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  • How To Solve Major Shipment Problems With Shipping Supplies

    Confused, are you? Well I understand, amidst plenty of shipping supplies available in the online market, it’s easy to get lost on what to choose or refuse as per your domestic or business shipping requirements. You will often find reclosable bags, plastic shipping mailers, and poly bubble mailing envelopes, custom bubble mailers, stretch wrap, packing tape and suitable tape dispensers for your varied shipping needs. If used smartly, wholesale packing materials will allow you to overcome major shipment hassles, plus they’ll make it an economic affair rather pricey one.

    Know your product before shipping

    Is the product you’re shipping delicate or robust, even or uneven shaped, high value or standard rate, domestic or commercial consignment, national or international packaged? These are some general questions to ponder before considering which suitable packaging supply aid will benefit your shipping techniques. If you’re shipping a bulky product then choosing a high endurance shipping envelope like a poly mailer or kraft bubble mailer may prove highly resourceful in retaining the shape, size and sustaining the weight of the product. Mailing envelopes are great for many small sized products, enabling your package to endure rough handling procedures that are normal during transit.

    Now if you are shipping electronics, then poly bubble mailers will be the best fit for your needs. For instance, these mailers offer exact usable dimensional space for both CDs and DVDs and do to their soft interior bubble padding; they’re able to absorb shock vibrations that continually occur during transit delivery.

    You can always rely on bubble mailers due to their efficiency and secure sealing functioning as shipments remain tamper proof. The bubble wrap has thick insulated cushion padding which safeguards delicate and sharp objects, without distorting the shape and size of the object. Also, their exterior polyethylene material negates dirt, dust, moisture and climatic weather conditions from damaging the shipment.

    Similarly, if you’re shipping any gift item, then glamour bubble mailers can help you! These mailers are available in attractive bright colors with strong silver colored interior grip lining.

    Therefore, with an abundance of quality shipping aids to select from, successful delivery becomes second nature and expands your demographic area of business relations.

    Experience guaranteed shipping with custom bubble mailers

    Now some industrial warehouses or individuals may have particular requirements pertaining to the design of certain bubble mailers that are requested by specific clients. Therefore, a major benefit of using custom bubble mailers is because they’re equipped with high quality insulated material and are able to ensure protection regarding the safety of important data, business information or personal valuables being shipped.

    Where to find such amazing bubble mailers

    Many online stores offer great variety and quality mailers. Generally mailers are available in bulk quantities which enable’s customers to enjoy heavy discount pricing rather than purchasing by single units. Make sure the vendors you are researching offer premium products; because packaging supplies are a common commodity and many online vendors aren’t concerned so much with performance but for profit values. Don’t be cheap when it comes to your packaging needs.

    On a side note, you’ll find an array of packaging equipment that is easily available online. Items such as stretch wrap, packing tape & tape dispensers, along the mailers are accessible by the click of the mouse and saves you a trip to the local hardware or retail store.

  • The Plastic Mailing Envelopes- Trendsetters of the Packaging World

    The “IN” Thing

    In today’s online marketplace, plastic shipping envelopes (plastic envelopes)are becoming the new trending thing in the packaging world these days, aren’t they? Robust, sturdy, decorative, and secure are the adjectives which often strike the mind of buyers who are in search of premium shipping mailers. With multiple ways of utilization, these plastic mailers offer convenience and safety for small or bulk package consignments. Not to mention, they guarantee protection against uncertain weather conditions, dust and dirt.

    What makes them trending?

    • Many countries have approved these plastic mailers as a standard shipping device.
    • Shipping bubble mailers are used for mailing parcels, letters, heavy and fragile goods.
    • They are capable of carrying other postal items like books, magazines, newspapers and so much more.
    • They are comfortable for manual packaging which makes them professional looking and durable.
    • The weight of the plastic envelope is quite less than paper envelopes or boxes.
    • Using plastic mailers saves on postage costs and enhances profit percentages.
    • They are available in many options and designs.
    Returnable Poly Mailers available at PackagingSuppliesByMail.com Returnable Poly Mailers

    Shipping bubble mailers are convenient due to their strong adhesive strips that are designed to offer diverse uses per package. The single adhesive tape is appropriate when mailing certain kinds of letters, because it provides a tamper proof quality that makes it impossible for an envelope to open without any obvious damage.

