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poly bubble mailers

  • A Complete Guide of Using Poly Mailers

    Poly mailers have been around for quite a while and are widely used by shipping companies. However, users have certain ambiguities regarding the use, recyclability and size determination that need to be clarified.

    Poly Mailers guide

    Let’s understand a few things about poly mailers:

    Are poly mailers recyclable?

    Yes, poly mailers are recyclable. Unfortunately, most of us do not know that polyethylene material is recyclable and tons of it ends up in landfills. Many communities do not accept poly bags through curbside programs as they can damage machines and are difficult to sort.

    Are poly mailers reusable?

    Yes, the reclosable poly bags can be used again as they have a tear strip that can be easily opened without tearing. These are very useful when a shipment needs to be returned as they reduce shipping costs greatly.

    Are poly mailers the best shipping mailers to ship clothes?

    Yes, poly mailers have proven to be an inexpensive and convenient way to ship clothing items.

    How much does shipping goods in poly mailers cost?

    Being lightweight, poly mailers prove to be the most convenient and cost-effective shipping item. They also save money on inbound and outbound shipping. For example, USPS first class mail prices for lightweight envelopes (under 13 oz.) start at $0.49.

    How do you ship a parcel in poly mailers?

    First, ensure that your item is secure within the mailer. For additional safety, padding the product using bubble wraps can help minimize the product movement inside the package, thereby reducing chances of damage. Next, you would need to calculate shipping cost by after noting the dimensions of the poly mailer and label it appropriately – your poly mailer is ready to be shipped.

    When to choose a lined or bubble poly mailer?

    Ideally, a product should completely fill the mailer in order to remain safe during transit. However, it is practically impossible to find the perfectly sized mailer for varied items. Therefore, businesses choose bubble mailers to do the job. You can choose either Kraft bubble mailers or poly bubble mailers with enough padding using bubble wraps. This helps keep the shipment in original shape and safeguards it from damage.

    Which is the best choice – Kraft bubble mailers or Poly bubble mailers?

    The foremost difference between the two is the color. Kraft mailers have that natural look which is the first pick for eco-friendly brands. When it comes to printing on mailers, poly mailers give a cleaner look with vibrant appearance on the white mailer. Kraft bubble mailers require separating the bubble lining from the paper to be recycled and this is where the poly bubble mailers are a convenient option. Also, the poly mailers are moisture resistant while the Kraft mailers are not.

    Which size poly mailer do you require?

    It is important to understand that different products need different size mailers, and it is always better to request a sample to determine the right size of the mailer you would require. Your poly mailer needs to be larger than the minimum calculations of the basic dimensions.

    Poly mailers are a great source for shipping items across. To find the type and size of the poly mailer your business requires, browse here. The PackagingSuppliesByMail.com store has a wide selection of poly bubble mailers that can be swiftly delivered at your doorstep.

  • Kraft Bubble Mailer or Poly Bubble Mailer? How to Choose the Right One?

    Different businesses deal with various products of different sizes, that means every business needs different sizes of packaging supplies.

    Proper usage of packaging supplies can be a crucial part for your business and the profit ratios of the business too. A properly packed item is not damaged in transportation and reaches the customers in the state it is expected.

    But the question remains, how to determine appropriate packaging material for your business? For example, poly bubble mailers or Kraft bubble mailers?

    Poly or kraft bubble mailer

    The answer to the question hides in one more question - What are you planning on shipping and what features matter to you?

    Look and feel!

    If getting a natural look that the Kraft paper gives out is what you want, then the Kraft bubble mailer is a more appropriate option; but if the clean look and crisp lines that comes up with the use of poly bubble mailers attract you, then the poly ones should be your choice.

    Also, the poly bubble mailers are considered ideal when you want to print the company logos, addresses and other details too directly on the envelope. Though the print remains visible on the Kraft mailers too but the visibility is low as compared to what you would get with the poly bubble mailers.

    Want to give something back to mother Earth?

    The natural looking Kraft bubble mailers are more difficult to get recycled as compared to the poly bubble mailers, because recycling requires paper and plastic to be separated, that is difficult in case of Kraft mailers whereas there is no paper involved in case of poly bubble mailers.

    What kind of closure matters to you?

    The Kraft padded mailers boast of a self-sealing adhesive opening that is tamper-evident, the paper layer drastically increases that tamper evident nature of the Kraft bubble envelopes. The Poly bubble mailers have anti-static liners that are not reusable, once opened drop off the envelopes.


    The Kraft shipping envelopes also known as Kraft bubble mailer are more prone to let moisture pass through whereas the poly bubble mailers are very strong are resistant to moisture entry.


    The poly bubble mailers take up less space as compared to the Kraft padded mailers. When the space consumption of the utmost importance, go for the poly bubble mailers but when the space is no issue Kraft padded mailers are a good choice too.

    Next time you are confused about which bubble envelope to go for, remember this article, and get rid of all your confusions and help your business ship products more effectively.

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