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  • Shipping Mailing Envelopes – “They’re not all the same.”

    Due to the innovation of the e-commerce market, the virtual store has been a huge plus for many long time established retailers and an even greater opportunity for up and coming entrepreneurs. As a result, those who could never conceive the idea of owning their own business because of factors such as lack of funding, have now dreamed the American Dream through this e-commerce reality. In the same regards, consumers have conveniently benefited from the “click of the mouse,” by saving time and gas, thus eliminating the need to shop at a physical store location. Unfortunately, however, with great convenience comes higher confusion and not all online vendors are truly concerned about customer satisfaction over profit increase. Consequently, such vendors have found it easier to hide behind the “curtain of cyberspace” and ship, delay, scam and mislead customers who’d likely never have a face to face discussion with them. Similarly proper ethics are compromised, products are faulty and service is outright deceiving. Therefore, it’s my intention to educate you about a high priority product that is essential for e-commerce growth called Shipping/Mailing Envelopes. This article is designed to enlighten you about what to expect, tips on enhancing your purchasing knowledge and lastly “how they’re not all the same”!

    Awareness Factor 1

    Returnable Poly Mailers available at PackagingSuppliesByMail.com Returnable Poly Mailers

    When attempting to purchase premium brand Poly Mailers, Returnable Poly Mailers or Poly Bubble Mailers, it’s imperative that the seal strip operates accurately. If not, it’s obvious that the products you’ll be shipping will become damaged or stolen during transit. Another factor is this, if the online vendor you’re determining to purchase from is not moving mailers regularly, what tends to occur is that the adhesive strip becomes faulty and dry rotten. Conversely, what’s helpful to know is that not all seal strips will immediately stick strongly after their initially attached; the higher the adhesive the longer the absorption is delayed. However, after a few minutes have passed you’d almost need to pry the package open to retrieve the goods that are enclosed. This type of functioning is usually a tell tell sign of premium sufficiency.

    Awareness Factor 2

    Glamour Bubble Mailer available at PackagingSuppliesByMail.com Glamour Bubble Mailer

    Contrary to what some customer service reps will tell you, it’s important to first test the size of the mailer to see it it’s applicable for your needs. The reason being, you’ll easily discover that the Metallic Bubble Mailers size and dimension measurements tend to vary from the standard Kraft Bubble Mailer version. In turn, it’s vital that you sample the size of the mailer so that you’re aware of the way your product will or will not fit according to the measurements. Henceforth, due to the variations in interior bubble cushioning, your packaging objectives could be affected.

    Awareness Factor 3

    Poly Bubble Mailer available at PackagingSuppliesByMail.com Poly Bubble Mailer

    Being able to attach promotional, shipment codes or descriptive labels to the exterior of these mailers is essential. Also, if you are arranging to add custom printing to your mailers, true gauge thickness is necessary. For Poly Mailers, the standard mil thickness is 2.5, so be aware of what your actually purchasing. If you ordered 3.0 mil thickness and it’s not, unfortunately you would have paid more for a less stronger version.

    In conclusion, there are countless stories of poor choice purchasing experiences through online shopping. If anything, this article is designed to help you understand what not to do. Yet, I’m unfortunately confident that there are a numerous testimonials that can aid in helping many others avoid the pitfalls of misleading vendors. Without exposing certain company’s names, I’d like you to comment on your purchasing history regarding Shipping/Mailing Envelopes. Information that’ll help increase buying knowledge will in turn hold vendors accountable for producing better quality product. For more information visit @ http://www.packagingsuppliesbymail.com


  • Shipping Envelopes – “I am who I am and as a matter of fact, I am not like the rest!

    I get the job done! I do it fast, I do it well and I do it at a low low cost. I’m versatile, commercially useful and residentially friendly. I’m applicable for small shipments, large shipments, fragile shipments and odd shaped shipments. I can be found online all the time. I’m secure, easy to use and very professional looking. ‘I am who I am and as a matter of fact, I am not like the rest’! I am Shipping Envelopes.