    These mailing envelopes are designed to endure light to medium weight capacities, and similar to transit procedures related to corrugated boxes, they’re able to be stacked one on another in accordance to the type of item being shipped. Both tear resistant and warp proof, they’ll sustain scratches under any circumstances.

    The plastic mailing envelopes are manufactured to meet various size requirements too. They even can be used for exterior logo and promo printing, allowing vendors to advertise during shipment deliveries. Likewise, these mailers can make items personalized and enhance the company’s credibility in the eyes of customers.

    Furthermore, these plastic mailers offer styles and brands that are decorative in nature which facilitates the branding purpose for companies, thus indirectly cutting costs on marketing budgets. Although they’re known for offering fancy eye catching characteristics, they’re also equipped with interior bubble wrap padding that greatly protects products during transit. The advantage of using decorative mailing envelopes is that you do not need to have additional gift wrapping because of their bright colors and silver lining. These mailers are perfect for sending presents, freebies or valuables.

    You must be wondering what other features make up plastic shipping envelopes? Well there are many, and upon purchasing, you will be surprised by the veracity of this product which will enable you to use these mailers anytime, anyhow for either personal or business purposes.

    Where you can order plastic envelopes

    Due to their strong popularity, these envelopes are easy to order online. By doing so, you save effort, and also you’ll be able to view size dimensions and customer reviews to give you a glimpse of how others have used the product.

  • Packing List Envelopes-“They, convey, connect and communicate”!

    In business, conveying the correct information is essential for maintaining healthy and profitable relationships. In business, solidifying the proper connection with your consumers is advantageous for continual growth and notoriety. In business, communication is vital for developing structure and cementing yourself within the confines of longevity and success. Therefore, when managing proper shipping techniques for your products, Packing List Envelopes is the type of tool that solidifies these standards in a simple but highly effective way.


    Packing List Envelopes are reliable for housing certain safety information that will guide the recipient on how to correctly handle their newly purchased product. From storage procedures to cleaning tips to damage awareness, customers can obtain careful instructions on how to handle their investment and receive the full benefit of their purchase. When it comes to certain mechanical parts, medicine, clothing, electronics or better yet just about any type of product, Packing List Envelopes will assure vendors that their notices are being conveyed to the purchaser properly.


    Buyers expect their vendors to be thorough in their presentations, especially when it has to do with e-commerce where there is a physical barrier that blocks you from seeing the person you’re buying your items from. The reason I say this is because sometimes we basically purchase goods on how the seller presents or lacks in presentation during such moments. Online shopping doesn’t offer that nice smile or warm greeting or even rude gestures to say the least. So how do we connect to our vendors?

    Packing List Envelopes available at PackagingSuppliesByMail.com Packing List Envelopes

    Packing List Envelopes will safely and securely transport all details regarding order acknowledgments, invoices, pricing details and item quantities. Such information relay’s integrity and professionalism, while at the same time connecting the details with the purchase. Sometimes customers are unaware as to sale discounts or upcharges, and since there is no one to talk with face to face upon purchase, this tool helps bridge the gap.


    As aforementioned in the previous section, Packing List Envelopes transports the information which portrays professionalism and links the buyer to the company and the purchase. No business is successful without respectful communication and these Shipping Mailing Envelopes assures such ethics which are important for online vending. Packing List Envelopes are also a tool that will translate your sales fliers and promotional materials too.

    Available in various sizes and styles, this mailing device compliments your shipping. Tie this product in with some quality Packing Tape, Stretch Wrap and or Poly Bubble Mailers and you’ll have a complete stock of shipping supplies that will solidify your deliveries in a substantial manner.

