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  • The After-Auction Essential Packaging Must-Haves

    So, the auction is over and you’re all set to ship your items. But do you know that a more important thing comes now? Packing and shipping your goods appropriately, in their original condition, is an important task as no one likes to get a damaged parcel. You see a huge assortment of items that are differently sized and shaped. To save you from packaging mishaps, here are a few take-aways for optimum packaging of auctioned goods.

    Order Standard Size Boxes

    Don’t stack packing boxes in hundreds of numbers as you might end up wasting extra space while packing smaller items like watches and medals. Instead, order packs of 10 or 25 in different sizes so that you have the right size for right item.

    Ensure Proper Protection

    Bubbles, loose fill chips, tissue papers and what not… You must ensure to fill in so much material to protect your packaged item from shocks during transit. Bubble wraps are a popular and cost-effective source for packaging delicate or fragile items.

    Bubble Wraps

    Palletize Securely

    Stretch wraps are an ultimate solution to hold huge loads together while transporting in bundles. Whether it is furniture or any industrial item, stretch wrapping ensures no dust build-up and safe transportation with no tampering.

    Label Accurately

    Sophisticated labeling adds the required final touch to your products. Shipping labels contain information that is necessary to intimate the users about the packed goods such as expiry dates, contents packed, price, etc.

    Shipping Labels

    With the above packaging materials, you will be readily equipped with what is required to ship the auctioned goods, but some awkward flats, talls and longs you may require special packaging boxes and shipping arrangement. It is not about selling your goods but more about how you interact with the receiver at every step of the selling process, including the packaging and shipping.

    As many incidences speak of items mishandled during transit causing loss to both the parties, it is important to follow a proper packaging and shipping process.

  • How Much Does Your Packaging Actually Cost You?

    Have you ever thought what portion of your manufacturing costs goes into packaging? The unit price only gives you a rough idea and is just the tip of the iceberg. The fact is that packaging material accounts for less than 10% of your total packaging costs. The rest is usually ignored.

    Packing Tape Dispensers

    Below are additional things make up the maximum share of the packaging costs that are mostly overlooked.

    Customer Dissatisfaction

    Today’s customer is an aware customer and mostly shops online. Packaging plays an important role in retaining a customer and creating new customer base. Online shopping has raised packaging standards in order to achieve a positive customer experience. Therefore, companies need to look more deeply into things that go into their product presentation.

    Damages & Returns

    Improper packaging can result in delivering a damaged product to the customer. Packaging larger than or smaller than the required size do not offer complete protection and may cause you to incur additional costs due to incidences of returns and replacements. Those shipping costs cannot be forgotten here.

    Packaging Storage

    Packaging material may be occupying too much space in your warehouse. An alternative would be to store the packaging material with a service provider.

    Packaging Labor

    Packaging tasks definitely require human efforts to collate, assemble and pack the products. This costs you hours that can easily be eliminated by implementing a fully or semi-automated packaging process which would result in faster packaging. Simple tools such as packaging tape dispensers or stretch wrap machines can be of great use. 

    Forward Logistics

    Think of reducing the dimensions of your packaging in order to further save on the storage and shipping costs as customers appreciate handy and ready-to-use items.

    The PackagingSuppliesByMail.com store is a complete solution to your packaging and shipping needs. We have packaging and shipping supplies that aim at reducing packaging costs while being durable and efficient too. We provide swift delivery of orders and ensure the most competitive prices for quality packaging material.

  • How to Select a Portable Shrink Wrap Machine

    Shrink wraps are undoubtedly the most commonly used packaging materials conforming to their packaging-friendly, cost-effective features. Unlike those heavily sized shrink wrap machines used at industrial settings, portable shrink wrap machines have been trending as these are handy and can be readily used to apply the wraps professionally.