    I make Shipping simple

    I make shipping simple, I make shipping complete, I make shipping affordable, I make shipping neat. I don’t require expense increasing accessories like plastic tops, packing tape, tape dispensers, glue, gloves, back braces, glue sticks, wax paper, Styrofoam, bubble wrap and cutter blades. I am not in any way shape or form labor intensive, heavy to carry or space consuming. I enhance profit gains and packaging procedures by saving you less on shipment costs and creating more time for accomplishing other work related duties. When using me, all you’ll need to do is open me up, drop your product inside, remove the cover off the seal strip, close the flap, attach your postage stamp and send me away.

    What I will do:

    Glamour Bubble Mailers available at PackagingSuppliesByMail.com Glamour Bubble Mailers

    I will add pizazz to your packages. I will draw attention to the contents inside; I will be useful as a promotional, advertising and marketing tool for your company’s brand, logo and name. I will not appear boring like many other shipping tools. I will stand out, stand off and stand above because I am not average, mediocre and I’m anything but plain. I’m available in a wide range of sizes and colors if you’re planning to utilize me through the Metallic Bubble Mailer version. If you want my standard option, I offer the Clear view Poly Mailer because of its transparency and ability to feature brochures, catalogs and promotional fliers in easy to see plain view.

    What I won’t allow:

    Poly Bubble Mailer available at PackagingSuppliesByMail.com Poly Bubble Mailer

    I am 100% against allowing products to be damaged during transit. I’m designed to endure the shifting, stacking and tossing that typically occur during shipments. I’m anything but weak, fragile or incompetent when it comes to enclosing packages. As a matter of fact, my Poly Bubble Mailer version provides such a strong adhesive, that all recipients will pretty much have to pry your contents out of the mailer. I’m extremely durable and shock resistant. My Kraft Bubble Mailer version is equipped with interior bubble cushioning that absorbs any bouncing or movement during transit. Lastly, I’m water proof, dust proof, dirt proof and tamper proof because of my exterior polyethylene material that is common amongst my Poly Mailer version.

    Look, don’t hesitate to use my skills for your needs. I specialize in expertise and I’m ready made for an abundance of tasks. My online presence is phenomenal, enabling users to surf and compare pricing. Granted, there are choice shipping tools that many have found useful for years upon years, yet Shipping Envelopes is consistently thriving as the new wave of expansion for online vendors and small businesses to reduce added expenses in regards to shipping their products to customers. With that being said, I strongly recommend you to go online and find a quality vendor, purchase a version of me and enhance your shipping techniques today!



  • Different Types of Packaging Supplies for Daily Requirements

    Effective and proper packaging has become quite essential, mainly when consumer products are concerned. Many industries strive for the best packaging solutions to have goods preserved in suitable conditions for many days. As clothes cover the human body and act as a shelter, similarly, complete packaging is the best way to provide coverage to all kinds of products. Many times, it is seen that innovatively and attractively packaged or designed products, are known for catching consumers attention fast.

    The main responsibility lies on packaging manufacturers and suppliers of components which provide suitable and premium packaging supply materials. The benefits of having an effective packaging solution are immense, as it protects and saves goods from damaging and harsh weather conditions like humidity, rain, moisture, sunlight, chemical reactions and other adverse conditions. When products are expensive and delicate in nature, then different packaging solutions with soft covering and proper cushioning inside can be preferred over the easy to tear packing aids.

    Various types of packaging aids are available to meet user needs for daily living. Be it electronic items, food products, gifts, manufactured products or other articles for packing, these can be superbly packed by using certain packaging equipment. By doing so, It will preserve and protect the materials and help in safe transportation.

    Stretch Wrap for Food Storage

    Food items have to be stored properly because if not, then it may spoil or become stale in no time. Food can be packed appropriately with suitable packaging supplies mainly when it is taken to some different place or environment. Stretch films would serve as the best purpose for safe food packaging. This kind of wrapping will protect the food from being exposing to bacteria, dust, excessive heat, moisture and some external factors.