    For more info call us on toll free number 1-800-456-2467

  • Shipping Envelopes – “it’s About Style, It’s About Savings and It’s About Standards”!

    And off they go! Okay, you’re probably thinking that I’m referring to some horse racing event or something, but no, today my goal is a little different. If you may, I’d like to help reform your perspective concerning how you ship your products, how you package them and how they’re both presented. True, the content inside is always what generally matters, yet branding and identification makes the entire product complete. Logo’s, packaging design and total performance are a combination of things that must surely be consistent if you are a vendor, upcoming entrepreneur or e-commerce business and want to survive in the vast competitive markets amongst the world.


    Glamour Bubble Mailer available at PackagingSuppliesByMail.com Glamour Bubble Mailer

    Glamour Metallic Bubble Mailers are unique because of their color factor. When you see a Pepsi bottle you see red and black colors, when you see a Lay’s potato chip bag you see yellow and white colors and when you pass any Walmart store you see blue and white. What do buyers see when they see your product? You’re probably thinking, “What major significance does a package have when being delivered through the mail,” “It doesn’t require any shelf attention”? Those are great points, but see branding is about imaging and psychology experts say that our brains attach significance to sight, remembrance to retina and excitement to the eye. Glamour Bubble Mailers will accomplish that and if you couple them with you company’s logo or name, you’re able to hook consumers and separate yourself from your competitors. Impressions mean a lot, say a lot and produce a lot. Upgrading your packaging (of course, at an affordable cost) will signify complete quality to the buyer.


    Packaging materials can be expensive, shipping products regularly is costly and these common business necessities must be managed properly or profits will suffer greatly. While you’re separating your products by style, you’ll also be saving indirectly. The reason being, shipping envelopes offer a high rate of marketing value. Once a consumer see’s your brand and packaging uniqueness they see you. To add to that, you’ll save big on shipping costs because they are secure, lightweight and able to be shipped through first class mail depending on the item. Boxes and tubes are sufficient, yet they are expensive and shipping mailers are high in performance, (so if you can go without boxes) you will increase product sales and labor efficiency allowing you to become more competitive in your pricing and discount specials.


    Like any popular brand, using shipping envelopes in a game changing/innovative way will raise the bar on how products are being sold in regards to the e-commerce demographic. There is huge need for a shipping/mailing device that will withhold integrity through harsh weather conditions and handling techniques, while at the same time remain eye catching. The holistic approach is why many companies succeed and withstand through tough economies like the one that exist today. No one can afford to waste their hard earned money on products that from the outset are good, but because their packaged faulty their ineffective and useless (plus the headache to go with it).

    Although there are a ton of industrial packaging companies via the internet, monitoring how they’re testimonials, samples and service operates will easily give you the direct notion of the type of quality they’ll provide.

  • Glamour Bubble Mailers- A Cost-Effective Source For Gift Packaging

    Glamour bubble mailers are the type of shipping mailers that are a great source for gift packaging, promotion, presentation, marketing & branding. Today thousands of attractive packaging options are available which are used for commercial and domestic purposes of wrapping and these mailers are rapidly rising in high demand.

    Glamour Bubble Mailers available at Packaging Supplies By Mail Glamour Bubble Mailers

    Colorful packing for various occasions

    Sending out gifts and valuables for loved ones is a common practice during Easter, New Year, Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries and many occasions. Using transparent or colored wrapping papers for packing gifts is an aged way of presentation. What is new is the glamour mailer which allows you to send anything from electronics, books, daily consumables, plastic ware, jewelry and so much more. These mailers have simplified ways of packing as no decorative accessories are necessary for uplifting their appeal. Many gift packaging attempts sometimes appear overly done in presentation compared to the glamour mailers. In addition, these envelopes have thick insulated cushioning which offers protection against delicate objects.

    This single colorful envelope is available in bright colors and because of their unique style they easily grab the attention of the masses. Such envelopes are ideal for someone special or a business affiliate you’d like to impress.

