Designed with a strong pressure sensitive adhesive backside, Packing List Envelopes will easily stick to the outer surface of shipping envelopes, corrugated boxes and mailing tubes. Easy to use, these envelopes will resist extreme climatic conditions and any rough handling practices during transit.


This shipping aid is also ideal for commercial purposes where companies and organizations frequently need them to send documents, invoices, promotional materials, item descriptions & safety data. Packing list envelopes contain an adhesive backside that can strongly affix to any package's exterior surface and maintain integrity through the toughest of weather conditions. Extraordinary adhesive strength, these envelopes are pretty much glued to the parcel as they contain details like the list of goods and special instructions for handling, which can help guiding moving company workers.

Packing list envelopes allows vendors to maintain a well-rounded approach to their shipping/mailing process. As a matter of fact, they are helpful in consolidating various spec sheets, safety notices and product invoices so that you and the consumer are in harmony-- able to track any mistakes and void of confusion with the order.

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Here's a list of various types of Packing List Envelopes that are available on PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com:

  • Panel Face Invoice Enclosed
  • Panel Face Packing List Enclosed
  • Full Face Invoice Enclosed
  • Full Face Packing List Enclosed
  • Re-Closable Packing List
  • Made in USA Packing List Envelopes
  • Clear Packing List Envelopes


Some key features of using the Packing List Envelopes involve product communication and the protection of valuable documents. These envelopes are a direct example of professionalism as companies highlight their standards of pride and integrity with their customers.