    Packing tapes reduce the risks of shipment

    Tapes available at Packaging Supplies By Mail Tapes

    It’s imperative that glass items, electronic materials and delicate objects be shipped with extreme care. Various durable quality packaging supplies will resist bursts, splits, moisture, uneven tampering and UV light, keeping the items packed safe inside. Thus, appropriate packaging materials will reduce damage related risks associated with inadequate shipment.

    How to use packaging aids -

    As dissimilar packaging-supplies are compulsory for consistent use, it is better to have a decent stock readily available in your facility. As a result, your buying power may convince wholesalers to sell you various packaging aids at discounted prices. You can use reclsoable bags, shipping mailing envelopes, packing tapes, stretch wraps & packing tapes to wrap and seal the carton or small parcels. These devices are designed to ensure the items integrity before arrival.

    Another valuable shipping tool known as packing lists envelopes will increase commercial shipping standards by providing room for branding and marketing when coupling them with all your shipments. These aids add comprehensive value to shipping by allowing you to transport the cheapest to most pricey products without fear of misplacement or damage. Every form of these aforementioned packaging materials has unique features which can be used in multiple ways depending on the items that are being transported.

    To simply put it, all domestic and industrial goods can be safely conveyed by using these high applicability packing devices.


  • Poly Mailers - “The cost of success”!

    Why be cheap? Either pay now or pay later, but regardless you’ll pay something. Haven’t you heard the slogan “you get what you pay for”? Doesn’t hard work pay off or is it just the politically correct thing to say? In a world where the anatomy of its functioning depends on the heartbeat of currency, where if it don’t make dollars then it don’t make sense (or should I say cents), where the voice of reason says we must follow suit or else the market place of ideas that formulates successful trade will go extinct if resources aren’t created to enhance the pursuit of happiness, where…. (I could on and on and on…). Excuse me if I’m beginning to go over your head, but I solicit your thinking cap and invite you to join in a million dollar conversation about one resource that is gold when it comes to e-commerce, commercial shipping and much more. With that being said, let’s talk about Poly Bubble Mailers and how they contribute to “the cost of success”!


    Poly Bubble Mailer available at PackagingSuppliesByMail.com Poly Bubble Mailer

    Since online purchasing is the new age ways of shopping and since the majority of items being shipped are generally small and lightweight, my question is “why are you choosing to limit your profit percentages by not using shipping mailers”? Poly Bubble Mailers are ideal in various ways. First they’re able to resist natural element damages like dirt, dust and moisture due to their polyethylene outer covering. Secondly, their equipped with an inner lined bubble cushioning that will protect your goods from the pounding, stacking, and tossing that is unfortunately common practice amongst third party mailing services. Finally, a bulk quantity affords vendors and individuals alike to complete mass amounts of shipments without the need to seesaw their prices due to packaging burdens. Where I’m getting at is this; if boxes, mailing tubes and paperboard mailers are your only packaging option, you’ll limit your business the opportunity to competitively offer discounts and price breaks regularly. Not to mention, some forms of packaging require add on expenses such as packing tape, cardboard inserts, foam shock protectants or added bubble cushioning for them to even be effective. These factors are costly, they dive into profit advancement, they add to labor expenses and you lose stock space (bummer).

    There’s a Remedy….

    There are some excellent online packaging stores that specialize in complimenting the growth of your business. Why pay more? Why settle for less? Why lose instead of gain? As you invest time into viewing online packaging stores, you’ll discover an abundance of shipping mailers suitable for your demands. Some available resources like kraft bubble mailers and glamour bubble mailers offer economical solutions and marketing enhancements for your shipments. In my opinion, Poly bubble mailers are the middle ground/multi-faceted model amongst those mailers I previously mentioned. With a variety of sizes, volume based options and promotion accessibility, you’ll be able to offer product discounts, print your custom logo and successfully mail your products. Save the headache, reduce the stress, increase dividends, build notoriety, and grow your business all with a wiser approach to shipping. Start with the cost saving, success building, damage freeing Poly Bubble Mailer!


    • Inquire about the usable space dimensions so that you understand the appropriate size Poly Bubble Mailer you’ll need.
    • Always check the seal strip performance (if you don’t need to pry the package open, it’s not premium) so that your products will remain secured.
    • Ask for samples from various vendors- compare pricing, size/volume options and performance (there are so many online packaging stores but everyone isn’t top notch).