    Portable Shrink Wrap

    Let’s have a look at the details of portable shrink wrap machines:


    Impulse sealers resemble a stapler and are the most commonly used portable machines. Its top sealing bar is raised and lowered so that the sealing bar engages the wire and a perfect seal is created by applying heat to the shrink wrap. After the seal is created, heat is applied to the film by the help of heat gun. Due to heat, the film shrinks thereby conforming it to the product size. Both the sealer and gun require 110V power supply.

    This sealer and gun combo can be used to seal 100-200 products daily with this machine. These weigh light enough to be able to carry from place to place.


    I-Bar system is an all-in-one shrink wrap system. The machine includes a sealer, a heat gun, a film rack and separator, and a film roll. Here, it is important to note that a smaller sealing bar must be chosen to ensure portability of the machine. For example, the portable 13” I-Bar system has 20” x 12” x 17” dimensions with the heat gun rack while the 40” I-Bar system (47” x 12” x 17”) is majorly suitable for single-site use. All the I-Bar shrink wrap systems require 110V power source. The 13” & 18” I-Bar systems can conveniently be placed on a cart or on the backseat of a car.


    The L-Bar sealers are just perfect shrink-wrapping machine for small products. The 13” x 13” L-Bar sealers weigh lesser than 35 lbs. and can easily be used with a heat gun or shrink tunnel.

    An added advantage of the L-Bar sealers over the above two machines is that these can fully seal the open ends of a centerfold shrink film. These sealers are 23” long x 19.5” wide x 6.5” tall and can easily be placed on a small tabletop.

    In the first place you need to decide whether you require shrink wraps or stretch wraps. Shrink wraps are ideal choice for protecting a single product against dust and other atmospheric contaminations. They are also used to bundle disposable food containers and disposable cutlery sets tightly.

    Stretch wraps help palletizing huge loads while protecting the goods from dust, dirt, moisture and other contaminations. Stretch films are available in a wide variety of types including anti-static stretch films, UV stretch wrap, pre-stretched and colored stretch films. If you are looking for wraps that can hold heavy items together to prevent spillage during transit, you need to surely opt for stretch wraps.

  • How to Find a Reliable Packaging Materials Supplier?

    Packaging has seen massive growth and has experienced tremendous amount of turbulence in the past few years. With eCommerce gearing in, packaging has taken a leap towards sophistication and customer convenience. Packaging materials also improvised with time and brought in innovations that aimed at eco-friendliness and sustainability. Obviously, with the increase in demand, many packaging material suppliers entered the market; however, not all suppliers are reliable and smooth to work with.

    Packing Materials

    Great packaging results in great sales!

    The ultimate motive of any product manufacturing company is to achieve the targeted sales amount. Although your product is excellent, you need to select a firm that supplies packaging materials that offer easy-to-use, durable, customer-friendly and recyclable packaging materials to be picked from the super-market shelves. Here are some criteria to analyze whether the packaging materials supplier is good to purchase from.

    Product Quantity The supplier must have a wide range of packaging materials for all your product types so that you have the privilege to select an optimum packaging for your products.

    Product Quality – Quality matters when it comes to selling to customers who have multiple choices. Poor quality packaging material will degrade the overall quality of your product and may negatively impact the reputation of your company.

    FDA Compliance – To prove the authenticity of your product packaging, ensure that it is tested for quality by the latest guidelines by the FDA and other relevant regulatory bodies.

    Delivery – The supplier must offer quick delivery of the packaging products and preferably free shipping options.

    Cost­ – The most important aspect is the pricing of packaging materials. You must check for bulk order pricing to get the maximum benefit.

    In addition to the above aspects, you must also check whether there are any hidden costs and transportation charges. To save your time of searching for a reliable packaging materials supplier, visit https://www.packagingsuppliesbymail.com/ and browse the online store for industrial, medical as well as safety supplies at the most competitive price.

  • 6 Ways to Reduce Packaging Waste in Industries

    With the increasing awareness for waste reduction, demand for sustainable packaging is increasing, and industries are actively adopting earth-friendly packaging methods. Sustainable packaging is becoming popular as it also benefits companies by reducing packaging design costs. Reducing waste is not only pocket-friendly but it also contributes towards corporate social responsibility.

