For whatever's the case, it's important to finish strong, finish right and finish victorious. No matter what's the cause, it's noble to complete the task, noble to make it to the end, noble to not fall short. Perseverance is noteworthy, enduring is motivating, goal accomplishing is inspiring and reaching the destination is gratifying.

Packing Tape


With all that said, in a similar sense, if you're objective is to provide a product that will benefit consumers, well do it! Packing Tape is such a commonplace commodity. Everyone sells it, it's easy to get a hold of and it's competitively priced. Yet, Packing Tape is one of those products that can be easily promoted as quality, easily advertised as sufficient and easily marketed as premium, and easily misleading to buyers when they realize it's not what they expected.

That segway's us into the obvious questions whichare, who, what, where and how do I find legitimate superior grade packing tape?


When it comes to understanding 'who' within your search for quality packing tape, name and brand is vital.

  • Name: a vendors name should speak for itself, testimonials and reviews are handy in this case because you can witness the experiences that others have documented before you make your final judgment.
  • Brand: a brand is not always the determining factor because some vendors offer the same and I mean same tape, yet the packaging is just fancier. Don't fear the generic.


Understand the type of tape your buying, if not you can be using the wrong tape for the wrong application.

  • Carton sealing tape: it's an acrylic tape that's excellent for cold temperatures and common for sealing boxes
  • Hot melt tape: very similar to acrylic, however it's not as durable in freezer temperatures, yet it is superior quality for carton sealing and sticking to most surfaces
  • Gummed tape: water activated with reinforcements that make it ideal for sealing heavier weighted packages
  • Flat back tape: a paper tape that is very high in adhesive strength and offers a color uniformity with cardboard boxes


Nowadays, the online market is the best place to shop for industrial items. The challenge though is:

  • Vendor source: $$$ matter but $$$are not everything. Request samples before purchasing bulk amounts; it will help you determine the most beneficial source.


This question is the summation of the others. Therefore let's recount the most vital steps.

  • Always gather info about the product before purchasing. Read reviews so that you can get a better idea of quality vendors.
  • Educate yourself on what type of packing tape serves your needs the best.
  • Get samples to foresee what you're investing in.

I hope that these suggestions help in your discovery in finding the ideal tape that sticks to the point!