    Well I hope you benefited from this million dollar conversation (now take that to the bank). I invite all to leave a comment, sharing your experiences (good or bad) about shipping with Poly Bubble Mailers. Options are valuable, ideas are priceless, input is profitable and “time is money”…. This means I must go!

  • Make Life Easier! The Important Accessories For Daily Packaging

    Let’s face it certain instruments require certain tools to operate effectively. Headaches can arise when bundling boxes or unordinary shaped items. Who enjoys bending over to constantly pick up items that are falling apart when trying to bundle them together? How certain do you feel about shipping a loose bundled item when the delivery process involves frequent tossing, turning, folding, and throwing? Sounds like you may need a Stretch Wrap Bundling Dispenser to the rescue! PackagingSuppliesByMail.com offers multiple accessories for multiple industrial packaging tools. Now the ego can be the most commonly noted adversary against packaging accessories. The macho attitude will only allow you to work “harder not smarter” when the statement should be reversed “smarter not harder”.

    My experience working in the warehouse was overall great but on certain occasions brutal. Wrapping pallets and other products regularly can cause blisters on the hands. I always felt I worked better bare handed than with gloves. Then I came to know, that to counteract the blisters, the wonderful devices of Hand Savers, Plastic Wrap Dispensers, and PVC Grippers were perfect solutions. Going around pallets with ease and assuring a tight wrap not only protected my hands, but allowed me to secure the product even better because the aches and pains in my hands were nonexistent. Even for smaller objects that needed bundling my efficiency increased significantly. I also realized PackagingSuppliesByMail.com specializes in quality. So when I had to tape products, using my teeth daily was a foolish option and often I would say “wow this is some strong tape”. Even at home I now use a Tape Dispenser. Who enjoys trying to tear tape bare handed? The end result is always quite a mess, not to mention re-pealing it because the tape clung back onto the roll and is now stuck. Cutter Blades are important for both stretch wrap and tape products. They help avoid accidents, while they neatly slice the film or tape products you’re using. Of course Gloves protect the hands from germs, injury, and chemicals. Poly Bag Dispensers cut the poly bag tape correctly and allow the consumer to get accurate usage while giving items a professional look. Your food sales are sure to decrease if they are packed improperly.

    Enough said, you should log on to our website PackagingSuppliesByMail.com immediately and order your necessary accessories. It will make life easier when it comes to packaging!

  • PackagingSuppliesByMail.com : We’re Proud to Serve You !

    PackagingSuppliesByMail.com, a division of Packaging Material Direct Inc. is a successful fast growing web company serving thousands of dedicated customers their packaging material equipment needs daily. Established in 2009, our web company has rapidly developed into a premier country-wide leader by manufacturing and distributing premium quality packaging supplies. Located in the state of Michigan, we take pride in providing excellent packaging solutions, quality products, and competitive pricing. Our dedicated inspection process and punctual shipping methods have earned us a great reputation in the packaging industry.

    With our state of the art manufacturing equipment and combination of principles such as hard work, credibility, and dependability, we assure our customers will not only receive effective industry standard products but also ground breaking newly innovative products as well. We provide items such as reclosable bags, tapes, industrial gloves, shipping mailing envelopes, stretch wrap, and health care packaging products. 99% of the time we guarantee that if an order is placed before 3: 00 EST on our web site it will ship that same day. Our hours of operation are from 8:00-5:00 EST if you need to call and inquire specifics.

    Our goal is to thoroughly strive to provide customer satisfaction through low cost quality products, dependable services, and swift shipping techniques. Servicing large companies such as Staples, Home Depot, Sears, and Government Entities we’ve proven to be reliable and quality measured. We certainly will appreciate your business as well and look forward to developing a consistent productive relationship. At PackagingSuppliesByMail.com we frequently offer discount specials, free shipping, and reward prizes because we highly value our customers. Let our dedicated customer service and sales department team handle your packaging needs today! Thank you.