    Kraft Bubble Envelopes

    Here are some ways to reduce packaging waste in industries:

    1. Use Recyclable Packaging Materials

    Using eco-friendly packaging materials that are reusable or recyclable is the best option. Instead of throwing packaging leftovers into the trash, they can be used to store everyday office material. Pieces of cardboard or paper can be re-used to be converted into other products. Kraft bubble envelopes are the best example of eco-friendly shipping envelopes as they promote a paper covering and also save the packages from tampering or damage during transit.

    1. Prefer Minimal Packaging Design

    Creative packers have successfully established packaging designs that use the least packaging while also conveying their messages clearly.

    Yuta Takahashi’s minimalistic packaging design

    Blending creativity with simplicity, the chocolate manufacturers came up with this innovative packaging design that uses an almost entirely white wrapper mentioning the product name in simple black and beautiful classic dots to represent the intensity of the chocolate.

    1. Use Cartonization Software

    Shippers are using the cartonization software that enables shrinking of the packages and led to custom sized boxes for products that in turn reduce shipping as well as packaging costs. The technology additionally saves packaging waste by eliminating use of excess material.

    1. Educate Customers about Disposal Methods

    Though consumers are aware about choosing products promoting recyclable packaging, they might not know proper disposal methods. Educating buyers by inserting educational material into your packaging helps proper disposal of recyclable waste. This also helps in creating brand value by letting consumers know that you are economically responsible.

    1. Try New Packaging Materials

    Most shippers prefer using shredded paper for unbreakable items. Plastic bags filled with air or bubble wraps are found stuffed in packages to prevent the item from breakage. However, it is important to understand that it is seldom necessary and that letting the end user know that the plastic waste is recyclable. Shredders can produce a lot of shredded cardboard or paper that can be alternatively used to fill packaging boxes.

    1. Use Stretch Wraps Generously

    Stretch wrapping undoubtedly safeguards large packages from damage during transit while also helping the environment. Stretch wraps easily fit into recycling bins and keep unsellable, damaged products out of landfills.

  • What Are Customers Looking for In Flexible Packaging ?

    The modern customer is very demanding, and manufacturers have a tough time keeping up with their expectations. Always catering to the society in a responsible manner, the packaging world also has innovated creative ways to stay ahead of the trend. Consumers are more concerned about health and therefore prefer packed fruits and vegetables, additive-free products and dietary supplements that have led a growth in demand for flexible packaging types.

    Modern packaging isn’t just a container to occupy a product, protecting it from external attacks and ensuring delivery of a damage-free product to the end user.

    Flexible Packaging

    It covers several other factors such as:

    • Minimum use of resources
    • Easy to empty, fill and dispose
    • Easy to hold, open and close
    • Easy to handle, store and transport
    • Easy to manufacture
    • Cost efficient
    • Protect from physical as well as chemical damage and exposure

    Flexible packaging has surpassed the rigid geometric shapes on store shelves and has made organizing, storing and using products very simple for the end user. The urban society prefers to choose products that offer portability and convenience to cope up with busy lifestyles. Single serve packages, carry-away packs, microwaveable products, resealable packaging, easy open packs and product packaging with longer shelf lives are mostly in demand. People are spending more time out of home and look for carry away packs that do not cause a mess and are lightweight as well as resealable.

    Flexible packaging aims towards sustainable and earth-friendly ways.

    Brand owners are aware of their corporate responsibility and thus are dedicated towards reducing the environmental impact of packaging. They are using recyclable polymers in majority and are also investigating the use of bio-plastic packaging. Introducing flexibility in packaging has rewarded the environment by reducing the utilization of resources as well as energy and has also benefitted manufacturers by significantly sinking the material, packaging and transport costs.

    This kind of packaging is essential for the rise in supermarket shopping trend as consumers usually favor them for purchasing goods due to their wide product ranges and diverse choices. PackagingSuppliesByMail.com has a wide range of packaging supplies that are in line with the recent trend and provides flexible packaging options without compromising on the package quality. Visit our online store and shop for the most efficient packaging supplies at competitive prices.

