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  • Simply capable — Kraft Bubble Mailers

    Kraft Bubble Mailers are capable enough to perform rigorous shipping tasks due to the sturdy material used in making of the envelope. Shipping items small/lightweight like documents, gifts, clothing, electronics, and books is basically a daily need amongst individuals and organizations. A trusted shipping mailing envelope for all your shipping concerns, Kraft bubble mailers certainly bring value to the small parcels and huge consignments by providing an added layer of protection to safeguard against potential transport hurdles. Kraft Bubble Mailers are a trusted shipping mailing envelope for all your shipping concerns and the extra bubble layer padding allows you to ship medicine, industrial, cosmetics, DVD’s and office supplies effortlessly. Unfortunately, shifting, grueling, tossing and stacking procedures are a commonality throughout the daily transit process when it comes to delivery. Accordingly, the objective is for a safe delivery of the goods without any damage or loss of product. Therefore, packaging supplies like Kraft Bubbler Mailers are highly resourceful for damage-free shipping results.

    Kraft Bubble Mailers available at Packaging Supplies By Mail Kraft Bubble Mailers

    By serving many practical applications of the transport industry, Kraft bubble mailers certainly bring value to the small parcels and huge consignments by providing an added layer of protection to safeguard against potential transport hurdles. Just one Kraft Bubble Mailer deters major shipping concerns, with them; there is no need to worry about sharing gifts and products with family, friends or customers because they’re just right for the task. PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com is an industry leader in bulk distribution of top notch Kraft Bubble Mailers. As you navigate through our website, you’ll discover the vast array of sizes and volume amounts offered for your shipping demands. We are a passionate group of experts whose goal is to satisfy customers and help them succeed in their endeavors, whether it’s for domestic or commercial purposes. Allow us to be your one stop source for Kraft Bubble Mailers, and much more packaging equipment; we continuously offer amazing discount specials for your benefit. Log on today and get quality packaging supplies!

  • Tape Dispensers - packaging just isn’t the same without them!

    Using packing tape manually to apply over corrugated boxes and packages may be slightly difficult and time consuming, as one person has to hold the tape while the other cuts it to stick over. Tape dispensers are handy domestic and industrial accessory which simplifies your work projects easier. Let’s face it certain instruments require certain tools to operate effectively. So when I had to tape products, using my teeth daily was a foolish option and often I would say “wow this is some strong tape”. Even at home I now use a Tape Dispenser. Who enjoys trying to tear tape bare handed? The end result is always quite a mess, not to mention re-pealing it because the tape clung back onto the roll and is now stuck.

    Tape Dispenser & Machines available at Packaging Supplies by mail Tape Dispenser & Machines

    Tape Dispenser & Machines are phenomenal in regards to home, industrial or office packaging. You can conveniently assemble the multiple sized goods into a single entity. This makes transportation convenient as moving the consignment from one place to another won’t consumer energy and time, mainly when many units of parcels are joined together. Another plus is that, specific tape dispensers like our Tape Wrangler, can be mounted on a flat surface like a desk or workstation in an area which is accessible to all workers.

    It is easy to use the tape dispenser compared to other packaging accessories due to the nature of its features. This featherweight device can be carried to any place without trouble. There are small and medium sized dispensers which can be rolled over the cartons to pack them properly, unlike the heavy machine dispensers which aren’t flexible enough to move around any sized package.

    To compliment your packaging tasks, we offer you durable, high quality, Tape Dispensers & Machines that will increase your packaging efficiency and allow you to secure your packages quite effectively. Available in 2” and 3” sizes, we also stock the Poly Bag table top dispensers as well as the Tape Wrangler which is a superior quality industrial Tape Dispenser. You’ll notice we provide extremely low prices for these products and we also offer swift delivery and excellent service, don’t hesitate get these valuable tools today and avoid the headaches. Thanks!


  • Are You Prepared for Medical Emergencies at Work?

    Vendors stay prepared! While your business prospers every single day, there is a huge responsibility you bear – the safety of your staff members. An unavoidable & unpredictable situation may arise anywhere and at any time. And you would be required to take necessary steps to save tremendous health losses to your employees. Therefore, in today’s blog, we are focusing upon stocking first aid kits at workplace.

    While your business performs various operational tasks every single day, the more you are exposed to accidents increases. This is the time when you pull out the first aid kit and help the injured get an emergency treatment, keeping him in a stable condition until any expert care is available. Many vendors have adopted the practice of having a separate cabinet for first aid supplies, which is open to all the employees.

    First Aid Kits available at Packaging Supplies By Mail First Aid Kits

    What elements must you stock?