  • Adhesive Bandages - The Reason “Why You Need’em, Where You Need’em And When You Need’em”

    You need me!!! You need me for yourselves; you need me for your children, you athletes, your workers, and your visitors. I’m always needed!!! You need me just in case, just because, and for the sake of it. You need me frequently, you need me occasionally, and as a matter of fact, you always need me. You need me on a sunny day, on a cloudy day, for a future upcoming day, or maybe even right now as we speak, but no matter what, you need me. You need because …. “Okay” (enough with it already). I’m the one and only relief specialist and I go by the name Adhesive Bandages and today I would like you to know why, where, and when, “you need me”!

    Why you need me?

    First off, there are an unlimited amount of reasons why you need me, Adhesive Bandages, but for starters I’ll begin by saying it’s because you unfortunately will cut yourself, bruise yourself, burn yourself, puncture yourself, and injure yourself (excuse me if it sounds like I’m attempting to jinx you or wish you harm or bad luck). However the reason why I tend to be so “frank” about affliction is because I’m so equipped to bring forth recovery. In an instant, I, Adhesive Bandages certainly provide relief to minor injuries, I’m application sensitive, and also I’m available in various forms such as Butterfly Closures, Sheer Strips, and Metal Detectable Bandages. I’m easy to stock, great to travel with, and I’m non-allergenic. Anther very important aspect about the quality I offer is that I prevent harm from spreading. They way in which I accomplish this success is by stabilizing and covering wounds, I block the transmission of blood fluid from widening, thus spreading potential harmful bacteria to bystanders. Lastly I basically bring protection to your wound by negating the chance of re-injury to your open sore.

    Where you need me?

    Adhesive Bandages available at PackagingSuppliesByMail.comIt’s vital to have me in your home, office, gym, or warehouse cabinets. I don’t demand major space at all and I’m very close when an accidental mishap transpires. Adhesive Bandages are very necessary during athletic competitions, day cares, school recess breaks, camping trips, hiking trips, and labor intensive jobs. It wouldn’t be wise to not have me around because anything, at any time, during anywhere a complication can occur

    When you need me?

    When do you need Adhesive Bandages is a simple question to answer, when something happens (which is practically all the time). Adhesive Bandages are needed for two central reasons, in case of an emergency and proactively. Whenever you First Aid Kits are low on stock that’s when you need them, whenever you’re allergic to certain latex brands, that’s when you need them, whenever there is potential for a harmful situation to occur, that’s when you need them, and finally, if your aim is to establish health and safety awareness initiatives, you surely need them.

    Let’s face it

    Paper cuts are evident, it’s easy to cut yourself when preparing food, any form of labor with your hands is high risk for injury, any athletic participation heightens chances for affliction, and all outdoor events from rock climbing, to fishing, to simply riding a bike is prone to physical accidents.

    Well I hope that this was informative, encouraging, and eye opening. You don’t want to be caught without Adhesive Bandages (for no reason, no time, and no place at all). There are so many versions to choose from when shopping online for your convenience eliminating the need to travel to the local store for them. This article was designed to engage you on the reasons why, where, and when you’ll need Adhesive Bandages. Thanks for your time and be sure to leave a comment, your input is valuable!

    For more details you can call us on toll free number 1-800-456-2467

  • Premium Protection, Prevention and Preparation: Polyethylene Gloves!

    Today we live in an extreme germ conscious society due to the known awareness that bacteria can easily spread if we’re not careful. The enjoyment from eating out is special when you factor in the laughs, quality time, and appeased appetite. Nonetheless this common experience can unfortunately be ruined by a case of food poisoning or infection. By mishandling and discarding proper food safety techniques, terrible discomfort will occur to someone, and possibly a lawsuit against a prosperous business is the result of this ignorance. However to counteract such danger, PackagingSuppliesByMail.com presents premium protection, prevention, and preparation for the food service industry by offering quality Polyethylene Gloves.

