Logos, colors, slogans, and copywriting all play into the image you try to project. But have you given any thought to applying this to your packaging, even the packaging you use to ship your products? Giving your shipping packaging a unique look can help increase sales and build identification and goodwill among regular and future clients. Packages should stand out, even in transit, and signal their contents while imparting positive messaging. When you buy packaging supplies, consider thinking outside of the plain brown box for added marketing oomph.


Shipping generates a tremendous amount of potential waste and unrecyclable trash, so take time to consider whether you’re using the most eco-friendly options for mailing your products. Avoid plastic in your packages and the means you use to seal them up and employ recycled paper products or packaging that’s either reusable or easily recycled into other things. Most companies these days have goals to go greener, and many customers will look at your packaging practices when deciding whether to purchase your product. Pack smart and with an eye toward helping the planet.

Speedy Travels

Here's the last of our reasons why businesses need the right shipping packaging—keeping packaging compact, sealed up, and easily transported and stacked ensures a swifter delivery. Your products travel in large groups of other packages, so making it easier for delivery personnel to sort, stack, palletize, and tote them guarantees a smoother and faster ride. Well-packaged products also stay in place during shipment. A secured package travels well, far, and fast!