    How businesses can save more with wise use of Glamour bubble mailers

    For continual growth, vendors will often send plenty of gifts, newsletters, catalogs and magazines to clients and customers on various occasions or monthly basis to retain consistent association regularly. Using transparent polythene pouches are useful but the glamour mailers allow you to promote your brand by affixing the company’s name, sticker or logo over it. This type of campaign provides an opportunity for small, medium and large scale businesses to represent themselves appropriately in an economic way.

    Glamour bubble mailers are light in weight which drastically cuts down the cost of transportation when shipping bulk packages. Through them, the consignment is prevented from dents, scratches, damage or punctures in any way. Accordingly, shipping tools like Glamour bubble mailers are effective for businesses promotions and seasonal marketing. If you’re a business owner, you can always be assured to have no consumer disappointment related to damage goods during shipment arrivals.

    This superb product will certainly add value to the nature of business conduct. Transparent and plain packaging materials bring monotony to many companies’ typical packaging procedures, as a result their obligated to use creative add-ons to generate notoriety and impression to their goods. However, Glamour mailers can be an in-prompt addition in any company’s marketing strategy; catapulting suitable investment returns and sustained relations.

    Where to Buy

    Many online stores are providing Glamour bubble mailers nowadays. Despite the various vendor options to select from, it’s important to check the quality and durability of the product you’re interested in purchasing. The reason being, it’s your right to receive quality mailers that will safely delivery your packages. Glamour bubble mailers are available in different colors, styles and multiple sizes.

    Don’t hesitate to check e-commerce portals for the availability of those choice glamour mailers you desire. If you’re one who buys bulk quantity, then many online retailers and wholesalers give great discounts.


  • Kraft Bubble Mailers – Plain, Simple and Effective!

    We see them all the time, they’ve become synonymous with mail deliveries and although nothing is perfect, you rarely ever hear of them being insufficient. To simply put it, they just effectively accomplish what they were set out, created and fashioned to do. They are Kraft Bubble Mailers, and they are plain, simple and effective!


    In regards to the exterior of Kraft Bubble Mailers, the extremely bright yellow Kraft paper that covers packages can be quite boring, standard and not at all appealing; yet consistency, commonality and corporately these mailers will contribute strongly to your currency commissions. Likewise, they’ll conceal your goods in a casual manner and constrict any tampering or theft incidents during transit.

    Kraft Bubble Mailers available at Packaging Supplies By Mail Kraft Bubble Mailers


    When we do things simple, we save on a lot of time, resources and exertion, not to mention headaches. Kraft Bubble Mailers are the epitome of getting more for less. The reason being, you’re able to receive more bulk quantities for less $$$ with these mailers by using them as your main shipping device verses in any other shipping tool on the market. These mailers don’t command harsh labor during assembly, they’ll protect your products with integrity, they can be effective for a wide range of application and if you’re deciding to start your own packaging business, they’ll be a huge investment that will bring in excellent profit percentages.


    So what makes them so effective? Good question. In a nutshell, their bubble cushioning is the dominant x-factor that generally solidifies all shipments, protecting them from crushing, smashing and puncture damage. If there was a such thing as handling brutality, many 3rd party shipping companies would be guilty of such habitual incidents. Nevertheless, it’s vital for performance reasons that you use a shipment device that can handle, endure and sustain the tossing, stacking, bouncing and toppling impacts that commonly occur during travel.

    PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com is an industry leader in bulk distribution of top notch Kraft Bubble Mailers. As you navigate through our website, you’ll discover the vast array of sizes and volume amounts offered for your shipping demands. We are a passionate group of experts whose goal is to satisfy customers and help them succeed in their endeavors, whether it’s for domestic or commercial purposes.

    Allow us to be your one stop source for Kraft Bubble Mailers, and much more packaging equipment such as Nitrile Gloves, Stretch Wrap and Packing Tape. We continuously offer amazing discount specials for your benefit. Log on today and get quality packaging supplies!