    1. Empty first aid cabinets: First aid cabinets divided into 2 or more cabinet shelves, depending upon your requirement that are made of acid resistant material are good to be mounted on a wall.
    2. First Aid Kits: To provide immediate treatment at an emergency hour, you must stock an adequate amount of medical supplies. Treating minor injuries with the first aid equipment materials is simple and gives the injured a sense of safety while working. Moreover, you must also ensure the sterility and validity of the stock.
    3. Trauma Kit: Slightly different from the first aid kit, your trauma kit must be equipped with emergency response products like CPR masks and personal protection items like infectious waste bags, examination gloves, and other medical essentials.

    Being proactive and sensible to have a first aid kit at the workplace is essential to providing necessary care to people who need immediate medical attention in case of emergency. Packaging SuppliesByMail.Com is a reputable source for supplying medical supplies for industrial as well as domestic use. We stock enough quantity of wholesale medical supplies at very economical prices to promote healthy living. If you have not stocked an emergency kit until now, it’s not too late. You can still visit https://www.packagingsuppliesbymail.com/medical-supplies to order your own package of medical supplies.


  • Healing Sprains with Ace Bandages – Are You Doing It Wrong?

    Sprains are awfully painful. The sudden twists and misplacement of your limbs (hands or legs) or stumbling upon uneven surfaces may cause you to have a sprain in your muscles, especially in the joints. It gives an irresistible pain and can lead to bumped swellings if not treated properly on time. One of the most-effective traditional knacks that have proven to be the quickest, easiest and safest methods to prevent further serious injury is known as “RICE” (rest, ice, compression & elevation). It is as simple as applying ice cubes for 10-20 minutes and compressing the area with an elastic bandage wrap followed by elevating the limb for a considerable time.

    However, “RICE” may not help if you are not doing it right. Out of the four steps, ‘compression’ requires specific attention and care while being done.

    How do Ace Bandages reduce pain?

    Ace bandages help by compressing the sprained area in order to limit the blood flow, which in turn reduces swelling and promotes healing. By creating a localized pressure on the affected area, it reminds you to be careful with your movements.

    You are doing it WRONG if…

    • The wrapped area feels numb after a little while
    • You experience a tingling sensation
    • The color changes abnormally than that of other areas
    • The ace bandage hangs loosely off your skin

    How to do it correctly?

    Elastic Bandage Wrap available at Packaging Supplies By Mail Elastic Bandage Wrap

    Place the elastic bandage wrap on the top of the injured area and loop it once until you secure the loose starting end beneath. Proceed with looping it around the area until you reach the other loose end of the ace bandage. Ensure that while wrapping the bandage, there is some tension in the elastic fibers to apply slight pressure. Otherwise, the bandage wrap would hang loosely off your skin, resulting in a swelled injury.  When you run out of bandage, secure the loose end with two metal clips that are available within the package. The small metal teeth attached to the metal clips easily hooks to the loose end of the ace bandage and the wrapped loop.

    To wrap a sprained joint, you can roll the wraps crossing over one another starting from an upper part to the lower part. This offers rigidity to the movement of the joint while curing it better.

    We, at PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com, are leading providers of all sizes of elastic bandage wraps for general as well as sports injuries. We stock different lengths of rolls for convenient use for people of all ages. All our wraps are free from latex and the polyester knit bandage serves better adherence to re-strengthen the damaged/sprained muscle.

    You must have an emergency roll of this very useful ace bandage for first aid treatments of your sprains. Visit our online store https://www.packagingsuppliesbymail.com/elastic-bandage-wrap.html to select the size & quantity you require. You may also contact us at 1-800-456-2467 to place your order.



  • Here’s why Colored Stretch Wrap works for you!

    Easily identifiable, tough and durable, and great for multipurpose describes our Colored Stretch Wrap! This stretch wrap is available in multiple sizes, colors, and lengths, plus we stock various forms of applicable versions such as bundling film, extended core pallet wrap, machine grade, and hand film. So, whether it’s for bundling, pallet wrap, hand wrap or machine wrap applications, Colored Stretch Wrap is designed to offer premium performance for your shipments.

    Colored Stretch Wrap available at Packaging Supplies By Mail Colored Stretch Wrap

    Here’s why:

    1. It is suitable to wrap any kind of surface
    2. Colored stretch wrap can be wrapped manually, semi -automatically or fully automatically
    3. There are different widths available in colored stretch wrap to suit what needs to be wrapped securely
    4. Colored stretch wrap protects the goods from UV ray exposure
    5. It prevents the material from being damaged by dust, rain and dew
    6. The colored film conceals the valuable shipment which deters pilferages
    7. Color stretch wrap has a longer life than clear stretch wrap especially when exposed to nature
    8. It is more cost effective when compared to shrink wrap film

    Stretch Wrap is a highly stretchable plastic film that is made from linear low density polythene (LLDPE). Due to its characteristic of elasticity, it is widely used to wrap around items especially items that are to be shipped and need to be bound tightly. This LLDPE film is now available in various colors and is commonly called Colored Stretch Wrap.