  • The Paradigm Shift of Packaging Aesthetics in the Digital Era

    Why does packaging matter so much? Is it not enough that we provide the best quality product? To many such questions, there is just one answer – the customer wants it that way. The sale of their product is the ultimate motive of every manufacturing business and to achieve the desired numbers, marketers need to brainstorm thousands of ways to allure customers.

    Packaging Supplies

    A loyal consumer is hard to retain if the “right thing” is not done at the right time.

    Packaging is the first thing a customer notices about your product. We live in a very visual world and therefore it is obvious as to how buyers react to your product. However, when we talk of the digital medium, there are different parameters to be considered.

    With a single click, your product can be swept away from their vision; it can even go unnoticed if you do not add that “x-factor”. Color and imagery still are crucial decision-making factors as were earlier (on the shelf).

    But colors and imagery work very differently on the screen as there are several other competitors pitching similar products on social media, providing customers a wide range of choices. The psychology of every aspect of the package design must be analyzed while researching the target market’s interests, especially colors as they convey different emotions depending on the type of product and the country it is being marketed in.

    Apart from the immediate packaging of your product, the exterior packaging for e-commerce shipping is also essential as it must be durable enough to sustain the tough product handling procedures of the third-party courier companies.

    Here are four examples of how packaging is changing: 

    Johnson’s Overhauls Product Packaging 

    Johnson’s has made changes to include fewer ingredients, ergonomic new packaging, and a greener manufacturing footprint to ensure that they continue to meet the demands of parents around the globe.

    Be Green Packaging Offers Green Alternative to Plastic Packaging 

    Be Green Packaging is utilizing a proprietary blend of renewable natural fibers to produce a variety of shapes for shipping purposes.

    Localized Team Spirit Appeals to Fans of Fast Food 

    Bojangles’ is personalizing their marketing by catering to local sports teams with the packaging of their food products.

    Schreiner Medifarm Develops Multifunctional Covert-Hologram Seal for Tamper Protection 

    Schreiner Medifarm has developed an irreversible hologram to allow consumers to know when packaging has previous been opened.

    To excel in tough competition, the packaging industry experiences a lot of turbulence churning out possible efforts to maximize sales. Online portals are an effective medium for increasing sales if utilized properly. Marketers need to provide an aesthetic appeal to product packaging that relates to end customers. Creativity is the key to extract maximum out of your product packaging with online portals.

  • Why is E-Commerce Packaging So Critical?

    Pack it well, or you lose it…

    E-commerce has really made shopping simple and quick. Customers get to see, review and compare products before ordering them, and all of this happens at a single click. With such comfort and ease of shopping, they have become very sensitive towards how sellers attract them. There is no room for compromise and therefore it is essential to recognize every aspect of customer satisfaction.

    Ecommerce packaging

    Packaging is a crucial element of e-commerce business. Let’s understand why…

    Your buyer eagerly awaits the arrival of their package. The customer is obviously more interested in the product packed within; however, if the outer covering of the packaging is tampered, untidy, or doesn’t have that appealing factor, you are sure to fuse the anxiety and lose the customer forever.

    E-commerce packaging matters the most as it is the first physical interaction with your company.

    Some like it simple, others are fascinated by personalized packaging. Striking the right balance requires skill. Simple doesn’t need to be plain. It must include the necessary shipment details that provide the required information to the consumer while ensuring a clean design. If your packaging experts can think of it, there are various creative ways to engage customers, and this can be a standpoint for setting a brand image and earning a loyal customer. Including a packaging surprise along with your product will make a lasting impression!

    Marketing essentials have largely changed with increased conversation of brands with consumers. It is important to create an emotional bond with your customer as an e-commerce retailer by converting a digital process into a memorable e-commerce shopping experience.