  • Poly Bubble Mailers – Able To Upgrade Your Profits, Procedures and Popularity!

    Simple to use, efficient to use, resourceful to use, cheaper to use and smarter to use defines the attributes of Poly Bubble Mailers! You can ship just about any and everything with these Shipping Mailers and the reason being is:

    They’ll conceal, protect and cushions

    Poly Bubble Mailers offer a “none of your business” approach due to their greyish exterior color. Now let me explain, when doing an organic search online you’ll notice that industry standard vernacular will announce them as white poly bubble mailers, yet when you receive your shipment it’s evident that they’re grey. At first impression you may be thinking “what is this,” however don’t panic because that’s just the way it is and truly it’s for your own benefit.

    Poly Bubble Mailer available at PackagingSuppliesByMail.com Poly Bubble Mailer

    Secondly, Poly Bubble Mailers will cushion your goods against the normal shaking, tossing and stacking that occurs during transit. Such protection is orchestrated by the bubble interior cushioning which pads items tightly and absorbs the shock and weighted pressure that’s conducive within the mailing process.

    Thirdly, these mailers protect against the environmental elements such as dirt, dust and moisture on a high level. The seal strip encloses your items safely by discarding any dirt and allowing the consumer to receive a brand spanking new purchase without any blemish that could potentially be caused during transit. Likewise, through the course of traveling to their projected destination points, packages are prone to encounter rain, sleet or snow. Therefore, the exterior polyethylene material allows these Shipping Mailing Envelopes to endure such common circumstances so that all items remain in perfect condition.

    They’re cost saving

    Labor expenses are sure to tally up quickly and subtract potential profits when companies aren’t savvy on developing cost saving strategies within their business operations. As a result, shipping procedures are one of those ideal categories that need to be analyzed consistently. Below are points explaining how using Poly Bubble Mailers will enhance profit percentages for your company:

    • Efficient Labor Assembly- Your workers will not need to spend much time packaging products for shipment. With Poly Bubble Mailers all they’ll need to simply do is insert the product, detach the seal strip, seal, apply the postage and place it in the dock bin. This easy to do process will surely produce more time for your workers to apply their skill sets in other desired areas.
    • Marketing Potential- These Mailing Envelopes is excellent for promoting the company’s logo and brand upon them. This can be done by using stickers or even going a step further and consulting a printing company. If you ship a bunch of product regularly, this focus will essentially grab the attention of new customers, making them knowledgeable of your entire product line, website and discount specials.
    • Price Comparisons- Yes, I agree that using corrugated boxes are one of the most dependable sources to ship with. Yet, when comparing the type of products you’re shipping, Poly Bubble Mailers are just as reliable. When applicable, these mailers will tremendously reduce the costs associated with product delivery. First off, the weight is significantly less than boxes or mailing tubes. Next, they’re outer dimensions aren’t the same sizes so you won’t get charged for that. Finally, you will not need to invest in add-on reinforcements like bubble wrap, or Styrofoam peanuts and carton sealing tape to secure packages.

    With the aforementioned details given, it’s a “no brainer” when deciding the most beneficial method to shipping your products. Poly Bubble Mailers can be obtained easily from the online vendor market. If your goal is to upgrade your profits, procedures and popularity, you can simply start by adding Poly Bubble Mailers to your functioning and observe the rapid performance enhancements that they’ll produce!

    For more information visit @ https://www.packagingsuppliesbymail.com

  • How Relocating and Shipping Becomes Convenient When Using Packing List Envelopes

    If you’re a company, when transitioning to a new work location, a lot of time and effort surely goes into hauling plenty of office supplies for the new work setting. Various thoughts might bombard your mind on how to prioritize and streamline the process so that it’s both orderly and convenient. To help decipher this dilemma, using pressure sensitive Packing List Envelopes is key fora number of reasons. First and foremost, their strong adhesive backside easily sticks to corrugated boxes or any other form of parcel equipment so that important information arrives to its destination. These envelopes work primarily in regards to smoothing out such a strenuous tension raising project.