    Similar to our cast stretch film, blown stretch film, and economy stretch film, this stretch wrap maintains a self-adhering quality that allows each layer to cling tightly to provide added load stability strength. Be sure to inquire about any custom colors you may desire.

    Depending on the type of application, Colored Stretch Wrap provides multiple abilities such as

    1. Bundling for small to medium products which will reduce shipping costs
    2. Palletizing
    3. Manual hand wrap for irregular shaped items and the ability to reduce shipping costs
    4. Usage for machine wrap
    5. Prime for stock coding and warehouse organization

    We are your most trusted, dependable, and cost efficient source for Colored Stretch Wrap. We offer continuous discount specials, and we focus on providing premium service alongside our integral product.


  • Stick with Adhesive Bandages! - they stick to being your source for minor bruises

    Adhesive Bandages are the right source for all shallow cuts and small wounds. Although Adhesive Tape can be advantageous, paper cuts call for a specific type of bandage called Butterfly Closures. Here at PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com we specialize in a wide host of effective Adhesive Bandages. Bandages such as our Tricot Strips, Flexible Fabric, Metal Detectable, Superflex Foam Action Strips, Sheer, and our Plastic Strip versions work excellent to provide you with the preference you desire and the care that you call for. Whether you’re searching for bulk quantities or you just need one box at a time, we are your leading source for Adhesive Bandages.

    Flexible Fabric Band Aid available at Packaging Supplies By Mail Flexible Fabric Band Aid

    Now, there are an unlimited amount of reasons why you need Adhesive Bandages, but for starters I’ll begin by saying it’s because you unfortunately will cut yourself, bruise yourself, burn yourself, puncture yourself, and injure yourself. However the reason why I tend to be so “frank” about affliction is because I’m so equipped to bring forth recovery. Another very important aspect about the quality Adhesive Bandages offer is that they prevent harm from spreading. They way in which this is accomplished is by stabilizing and covering wounds, blocking the transmission of blood fluid from widening, thus spreading potential harmful bacteria to bystanders. Plus, the assuredly bring protection to your wound by negating the chance of re-injury to your open sore.

    Tricot Strips available at Packaging Supplies By Mail Tricot Strips

    Look, it’s simple, you need in Adhesive Bandages before, during and after an accident happens (which is practically all the time). Adhesive Bandages are needed for two central reasons, in case of an emergency and proactively. Whenever your First Aid Kits are low on stock that’s when you need them, whenever you’re allergic to certain latex brands, that’s when you need them, whenever there is potential for a harmful situation to occur, that’s when you need them, and finally, if your aim is to establish health and safety awareness initiatives, you surely need Adhesive Bandages.

    Adhesive Bandages are the right source for all shallow cuts and small wounds. Although Adhesive Tape can be advantageous, paper cuts call for a specific type of bandage called Butterfly Closures. Here at PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com we specialize in a wide host of effective Adhesive Bandages. Bandages such as our Tricot Strips, Flexible Fabric, Metal Detectable, Superflex Foam Action Strips, Sheer, and our Plastic Strip versions work excellent to provide you with the preference you desire and the care that you call for. Whether you’re searching for bulk quantities or you just need one box at a time, we are your leading source for Adhesive Bandages.



  • Metallic Bubble Mailers - Marvelously Magnificent!!!

    Metallic Bubble Mailers can be accurately defined as one dependable packaging aid that initiates appeal and guarantees safe delivery for your products. These bubble mailers are lined with thick insulated cushion padding which guards products from receiving damages during transit. Metallic Bubble Mailers provide a more effective approach because the metallic exterior is more vibrant and eye appealing. The convenience and availability of this gifting device is also great because they’re very accessible during online shopping tasks. Besides that, they’re shipment ready so you don’t need to buy add on supplies like wrapping paper for any gift or presentation.

    Why should you use Metallic Bubble Mailers?