    Companies need to win on shelves and online – both to remain competitive in today’s market. Packaging experts suggest using only quality packaging supplies from reliable packaging and shipping supplies dealers to be able to experiment and offer their customers the best shopping experience.

  • Guide to Packaging Convenience for Better Consumer Experience

    The consumer’s perspective has always been a pre-requisite in the packaging industry for obvious reasons. Packaging styles offer maximum flexibility to encourage ease and convenience. Everyone appreciates packaging that is adaptable and keeps the packaged contents fresh and safe, and people from different parts of the world have completely different packaging needs.

    Convenience of consumers widely depends on their demographics and culture. Every lifestyle defines convenience differently and packaging specialists struggle to make the best fit for a larger mass. Some people demand longer freshness of the packaged product as a primary motive, some prefer bulk buying, while others look for easy-to-carry style.

    The industrial market encourages packaging that is lightweight, water-repellent and stands up to harsh weather conditions and rough handling procedures.

    Guide to Packaging Convenience for Better Consumer Experience

    What packaging factors must be considered for a better consumer convenience?

    • The sustainable packaging idea. Packaging that values renewable energy and encourages e-mobility is called sustainable packaging. Some consumers appreciate chlorine-free or recycled papers for making packaging boxes.


    • Single-use packaging formula. People like on-the-go products (especially food items) that can be used only once for adapting to the change in eating habits. With the rise in single-person households, this is an undeniable need.


    • Packaging as a communicating medium. Packages can be used as an effective branding tool. Use high-quality images and attractive, bold colors as well as logos on the packaging for easy visibility.


    • Co-create and customize your packaging. Because convenience is an individual choice, companies focus on co-creating packaging material with brands to ensure delivering the perfect packaging that fits every individual’s personal preferences.


    Flexible packaging options have benefited brands by establishing a global market, as their thoughtful packaging tactics cater to the needs of a larger mass. The packaging industry essentially impacts the sale of any product.

    PackagingSuppliesByMail.com is a market leader in supplying highly reliable packaging supplies as well as shipping materials. You can choose from the wide selection at our online store for flexible packaging options at the most economical prices. Visit our website for resealable, easy-to-open/close packaging bags, shipping envelopes and essential safety supplies.

  • Why are MULTIVAC Packaging Solutions So Popular?

    The making of packaging material means a warehouse full of powdered remains and scrap from the cutting of trees. The residue is sometimes recycled and the non-recyclable is trashed. There is a need to eliminate the traditional manufacturing process and stay more organized, clean and eco-friendly.

    The MULTIVAC machines are designed diligently to save manufacturing units from producing so much waste. The intelligent design and technological expertise utilized in MULTIVAC thermoforming machines, promotes clean rooms, while enhancing efficiency which is mandatorily required in healthcare packaging products such as pharmaceutical and biotech products. The packaging process finds no exception to producing incomparably finished goods and the modular construction ensures durability.

    Healthcare Packaging Products

    There are separate forming stations, loading areas, sealing stations, perforation units and cutting units. The machine fulfils the requirements of a fully automated set-up, saving both time and effort. MULTIVAC is engineered to meet the specifications of pharmaceutical industry that mandates low microbiological and particle levels. It is equipped to process both flexible as well as rigid films. The machine is designed to construct aluminum as well as other packaging materials.

    The MULTIVAC thermoforming packaging machines offer the following advantages:

    • Process reliability
    • Customized packaging options
    • Durability and hygiene
    • Energy-efficient & cost-efficient
    • High product quality
    • Excellent production output
    • Versatile expansion and configuration settings

    With functionality clubbed with quality performance, the MULTIVAC machines adhere to the highest standards. The popularity is justified by the overall performance of the packaging machines. So, if you are the one with the cleanliness instinct, this intelligently crafted machine must be your first choice for manufacturing packaging material.

    MULTIVAC machines have set standards that cannot be outcompeted in the industry when it comes to price and performance. We equip safe packaging products that are carefully crafted by MULTIVAC thermoforming machines under strict guidelines for the manufacturing of healthcare packaging products.

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