    When shifting to a new workplace, special handling instructions can also be mentioned in the packing list. It helps the transporter and recipient to arrange the goods quickly without assistance. Below is a diagram the visually displays how such a process can be accomplished:

    How following features of packing list envelopes are useful for you

    Packing List Envelopes available at Packaging Supplies By Mail Packing List Envelopes

    Not only are Packing List Envelopes essential for moving projects, they’re even more resourceful for commercial objectives as well.
    These envelopes are a common business tool that’s designed for carrying item descriptions, order particulars, invoices, promotional materials and receipts during shipping. Such pieces of information encased are relevant to the consignment which simplifies further processing, arrangement or delivery of the shipment.

    The Advantages for both Commercial and Relocating use

    • Packing List envelopes act like a map for the consignment which helps the addressee to identify the goods, its order number and safety data.
    • They can house sequential information, thus saving you effort and time when stocking or unpacking.
    • A package without a packing list can at times be unidentifiable which can cause confusion to the recipient.
    • Packing List envelopes organizes stock product information which allows material handlers to integrate items for a systematic arrangement process.
    • Packing list envelopes will make the relocation process efficient because the appropriate division of goods can optimize space.

      Some common types and styles of packing lists available include packing list enclosed envelopes, packing list pouches, re-closeable packing list envelopes, clear packing list, invoiced enclosed pouches and USA packing list envelopes.


  • Shipping Mailing Envelopes – “They’re not all the same.”

    Due to the innovation of the e-commerce market, the virtual store has been a huge plus for many long time established retailers and an even greater opportunity for up and coming entrepreneurs. As a result, those who could never conceive the idea of owning their own business because of factors such as lack of funding, have now dreamed the American Dream through this e-commerce reality. In the same regards, consumers have conveniently benefited from the “click of the mouse,” by saving time and gas, thus eliminating the need to shop at a physical store location. Unfortunately, however, with great convenience comes higher confusion and not all online vendors are truly concerned about customer satisfaction over profit increase. Consequently, such vendors have found it easier to hide behind the “curtain of cyberspace” and ship, delay, scam and mislead customers who’d likely never have a face to face discussion with them. Similarly proper ethics are compromised, products are faulty and service is outright deceiving. Therefore, it’s my intention to educate you about a high priority product that is essential for e-commerce growth called Shipping/Mailing Envelopes. This article is designed to enlighten you about what to expect, tips on enhancing your purchasing knowledge and lastly “how they’re not all the same”!

    Awareness Factor 1

    Returnable Poly Mailers available at PackagingSuppliesByMail.com Returnable Poly Mailers

    When attempting to purchase premium brand Poly Mailers, Returnable Poly Mailers or Poly Bubble Mailers, it’s imperative that the seal strip operates accurately. If not, it’s obvious that the products you’ll be shipping will become damaged or stolen during transit. Another factor is this, if the online vendor you’re determining to purchase from is not moving mailers regularly, what tends to occur is that the adhesive strip becomes faulty and dry rotten. Conversely, what’s helpful to know is that not all seal strips will immediately stick strongly after their initially attached; the higher the adhesive the longer the absorption is delayed. However, after a few minutes have passed you’d almost need to pry the package open to retrieve the goods that are enclosed. This type of functioning is usually a tell tell sign of premium sufficiency.

    Awareness Factor 2

    Glamour Bubble Mailer available at PackagingSuppliesByMail.com Glamour Bubble Mailer

    Contrary to what some customer service reps will tell you, it’s important to first test the size of the mailer to see it it’s applicable for your needs. The reason being, you’ll easily discover that the Metallic Bubble Mailers size and dimension measurements tend to vary from the standard Kraft Bubble Mailer version. In turn, it’s vital that you sample the size of the mailer so that you’re aware of the way your product will or will not fit according to the measurements. Henceforth, due to the variations in interior bubble cushioning, your packaging objectives could be affected.