    1. Secure Delivery
    2. Attractive bright Packaging
    3. Risk Free Transportation
    4. Unique outer cover
    5. Excellent for Gifting & Promotions
    6. Self-sealing strip
    7. Enhances the item anticipation for recipient
    8. Thick insulated bubble cushioning
    9. Perfect for that special someone or business affiliate
    10. Easy Closure
    Bubble Mailers available at PackagingSuppliesByMail.com Metallic Bubble Mailers available at PackagingSuppliesByMail.com

    No need to look for adhesive tapes, ribbons and colorful papers to make your presents look attractive. These readymade colorful envelopes are the exact fit you’ll need for holiday gifting and product presentation. This wonderful Shipping Mailing Envelope serves as a perfect packaging solution for individuals and businesses who desire to maintain cordial relations. Metallic Bubble Mailers are light in weight and handy to use which won’t add anything to the shipping costs unlike many other mailing devices. Metallic Bubble Mailers simplifies your gift packaging tasks. In fact, being that they’re simple to use, many users have found this product to be hassle free, efficient and versatile. Glossy colors, durable structure and featherweight handling, allows users to just peal, pack and ship with ease.

    PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com is the ideal source for your Glamour Bubble Mailer needs. We offer a complete catalog of an assortment of colors and sizes. Most beneficially, we are a notable option for low cost and regular discount specials, not only for this product, but for ALL of our products. Be sure to experience premium products, friendly reputed service and swift shipping. We look forward to helping you experience quality at a low price soon!

  • Kraft Bubble Mailers — Simply Sufficient

    Organizations and companies have to constantly meet the shipping needs of fragile and non-fragile goods yet deliver consistent service to customers. Moreover, supply of brochures, advertising materials, catalogues, applications and documents of any nature can be transported by using Kraft Bubble Mailers and even other versions of Shipping Mailing Envelopes. Due to their durability vendors and individuals alike can ship their products without worrying about insufficiency related to parcel tampering before reaching the consignee. Enterprises can derive huge profits by stocking Kraft Bubble Mailers which compliments their frequent passage necessities. It’s an extremely beneficial time of the year for corporations to stock their inventory with shipping supplies to satisfy their frequent exchange of goods with a customer or client base. This investment helps companies earn customer appreciation due to a timely delivery of parcel. The feature accelerates “Buisness-2-Business” processing of documents, and or applications that are required for deal closures or alliance.

    Kraft Bubble Mailer available at Packaging Supplies By Mail Kraft Bubble Mailer

    In today’s world we rely on the easy access of the internet. The convenience provided by the style in which it functions is outstanding. Ordering that movie, music, book or memorabilia cards you want has now become effortless, less traveling, less wear and tear on the car, less fuel usage, less everything. This is why Kraft Bubble Mailers are extremely important. Kraft Bubble Mailers carry a very crucial responsibility. It’s imperative that they must be premium quality or else what was previously discussed will likely apply. The level of tear resistance, puncture resistance, water proof, and tamper proof should be exceptional. It’s very necessary that they are able to protect certain glassware, electronics, or fine jewelry securely. Not only should they withstand and complete the task of delivering the product successfully, but they should be so useful that they become a storage device multitasking for other purposes for the consumer. Now that’s a top of the line feature!

    Here at PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com, we provide a vast array of sizes and versions of Shipping Mailing Envelopes for all of your shipping/mailing needs. By simply logging on to our website you’re guaranteed to find the desirable Kraft Bubble Mailer you need. Besides top of the line quality, our Kraft Bubble Mailers are low cost plus we offer many discount specials too! So look no further than PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com, we are your most complete source for premium grade Kraft Bubble Mailers and Shipping Mailing Envelopes.

  • Willing and Able - the productivity of Vinyl Disposable Gloves

    Vinyl Disposable Gloves available at Packaging Supplies By Mail Vinyl Disposable Gloves

    Vinyl Disposable Gloves are made from vinyl resin and synthetic rubber. These gloves particularly are not form fitting so they tend to feel looser compared to Latex and Nitrile Gloves. Great for cleaning purposes, food service, and industrial environments, these gloves are also available with a non- powder or powder application. Cost efficient, you will find these gloves less expensive than both Nitrile and Latex Gloves. In the cosmetic art field, these gloves are tremendously useful, aiding the stylist in protection against hair dyes and other relative product chemicals. Strongly effective against grease, dirt and grime, you’ll find this glove to be highly useful when doing normal house chores such as dish washing, dusting, mopping, and window cleaning.

    Your gentle hands are exposed to numerous bacteria’s and germs each and every day. In various was hands are susceptible to many germs. With such alarming sicknesses spreading rapidly, it’s time to take care of them during daily chores or specific tasks like cooking for instance. This is highly possible with the use of disposable vinyl gloves, which are made from synthetic rubber and vinyl resin. These gloves are greatly resourceful for different purposes like food service, cleaning, product handling, dish washing and cooking specially.