    Polyethylene Gloves available at PackagingSuppliesByMail.com Polyethylene Gloves

    Polyethylene Gloves will produce low risk results pertaining to the spread of food borne illness such as E. coli and Hepatitis A. Although hand sanitizer and or simply using soap and water to wash your hands is good, neither will protect against Salmonella poisoning which occurs through cross contamination of certain foods. To prevent this, Polyethylene Gloves enables the chef to easily dispose the pair being worn for a new set while maintaining efficiency, especially for those busy weekends! Polyethylene Gloves are great for the prep chef also because they are constantly interchanging tasks like chopping and slicing to packaging and preparing orders. It’s imperative they have comfortable fitting gloves that feel similar to their bare hands that also are protective against cuts and burns which regularly happen. Unless you’ve worked in a restaurant you may not understand all that goes into providing the customer with that fresh hot meal they desire in a timely fashion.

    PackagingSuppliesByMail.com makes it easy for you to attain these Polyethylene Gloves. By simply logging on to our website you’re sure to find this beneficial product for your food service establishment. Why risk it, by responsibly covering your hands you cover your business and customer relationship all at once. We provide low prices and fast delivery. Let PackagingSuppliesByMail.com prove our quality and service to you today!

  • Significant Use of Industrial Gloves

    There are many industries in the world which require ultimate protection for hands. Such industries mainly include gardening, factory work, mining, construction jobs, welding etc. Industrial gloves are required to cover your hands at all times from major dangers which are associated with workplaces. It helps them to protect against cuts, splinter, scrapes, cuts etc.

    There are various kinds of industrial gloves which are found throughout the online marketplace. The most common varieties include Vinyl disposable powdered gloves, vinyl disposable powder free gloves, latex disposable powdered gloves, latex disposable powdered free gloves, Blue Nitrile disposable gloves, Black Nitrile disposable gloves, string knit gloves, polyethylene gloves, PVC double dot, brown jersey gloves, cotton inspection and leather palm gloves. All are designed for specific purposes and occupations.

    To be effective, gloves must fit properly and not hinder the free movement of the fingers and hands. It must offer complete protection, be easy to remove, comfortable fitting and void of slippage. Per say that your job requires touching chemicals or hot objects, then it is essential that the gloves are durably constructed so that injury is avoided.

    Below is a comprehensive list of the variations and effectiveness that each type of disposable glove provides:

    Vinyl disposable powdered gloves

    Vinyl Disposable Powdered Gloves are made from synthetic rubber and vinyl resin. Highly resourceful, they’re commonly used for many purposes like food service, dish washing, cleaning and product handling. The powdered feature allows users to slide the gloves on and off their hands easily. Compared to Blue Nitrile and Latex disposable, this glove offers a more relaxed grip as it is best suited for nontoxic and light duty work.

    Vinyl Disposable PowderFree Gloves

    These gloves are great towards protecting against skin rashes, latex allergies and sinus infections. The Vinyl Disposable Powdered Free Gloves is excellent for many tasks. Accordingly, they’ll safeguard your hands from industrial environments and provide protection from harsh chemicals when completing home cleaning and janitorial work. These gloves are less expensive compared to latex powder free and Black Nitrile.

    Latex Disposable Powdered Gloves

    Latex Disposable Powdered Gloves are amazing due to their ability to provide extreme grip for utilization. Made from natural rubber, these gloves are known for great slip resistance and flexibility. Therefore, hands are defended safely against pathogens, germs and bacteria during substantial use.

    Blue Nitrile Disposable Gloves

    Blue Nitrile Disposable Gloves are made from the synthetic polymer material which is competent for many purposes. In contrast to Latex gloves, these gloves offer premium pressure and chemical resistant qualities. In addition, users are safeguarded against latex associated allergic reactions, while its durable traits ensure performance integrity for a host of dynamic applications. These gloves are ideal for woodwork, lab research, painting and cooking.

    Black Nitrile Disposable Gloves

    Both FDA and USDA certified, Black Nitrile Disposable Gloves are effective for preventing the spreading of germs and protecting hands from splinters, abrasions and wounds. Because this glove is form fitting, oils, acids and solvents are discarded from exerting contamination during usage. These gloves are ideal for Cosmetic techs and tattoo artistry.

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