    Awareness Factor 3

    Poly Bubble Mailer available at PackagingSuppliesByMail.com Poly Bubble Mailer

    Being able to attach promotional, shipment codes or descriptive labels to the exterior of these mailers is essential. Also, if you are arranging to add custom printing to your mailers, true gauge thickness is necessary. For Poly Mailers, the standard mil thickness is 2.5, so be aware of what your actually purchasing. If you ordered 3.0 mil thickness and it’s not, unfortunately you would have paid more for a less stronger version.

    In conclusion, there are countless stories of poor choice purchasing experiences through online shopping. If anything, this article is designed to help you understand what not to do. Yet, I’m unfortunately confident that there are a numerous testimonials that can aid in helping many others avoid the pitfalls of misleading vendors. Without exposing certain company’s names, I’d like you to comment on your purchasing history regarding Shipping/Mailing Envelopes. Information that’ll help increase buying knowledge will in turn hold vendors accountable for producing better quality product. For more information visit @ http://www.packagingsuppliesbymail.com


  • Shipping Envelopes – “I am who I am and as a matter of fact, I am not like the rest!

    I get the job done! I do it fast, I do it well and I do it at a low low cost. I’m versatile, commercially useful and residentially friendly. I’m applicable for small shipments, large shipments, fragile shipments and odd shaped shipments. I can be found online all the time. I’m secure, easy to use and very professional looking. ‘I am who I am and as a matter of fact, I am not like the rest’! I am Shipping Envelopes.

    I make Shipping simple

    I make shipping simple, I make shipping complete, I make shipping affordable, I make shipping neat. I don’t require expense increasing accessories like plastic tops, packing tape, tape dispensers, glue, gloves, back braces, glue sticks, wax paper, Styrofoam, bubble wrap and cutter blades. I am not in any way shape or form labor intensive, heavy to carry or space consuming. I enhance profit gains and packaging procedures by saving you less on shipment costs and creating more time for accomplishing other work related duties. When using me, all you’ll need to do is open me up, drop your product inside, remove the cover off the seal strip, close the flap, attach your postage stamp and send me away.

    What I will do:

    Glamour Bubble Mailers available at PackagingSuppliesByMail.com Glamour Bubble Mailers

    I will add pizazz to your packages. I will draw attention to the contents inside; I will be useful as a promotional, advertising and marketing tool for your company’s brand, logo and name. I will not appear boring like many other shipping tools. I will stand out, stand off and stand above because I am not average, mediocre and I’m anything but plain. I’m available in a wide range of sizes and colors if you’re planning to utilize me through the Metallic Bubble Mailer version. If you want my standard option, I offer the Clear view Poly Mailer because of its transparency and ability to feature brochures, catalogs and promotional fliers in easy to see plain view.

    What I won’t allow:

    Poly Bubble Mailer available at PackagingSuppliesByMail.com Poly Bubble Mailer

    I am 100% against allowing products to be damaged during transit. I’m designed to endure the shifting, stacking and tossing that typically occur during shipments. I’m anything but weak, fragile or incompetent when it comes to enclosing packages. As a matter of fact, my Poly Bubble Mailer version provides such a strong adhesive, that all recipients will pretty much have to pry your contents out of the mailer. I’m extremely durable and shock resistant. My Kraft Bubble Mailer version is equipped with interior bubble cushioning that absorbs any bouncing or movement during transit. Lastly, I’m water proof, dust proof, dirt proof and tamper proof because of my exterior polyethylene material that is common amongst my Poly Mailer version.

    Look, don’t hesitate to use my skills for your needs. I specialize in expertise and I’m ready made for an abundance of tasks. My online presence is phenomenal, enabling users to surf and compare pricing. Granted, there are choice shipping tools that many have found useful for years upon years, yet Shipping Envelopes is consistently thriving as the new wave of expansion for online vendors and small businesses to reduce added expenses in regards to shipping their products to customers. With that being said, I strongly recommend you to go online and find a quality vendor, purchase a version of me and enhance your shipping techniques today!



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