    Advantages of using Vinyl Disposable Gloves

    • It resists direct contact with chemicals to come upon your hands , plus they’re allergy proof.
    • The powder free disposable vinyl gloves protects workers hands amongst the industrial workplace environment.
    • Simplifies home cleaning tasks & cooking to reduce hazardous chemical reactions.
    • Easy to wash & rinse for use again.

    On another hand (no pun intended), powdered gloves will immediately apply to your hands comfortably or remove effortlessly. The convenient gliding feature of these gloves provides the users with a suitable handling upgrade for all types of products within your daily tasks related routines. These gloves also can be well cleaned for multiple usages. Thus, in regard to the powder-free version, powdered gloves may not be suitable for cooking purpose.

    Again, Vinyl Disposable Gloves are less expensive than Latex powder free and Black Nitrile gloves. Once again, these gloves are readily available on most industrial packaging websites. Packaging supplies by Mail is your premier supplier of the vinyl gloves available in wholesale for purchasing in bulk quantity. The next time you need gloves, I’m very confident that you’ll know exactly the right fit for your desired application!

  • Hear what we’re saying! The urgency of Hearing Protection

    Hearing health is an area that is most of the time overlooked and taken for granted. We at PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com are your complete source for stocking high quality ear plugs at a low cost alongside swift order delivery. We aim to make sure you’re protected with the finest of industrial goods.

    Below are a list of our premium Earplugs and the capabilities:

    Max Lite Ear Plugs available at Packaging Supplies By Mail Max Lite Ear Plugs

    Max lite ear plugs are a low pressure foam ear plug that offers a long-term user comfort not found in other pre-shaped foam ear plugs. Max lite ear plugs are a non-irritating, self-adjusting foam that recovers to fit virtually any ear canal. Max lite ear plugs are comfortable and ideal for users with smaller ear canals, not to mention they are also Non-allergenic. Max lite ear plugs are available in both cord and cordless versions and they range in quantity from 100-200 plugs per box.

    Laser Lite Ear Plugs available at Packaging Supplies By Mail Laser Lite Ear Plugs

    Laser lite ear plugs is the multi colored ear plug that workers love to use. The non-irritating, self-adjusting foam recovers to fit virtually any ear canal. Laser lite ear plugs have an extremely high noise reduction rating without affecting its comfort. This allows users to be comforted in higher levels of noisy environments so that they can be successful in their tasks without being affected by the aggressive sound levels. Our Laser lite ear plugs are available to assure you of complete protection so that users don’t have to compromise their hearing for the completion of their daily work assignments.

    Howard Leight Airsoft available at Packaging Supplies By Mail Howard Leight Airsoft

    Our Howard Leight Airsoft ear plugs are reusable ear plugs that bring forth complete protection for your ears in noisy environments. Howard Leight Airsoft plugs are a four flange designed ear plug that uses internal fins to create an interlocking, noise blocking barrier within the ear's air pocket. These are the Cadillac of ear plugs. The Howard Leight Airsoft ear plugs have an NRR rating of 27 which is industry standard protection for you as an individual or you as an employer who cares for your workers wellbeing.

    Moldex Pura-Fit® available at Packaging Supplies By Mail Moldex Pura-Fit®

    Our Moldex Pura fit are bright color for your awareness so that they are easy to locate once removed. Tapered and longer length for easy fitting and removal, soft foam for more comfortable wear , non-irritating, smooth surface for increased worker acceptance and brightly colored for easy compliance checks our Moldex Pura fit are your source for quality ear protection. This product has a NRR 31 high rating and is available in a convenient dispenser “Plugstation” for less mess and more organization.

    Ear Muffs available at Packaging Supplies By Mail Ear Muffs

    Our Hearing Protection Ear Muffs by Pymarex® are light weight with soft foam ear cups that can fold away for easy storage capacities. These Ear Muffs are adjustable to fit all sizes and have a padded head band which makes them comfortable to wear when using them for long periods of time

    EAR Classic Ear Plugs available at Packaging Supplies By Mail EAR Classic Ear Plugs

    EAR Classic Earplugs are a dermatologically safe foam that provides a comfortable seal while exerting little pressure on the ear. These flame retardant and moisture resistant ear plugs are essential for providing a comfortable fit while protecting the ear from noise related damages. EAR Classic Earplugs is a timeless design and has proven itself in the field for over 28 years.

    Easy to use, a superior safety mechanism and moisture resistant, our product selection of ear hearing protections will safe guard your ears from noise related damage. if you are a supervisor of a large factory, our volume options are perfect for you because you can stock up on multiple pairs for your entire shift.

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